My story is detailed mostly in my Introduction & my occasional blogs. My life's description on this medium is an intentional patchwork of here-and-now details/experiences/symbols/verses.
So that's my life, my story.  
Currently "my story" is me trying to be a brilliant monkey and upload a weight loss ticker. 
Not feeling the love from this ticker thing yet though....but I'll let ya know....

UPDATE: I guess I will be updating my ticker from time to time -- I thought I was supposed to type a URL or something like that -- but apparently it's just a graphic! Overthinking things a bit over here... 
So yeah, still not "feelin the love" but getting the job done.  As long as I have something I can look at to remind myself how far I have come, I'm a satisfied customer.

PS- Big shout out to ObesityHelp.com for being such a great tool for me/us to use. A real lifesaver!!!!

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