July 2015 update

Jul 21, 2015

Hi, everyone - I am now banded more than 12 years, and at goal weight (BMI 22) for 11 years. I've been lucky, and have had no major Band trouble.However, I did work exceptionally hard with a great therapist for several years, to understand and then overcome the emotional reasons for my over-eating to the point of morbid obesity.I believe this was a very important part of any success I have had with the Band, and  I recommended therapy strongly to other Bandsters. Took a lot of flak for that here!     I also was pretty diligent in following the Band rules (my revised, published version) and the things I suggested in my published Band Education materials, and my reams of posts here on OH over many years. However, I was far from perfect.

I did require 2 port replacements early on from fill provider error, but I consider that a very small price to pay for a normal life. I know many of my early Bandster friends here have had revision surgery, as the Band did not live up to our high expectations, for a number of reasons. My heart goes out to all of you who are still struggling with weight issues.

I was very sad to learn of Jessie Ahroni's band loss several years ago, as she was my mentor, and that of thousands of other Bandsters. I understand she is doing great with her Sleeve, though.   

I am no longer active in ANY Band education, wiring, publishing or ANY band-related activities  - my life is too full of living - overseeing the 24/7 care  of my 94 yr-old mother with Alzheimer's, visiting my 95 yr-old, very independent father and stepmother in Florida, world-wide travel (6 weeks in Africa last summer) - and planning a wedding in October 2015 to my fiance, a retired University Professor Emeritus of Biology and Environmental Sciences.It's never too late to find your soul-mate!

I have not stayed current with Band needs and care, so cannot advise anyone on Band issues any longer. I don't believe I have posted on OH, until this update, since 2008. My life since weight loss has been very full, and I remain thankful every day for a new chance at an active life.

My very best to all of you - old friends here, as well as all the new people. I posted several current photos, for those interested. 


Sandy R, now-retired BSN, MN

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