Hi I'm Sarah. I live in Waynesville, Missouri and I am battling a weight problem. Always have. When I first learned of a weight loss surgery, stomach stapling, when I was 7. And I wanted it then and there. I'm 22 and on the road to having the lap band system. I've always been built like my dad's side of the family, big bones and no butts. Large boobs (which I didnt get) has caused back problems in our family. I'm about 400lbs now (I dont know the exact weight because no scale at my doctors office can weigh me) and I'm just now having problems breathing at night. I resently broke my left foot (I think due to my weight), and need to get poundage off of it so I can function. I've had to quit my favorite job (bus aide) due to my weight and other factors. I have very low self-esteem levels and to contribute to my size the meds I have to take for Bipolar Disorder. Even with anti-depressants I havent lost much weight. Gained alot though. When I started my meds I was a size 18. When I was put on the meds I ballooned up to a 28-30 getting as big as a 32. I want so much to be a size 18 again. I know at that time I hated being an 18, but now it's my goal.

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