One Year Ago...

Jul 14, 2010

July 13th 2009 I had my lapband surgery
Here it is July 15th 2010 and I am now 90 pounds lighter!!
Hell Yes is ALL I have to say about that. :)

Past the Halfway Mark :)

Apr 13, 2010

I've lost a total of 73.72 pounds
My halfway mark was at 222.3
&& I am sitting at 220.88 :D 
Woo hoo.

&& to think I thought I gained...
I've been eating like crazy recently..
Wierd, but I'll take it!! 

70.88 pounds to go.
Man, that seems like a lot,
but at least I'm over the hump now :)

75 pounds away

Apr 08, 2010

It feels like forever away, but it's right around the corner.
I've already lost 69 pounds. If I could just reach 200 pounds I'd feel so much better.
It's a daily struggle. I gain I lose I gain I lose... but one day it will end and I'll be able to
maintain a healthy weight. :)



Mar 15, 2010

In 4.8 pounds I will be halfway to my goal of 150 :D
I'm so excited, if it werent for the little victories in life, I don't know what I'd do.I'm sitting at 226. That's 67.78 pounds from where I started :) How exciting.
I've started working out.. I know I should have from the begining.. but I didn't.
I now work out 6 days a week alternating between stairstepper and free weights.
I also started tannign for summer. Mm, I love it. I just don't like that some of my stretchmarks are more apparent. lol. Oh well. It's me getting healthy that matters most! :)


Broke 60!!

Feb 26, 2010

At 232.54 pounds from 294.60
Lost 62 pounds :D

Weight Loss

Jan 31, 2010

Was 294.60
Now 239.14
Lost 55.5

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So freaking Slow

Dec 18, 2009

So,I know I've lost 43 pounds in 5 months. Which is FASTER than any thing I've done/tried when losing weight. BUT it feels like it's going so slow with no result; image wise. Yeah, I've lost 43 pounds can you tell... Not really. :/

I want to be 150 pounds all ready.

It's only
103 pounds away....

Shedding the Pounds

Dec 12, 2009

I was afraid that I'd gain weight after missing my fill, but I haven't.
I'm sitting at 253.
Yay!! Down another pound or so.
Tuesday is my fill. Perhaps I'll lose more by then?! Here's hoping.

Recently I've had some intense back pain. It radiates through my whole back and comes in waves.
I've lost 41.6 pounds and now my back starts hurting? That doesn't make any sense. You would think
I'd have back pain at my old weight of 294.6, but no. lol. Oh well. That's life right?


Nov 30, 2009

So I worked the night before my 5th fill and ... missed it. Haha.
I fell asleep. Darn it. So I need to make a new apt. And hopefully won't gain back weight in the mean time.
: /
Oh well things happen.


Hellooo November <3

Nov 19, 2009

So I weighed today and I've lost 11.24 pounds this month.
& That deserves a "Heeelllll Yeah!!" :)
I now weigh 254.76.
After starting at 294.60.
Total of 39.84 pounds!!
I'm happy.
Tuesday I get my fill, and hopefully I'll have a good December as well :)

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