A new WOW moment....

Jun 09, 2008

Well as of yesterday I am 10 months post-op and I have lost 123 Lbs.   I am now in a size 14 and loving every minute of it. My goal is to get to a size 12 so I am not to far away from that. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!  I went to Chattanooga over the Memorial Day weekend and we walked everywhere we went and we would start out at 9-10am and get back to our hotel around 9-10pm.  that is alot of walking and I never got tired.  That was big for me because last year this kind of trip would have killed me.  And for the first time in along time I bought a bathing suit and I actually like it.  Wel  just wanted to give alittle update and I hope and pray that all is going well for you.  Take Care and God Bless!!!!

100 LBS Gone forever!!!!!!!

Mar 19, 2008

WOW!!!!   I can't beleive it I have lost 100 Lbs  and I am 7 months post-op.  I never in my dreams thought that I would have gotten this far.  I am also in a size 16 which my body has not seen in years!!!  This has been the best thing that I could have ever done for myself EVER!!!! I am feeling good and I look forward to what lies ahead for me.  I am very close to 1-der land and I can't wait.    WOO!!!! HOO!!!I   I will post again soon.

Love and Hugs, Kimberly

It's been a long time....

Mar 13, 2008

So sorry that I have not posted in quite awhile, I guess things just get busy and I forget.   I am in the process of uploading pictures so that you can see my progress or my transformation as I like to call it.  I have so much to say but just don't have the time at the moment.  I will try to do it soon.  Just wanted ya'll to know that I am doing well and feeling fine.  Keep me in your prayers and thanks for checking in.

Going Down........11/16/07

Nov 15, 2007

Well it has been awhile so I thought that I would give alittle update.  I went and had my blood work done a few weeks ago to have all my levels checked and I guess all is well because I have yet to hear other wise.  Been forgetting to take my vitiamins at times trying to get better at it, still have some tought times with food but I handle it as best as I can. l feel like all is  going well and I am down 66 lbs.!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!!  Yes that is right let's do the "Happy Dance"  and jump for joy .  This has been a great journey so far and I continue to look forward to it.  I am very excited about it being holiday time as this is my favorite time of the year.  I do wish that I could have all my family with me at this time of the year or least have them closer to me.
Well I hope that all is going well with you and I will try to update again soon.

Be Blessed!!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy........10/17/07

Oct 17, 2007

I am just wanting to give alittle up date.  I am now down 50lbs and down 2 sizes. Come on do the happy dance with me!!!    I had to go buy some jeans this weekend and I picked a pair up and my husband told me to try the next size down and after I finally gave in and grabbed the smaller size I went into the dressing room and put them on, zipped them up and sat down and shed a couple of tears.  I have not been in this size a almost 3-4 years.  I came out and my husband saw the wet eyes and smiled he knew that I fit in to them.  So when we got home later that night I had to put them on and wear them for a little bit.    

I have been going to the Gym and have met with my personal trainer "Kendall" and she is great!!!  She has me doing alot that I would not have done myself and I still get my tread mill walk in and bike ride too.  I am really enjoying going to the Gym and I am going 5 days a week and I can't believe how much I really enjoy that time for me and I am feeling better too.  And my husband goes with me sometimes and he has lost a few pounds too. 

Trying to do better with food still have my ups and downs with the foamies, trying to try different things and I am trying to cook more as well.  I have founf a few things that are WLS friendly and tastes good.  I just take it one day at a time.  Well gotta run and will check in again soon.   

Love ya'll!!! 

2 Months Post-Op.......10/8/07

Oct 08, 2007

Well tomorrow it will be 2 months since my surgery.  I am down 47 Lbs and doing good.  I still have had a few bad spells with food but I guess it is a learning phase with WLS.  I have discovered that right now I have a hard time with fish (any kind), scrambled eggs and in the past few days I have discovered that strawberries are not my friend right now.  So I try to do the best I can with the food and keep right on going.

I did something for myself that I have thought about doing but just never did. "I joined the Gym".  I joined SportsFit and I have been only going for a week but so far I have really enjoyed myself.  And this week I am meeting with a personal trainier that will help put together a program for me and for what I need to do and I am looking forward to that as well.

Well just thought that i would update ya'll and I will do so again soon.  I am taking picture of myself tonight and I have that pics from before my surgery and will try to post them with my 2 Month Out photos and hopefully we will see some progress.  

Take Care and Be Blessed!!!!!

Anoher Bad Day........ 9/18/07

Sep 18, 2007

I had a other bad day with food.    I am getting a bit frustrated I must admit. I have been hearing of everyone eating Wendy's chili and how good it was, how easy it has been to get it down, etc...  I am about 6 weeks out and thought let's give it a try.  Well I had it Monday night for dinner and it went pretty well and had the rest for lunch on Tuesday.....BIG MISTAKE!!!! I took a few bits and did well but then all of a sudden .  I had a sour stomach the rest of the day.  I ate some Cream of Whet for dinner last night and that did ok.  This morning I have not had anything yet but I really need to drink my protien shake, kinda nervous but need to give it a try.  Please say a prayer that my stomach will settle and I can manage to get some food in me.

Had a Rough Day........9/15/07

Sep 17, 2007

I had a rough day today for some reason.  I woke up in the morning with a really bad headache and my sinus's were bothering me so I went and took some sinus meds and had a cup of coffee. 1 hour later my headache was still just killing me so I took 1 Tylenol and laid down with an ice pack.  I got up a little later not feeling to much better to make my husband breakfast (It was his Birthday and I had stuff planned).   He helped me make breakfast and we sat down and I managed 3 or 4 bites and I knew that it was not going down well so I stopped and a few minutes later  I was in the bathroom and   this went on for a bit.  After I was fine but just exhusted and pretty much just laid around the house and watched football all day.   Not really sure what casued it all but I am glad that it is over. 

1 Month Post-Op.........9/9/07

Sep 09, 2007

1 month ago today I had by surgery.  WOW I can't believe that it is 1 month later.  Sometimes it just feels like yesterday I went in for my consult, or my lab work, or going to the hospital for the surgery.  Well, what can I say except that it has been a journey and I realize that the journey is just beginning.  

I have to be honest and say there was a time or two that I thought "What in the world have you done!!" but that only lasted a couple of days and then it has gotten abit easier.  I have lost as of today 35 Lbs. and I am starting to feel better as each day goes by.  Alot of people have told me that you can really see it in my face and that I am looking good.  I must say that I don't really see it but then again I have always seen myself as FAT.  

I have made a few discoveries myself like, my watch is loose and I had to go to the next notch, my rings actually come off my finer without soap or lotion, my pants are a bit looser, and to my surprise I disvocered I had ankles for the first time in awhile.  My daughter said my fingers looked skinny.  

I am starting to introduce some different foods to my diet and so far that is going ok.  I am still having a hard time trying to get all 64oz of liquids in a day but everyday does seem to get better.  

I went back to work this past week after being off for 3 weeks and I must say it was great to get to see my friends and be back in a routine, but I also have to admit that it also has kicked my butt.  I have been tired but that to will get eaiser.   Please keep me in your prayers and I will try to update again soon.  I love you all !!!!!!!  

2 Weeks out.........8/23/07

Aug 23, 2007

Well today I am 2 weeks out and doing pretty good.  I am down 25 lbs. and starting to get a bit of enery back.  I have been doing alot of walking the past few days and I must admit I am not as winded as before and I am very thankful for that. ( But my blister on my foot is telling me take a rest....no can do.)  

I did make myself some TeriyakiTalapia and pureed carrots for dinner and it was so good and I did well eating it all to.   And thank goodness I am able to sleep for a bit on my sides and not just laying on my back...Wooo Hooo for that, I also was able to bend over (kinda) and tied my shoes today.  

Trust me these little small things mean a great deal to  me after I have had to reley on my husband to do it for me.  I am starting to feel free and that feels great!!!   Will post again soon, kinda tired so I am off to

Love you all,  Kimberly

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