Bivik Shah

"Dr. Shah is a very good and very nice doctor."

Barix Clinics - Ohio

"My opinion I received excellent care from my doctor and the hopsital staff at the Barix Hospital in Groveport, Ohio. If I had to have something done I would go there again."

James Viglianco

"(All of this is from my own personal experience with the hospital and Dr. Viglianco and my own opinion from my Roux-en-Y surgery 4 years ago (April 11, 2003), everyone does not or will not experience the same results with the same doctor.) I was very nervous when my daughter took me for my consultation. He (Dr. Vig as they call him) looked to be a very kind, caring doctor. After my consultation and then into pre-surgery and now post surgery my opinion of Dr. Vig has only affirmed that he is a very caring and good doctor. Dr. Viglianco and his staff and the hospital staff have always been very nice and was good about getting back with me, especially right after I went home from surgery, if they were not available when I called. In the past 4 years there have been a few times that it took a little longer than I thought it should have for them to call me back when I have left a message for the Barix Center or his nurse and ended up calling once again to get an answer. Can't say there is anything I really dislike about Dr. Viglianco. He always has made my day better after my husband and I have been to see him. You can ask him any question you need to know and he will give you the truthful answer. He will also make you feel better about yourself by talking to you about how far I have come. At my yearly visits he has always stressed taking care of myself by eating correctly, proteins, vitamnins and exercise, this surgery is a tool to help you but you must also help yourself with the surgery. There is not any of the groups he suggested around my area but he and the staff have said to call anytime I need to. Dr. Vig was very upfront- that the (RYN) Roux-en-Y is a high rish surgery and that for most patients, the surgery will work for but for some it may not. It is a surgery to help you but you must work with it too. He covered all possiblities of the risk of surgery with my husband, my daughter and myself. Dr. James Viglianco is an excellent doctor, he has also done my hernia surgery. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have the Roux-en-Y surgery. It is so important to have the confidence in your surgeon and when your doctor is competent and cares for you as a patient and a person it makes your surgery and your recovery go so much faster. The only thing was the day after my surgery I had to see another doctor because Dr. Vig had to go out of town and I had never met this doctor before. It would have been better for me to have met this other doctor a head of time. Dr. Viglianco is great in both of these areas: competent surgeon, great bedside manner!"
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