Just about 11 weeks post-surgery

Oct 17, 2009

Saturday, October 17 - Seattle

On Monday, I will be 11 weeks from surgery.  I have lost 30 lbs, added exercise back into my life and certainly am eating far less than I was before the procedure.  From reading the message boards, I guess I am in what is called "Bandster Hell".  With one fill, but not yet the sweet spot, my weight loss has slowed way down to only about 2.5 lbs. over the last 3 weeks.

Hunger is nearly gone or at least manageable but I can still easily eat almost anything.  Chicken has presented a couple of problems and once ground beef but in both cases I simply hadn't chewed thoroughly.  The biggest frustration is that I can eat too much.  I have only had a PB twice and that was before the fill.

My next fill was still two weeks away but I decided to take charge and moved it up to this coming Tuesday.  There is a lot of caution around going too fast and I get that, I really do but I believe that even .5cc will make a difference. 

One reason I chose the lap-band system was for the slower weight loss (I don't like crashing) and I look forward to when I will resume a slow and reasonably STEADY pace of weight loss.

In addition to the band itself, the most powerful tool for me is the Health Tracker.  Tracking my calories and my protein intake daily has made a big difference.  I stay in range (calories/protein) but most importantly, I am aware of what I am eating.  And how much.  Awareness is the key to changing my behavior.  The food diary is a life saver and easier to use everyday as I built custom foods and meals.  The new activity tracker is also awesome.

So...at 11 weeks -

No pain except the occasional ache  in my left side if I overeat.
No sliming incidents
PB twice
Started exercising at 10 weeks for 30 mins. a day, 5 x a week (swimming, treadmill, weights)
Some body hunger but not bad
Lots of "head hunger" - evenings, while reading, wanting comfort (the usual issues for me)
-30 lbs
down one pant size
down one top size
-12.5 inches total, including an unbelievable 1.5 inches off my neck!

Regrets?  NONE, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  It even tops the trip to Italy!

a couple of thoughts

Sep 18, 2009

I have been reading with much enjoyment Jean's posting of WLS myths.  Here is my own to add to the list.  THE LAP-BAND IS NOT A CURE FOR OBESITY.   Each day I have another experience that reminds me that I am now equipped with a powerful tool that will let me live like a person of normal weight but that I will HAVE TO LIVE like a person of normal weight.  That means eat healthy food, make considered choices and not overeat.   Allow for the occasional indulgence but mostly, live without a huge focus on food.

If we were cured, it would be easy but unfortunately our cross to bear is our emotional attachment to food and the central  role is has always played in our lives.  I wish, oh, wish that I could just not care about it but the spirit soars when I eat!

I am very happy to have the band to help me control what I can not control on my own.

Yeah for the lap-band.


5 weeks today

Sep 14, 2009

It has been five weeks since my lap-band surgery and things are going well.  I have lost 24 lbs and am down a size.  Shopping in your own closet can be really fun which is something I discovered when my pants really began to bag.  All that stuff I shoved in the guest room closet last fall from yet another 20 lbs. gained is now fitting again.  And it is only the beginning!

Friends on the message board are so great in sharing info and Lisa O has me addicted to Trader Joe's.  I love the turkey meatloaf (cut 3 oz. slices and freeze in individual portions) for lunch or dinner and Greek yogurt is also very yummy especially with raspberries and a tiny swirl of honey. 

I have found the nutrition tracker to be very helpful in keeping my food log.  Today is a great example - I was about to have a snack but before I did I entered all of my food in the food log.  The truth was revealed - I was already at my calorie limit.  All of my fat life I have under estimated the amount of food I have eaten and getting the band doesn't change that.  My best tip for new bandsters after 5 weeks is to keep a food log!

My first fill is next week.  I can't wait to move to the next phase.

12 days post surgery

Aug 22, 2009

Today is Saturday and 12 days since my surgery.  My recovery has been remarkably easy.  I went back to work after 7 days (surgery on a Monday, back at work the following Monday).  The liquid diet is restrictive (Opti-fast, anyone?) but I have the satisfaction of having lost 13 lbs.  Let me tell you, that hasn't happened in a long, long time.

Tonight is my first party while on a liquid diet.  I do get hungry, because there is no restriction, but with water at hand, I intend to do just fine.

It is all beginning!


3 days post surgery

Aug 13, 2009

Today is Thursday and 3 days after my lap band procedure.  I am very comfortable with almost no pain although I am a bit stiff and sore. The inflammation around the lap-band must be going down because today is the first day that I can swallow something without feeling every drop go through.  There is measurable healing every day.

My surgeon requires 3 weeks of a liquid diet that should include 40-60 grams of protein daily and 48-64 ozs. of water or other non-calorie liquids.  That is looking like a pretty long highway but I have promised myself not to swerve and put the healing of my stomach in jeopardy.  The truth is it will be sip, sip, sip for the next 3 weeks but hopefully pounds going away...


I am home - about 24 hours later..

Aug 11, 2009

Today was a good day.  My operation was flawless, I have little pain, the barium x-ray showed a perfect band and I was home by 12:30 pm, just about 24 hours after the surgery.

First, I am NOT hungry, despite being able to consume on 1 - 1 oz. portion of water for the first 3 hours and then 2 - 1 oz. portions of water or Boost, mix or match while in the hospital.  At home, I can sip water all day long and continue on 2 oz. of protein mix for the next 3 weeks.

My pain is more of a bruising then soreness at the incision sites and overall I feel stiff.  I also have a lot of gurgling and pain at the port site but nothing than has me down for the count.  I am up, dressed and typing.  And - I walked 4 blocks today.

Not bad!


It's Saturday and my surgery is on Monday

Aug 08, 2009

There are many things running through my mind today as I prepare for tomorrow's day of clear liquids and then all of the days to come.  Staying centered on the work ahead is a challenge; my mind keeps wandering to dreams of instant thin and the freedom of laying down the burden of obesity once and for all.  Yet I know this is not freedom but just a walking stick to help me climb the steep hills and valleys ahead. 

I have tried so often and have disappointed myself as many times.  My prayers are for help and a swift journey to better health and a me that I recognize.

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