2 Months Post Op (230)

Aug 08, 2009

Lets see where do I begin. At first I was having some prob with not being regular I was drinking all my water, my protein, and excerise, but a little Milk of Magnesia (i think I spelled that right) did the trick.

I am enjoyng my summer swimming, walking and just everytime the kids want to go out I am ready. My 11 yr old son everyday tells me momma i can fit my arms around you. While his dad still says baby you look sooooo good. Since we have been married he has been saying that but this time he has a different light in his eyes when he says it now. He is in aww of my melting away as he says.

I work out alot on my arms, and abs and make sure I am riding my bike every day or my new toy the trikke. Chk it out.

I am not buying to many clothes had to invest in some belts and new shirts cause my old ones were way to baggy and some pants were looking like MC Hammer pants so I had to donate those.

As far as food I am on a soft diet so I eat fish, toast, peanut butter and I have these coffee drinks that are 15 g of protein that I really like. I also have a web site that I just fell in love with called baractric choice.. I get my protein shots from there, some foods, and vitimans. Funny cause I got on the scale today and I lost like 5 pds in two days I thought for a while my weight was going very slow. So I am just taking it easy getting ready to go back to work soon.

Let see what else my anniversary was last month on the 23rd and my husband and I spent 7 days at the Trump hotel on the 26th floor it was to die for. Of course I had a new nightie and we enjoyed the soaker tub with the tv in the mirror I was sort of shocked it was not as big as the one we have at home in our bathroom.(Mark is a techno freak and loves tv where ever he can put one he will.) I tried to eat a peice of Ital Beef that was a big NO NO . That was the 8th time and the last time I have thrown up which I hate to do and make sure I follow my guidelines to the letter cause I hate doing it. Funny thing is is that all 8 times it was not food that made me puke a few times it was the smell of peope that had me running for the toilet. My nose is so sensitive now foods that are really greasy and I can smell it makes me sick to stomach and certain smells on people really make me sick I feel like I will fall out sometimes from the smells I get dizzy and either have to go to the Bathrm or sit down and rest for a min. and get fresh air.

Other than that I am loving my RNY .................



Jul 11, 2009

Well I must say things are going well although my hair has not fallen out my texture is so diff I have always had thick hair but could hold a curl and now my hair cant hold natural curls like before. Have not had my post op appt as of yet but had a physical with my Dr yesterday and I was 242.  I have not taken any measurements as of yet either cause someone lost my measureing tape and he shall remain name less.

My clothes are BIG on me. I have not really brought any new ones we are moving to GA in a month and I hate buying a ton of things cause I do have a prob with shopping. I am trying to control my shopping prob.

I swim every day, go to the gym every other day and I walk every day too. Starting to get some of my energy back. I have battled anemia all my life and my Dr. started me on some liquid anemia med and some nasal B12 along with my protein and multivitamin things have gotten better,.

I am on a smashed food diet until the 23rd of this month and some foods I should be able to eat dont agree with me like eggs they are horrible on my stomach. Love watermelon and canned peaches and I have brought some things from a website called http://www.bariatricchoice.com/ and another called BJ bariatrics.
Since my weight journey began I have lost 45 pounds. I am wearing a size 19 I am glad I keep things for a long time. Cause I have not had to buy anything yet except for panties and bras.....
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One Week Post OP(261)

Jun 16, 2009

OK I didnt wait until my first visit to way myself I couldnt stand not knowing seems as if I am losing 3-4 pounds everyday. I had lost more weight than I thought before surgery my day of suregery weight was 276 and I was 285 the month before surgery.

Things are going very well I walk everyday some days I am so tired I cant keep my head up but I think I really need my iron which they said I can start friday after my 3 day full liquid diet. I am glad to say good bye to Jello I had not had any Jello since I was 10.

I didnt weigh myself Monday or Tuesday which was killing me but this morning when I got on the scale I was nervous. Drum roll please.................

261 OMG ..........
I lost 15 pounds since surgery.......... that would explain why my clothes are hanging off.
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I AM HOME...........

Jun 10, 2009

I have to start with things went well my surgeon Chuck told my family after it was over that things went so well. When I got to see him the next day he again talked about how easy and how well things went. I stayed at the hospital for 2 days and I had one Nurse that was a rock star named NANCY she was a god sent.

I must say everyone was talking about how I was getting around well and I didnt look like I had surgery. But I could feel it, This is a pain that is rarely mentioned but I am going to tell you. This pain is from the air they pump into your abdomen to help them do the surgery. I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my stomach and my shoulders. My hospital was able to do alot of pain management before I left. Once I left today I was feeling alot better walked a half a mile with my daughter I could feel the gas strting to move and it has been coming out slowly. I never thought I would be so happy about pooting, but I warned everyone and was like I am sorry now but its normal.

Nothing else so far... when I started my liquid diet I was 287 the day of surgery I was 276 and I thought I would not be jumping on the scale but I was curious even though my belly is bloated I was 270. So far things are going well. Also women I was told sometimes when you have not had a period for some reason having WLS surgery can bring it down. SO I have a double whammy of craps with my period and surgery. But all is well so far with my first night home I do fell so much better getting out of that Hosp...


Today is the last day I will be the cute fat girl......

Jun 07, 2009

I am very excited about surgery tomorrow I hope I will be able to get some rest. We are leaving at 830 a to be there by 10 a and surgery is at 1230.

Life was really complicated today my 18 yr old baby has graduated from school and I didnt have food to run to because I was sad the days are getting shorter before he is off to the NAVY. I didnt cry this time like last month with prom but I cried this morning as I was writing him my letter along with his grad gift to CO.

I didnt even get hungry today it was not weird being around food at the graduation party. I can say the Magnesium Citrate is the grossest thing ever and I am not looking forward to having anymore of that.

I have only lost 7 pds even though I ride my bike every day but my body has always been weird I lose inches more than I see pounds so I hope that changes for me.

Things went pretty well with the 10 day diet. Although one day I had a hand full of homemade trail mix and the gross thing is that I chewed them and spit them out the second time when I wanted to eat some more. I just really needed to have that crunch.

Hopefully I will be home on Wednesday am....... See you guys then....... Same bat channel same bat time.........


May 28, 2009

OK today I start my liquid diet I am actually starting a day early but hey I am so excited to have surgery all the fears and stuff that I had about being put under are gone and I am just ready to get started with the new me. SO far this morning things are going well. I also brought a new scooter called the UNSLIDE which has been a very good work out.

Ok today is the 31st of May and things are going well with my liquid diet although the first two days it was not that I was hungy or really wanted something to eat. It was the fact that I needed to chew or crunch something. I would have settled for crunching on some crispy veggies and spitting them back out . Thats what my battle is so far the need to feel like I have to have something of substance that I can chew. 

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Pre op date

Apr 14, 2009

My pre op date is on the 23rd of April I am back on track. and very READY........I will have my surg date then and thats when I start my 10 day liquid diet.....

WoW time files.....

Mar 20, 2009

I cant believe its already March.  I have been gone for awhile... I have not had surgery as of yet although I do have my approval from my insurance co. I have had a lot of changes in the last few months.

My husband was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa  so we had been spending alot of time in Rochester MN at the Mayo clinic.  So that was why I put my surgery on hold. Still I was able to maintain a healthy life style and working out daily lost 30 pds. I am back on track with my surgery plans. I will be seeing the dietican again and a physical therapist as I did change providers. 

As far as the husband all is well with him. He has not lost total sight which we are hoping and praying doesnt happen sooner than we think.

Nov 14th 2008

Nov 14, 2008

Lets see I didnt have a drs appt but the 21st of NOV is so close I am ready and nervous at the same time. I have lost a few more pds I am now 279. I am worried because I sprained my ankle last week so this week it has been hard for me to do anything. I am just afraid that I will have to reschedule my surg date until I can lose the rest of the weight.


October 30th 2008

Oct 30, 2008

I have a date NOV 21, 2008....... I had to change some things around because I have been so busy. So yesterday I had my teaching appt and my surgical appt. It was a long day but well worth it. I need to lose 13 pds before surgery. I have been trying hard so I was 288 a two weeks ago and when they weighed me on the 29th of October I was 284 pds so I am off to a good start.


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