Creeping Along

Jul 05, 2008

Well, it's been almost two months since I posted my last entry in my blog.  My current weight is 236.5, which is only an 8 pound loss in the last two months.  Things are REALLY creeping along.

I've lost some inches, though.  I'm still in a Size 18, but my hips are finally starting to come down.  As of April 2 my hips were at 54 inches, and I'm now at 51.  My waist was at 42 and I'm now at 39.  My arms seem to be the only thing that are totally resisting any shrinkage!  They've been 17 inches forever.

Yesterday was the 4th of July and I wore a white sleeveless dress.  I can't even tell the last time I wore ANYTHING sleeveless.  My husband complimented me the entire day, saying how nice I looked in my "summer dress."

Trying to really concentrate on inches and shift my focus from the scale to the inches right now.  When the scale moves, it's great.  When it's not, I whip out the tape measure to see what's going on there.  Things are still going a lot slower than I expected, but Rocky, who had surgery the same day as I did, is also at 236, so I don't feel so bad.  My hips have fallen an inch in the last two weeks, which is awesome.  I thought they'd NEVER go down!

At one point I did get down to 233 something, but am back up to 236 and holding steady.

One thing I started doing was not eating breakfast.  I have a protein drink for breakfast instead, and use that as a meal.  Also trying to be more and more sensitive about when I'm full -- or rather, when I've had enough.  It doesn't take much, and I love that about the surgery.

I'm feeling a little sleepy right now -- I took Drixoral for my plugged ear.  It worked, but I'm sleepy!  And I have a lot to do this afternoon, so I'd better wake up!

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