Getting Frustrated

Nov 06, 2006

Well, it's been a little over a month and I am still stuck at -15 pounds. To top it off, Aunt Flo is visiting and I am not feeling too great about it. I'm kind of run down and a little depressed. I hope this is normal.

I can still eat like a freakin' hog and I'm hungry. Normally I'm pretty positive about it because I know it may take a few fills but today, I'm just pissed about it.

I have another fill on Thursday. Bertha better step it up or she and I are going to have to chat. I have been good to her so it's time for a little goodness in return.


Oct 26, 2006

Things are going very well with my recovery. I am getting a small fill today. It’s a little earlier than my doctor normally does them but I sent him an email the other day telling him that I was hungry ALL the time so he’s going to give me a small fill. I love this man.

I named my band today. I’ll call her Bertha. Her nick name is BeBe (Bertha Band). I’m such a dork.

I’m able to eat almost anything. I even had a tomato last night and the skin didn’t bother me at all.

I’m still stuck at 15 pounds lost. I know that is good but I also know that I am an impatient person. I guess I’ll have to learn a little patience as well as self control.



Oct 17, 2006

Wow. It’s been a few weeks since my last update. 

It’s official. I am now banded. I can’t believe it has finally happened. I have been thinking about getting banded for a long time. I was one of the lucky ones to get quick insurance approval once I set the ball in motion. 

My surgery went well. I was sore as hell when I got to recovery but they were kind enough to give me my very own morphine button. Good times I tell ya. I’m pretty sure there was a unicorn in the recovery room. It was all good. I got home that night around 9:00pm, got to bed, and slept pretty well considering that I just had surgery. I’m a side sleeper so it was tough sleeping on my back for over a week. 

I went to the doctor one week later and had lost 11 pounds. I was not hungry at all the first week but I was starting to feel some of the hunger coming back. Dr Davis was very supportive about it. He told me to not get discouraged in the first month since I had no fill. He has been awesome through the whole thing.

I seem to be holding at 14 pounds right now but I’m okay with that. I’m starting to eat a little more and at least I am not gaining. I’m also trying to make smart food choices. It’s tough, but I have to work with my band, not against it (although I did have a little ice cream last night).

I’m back to work and feeling great. I go back on 11/09/06 for my first fill. I’m hoping to lose 25 pounds total by 12/01/06. I’m going to a motor cycle race and I want to feel better about myself that weekend and not have to wear baggy frumpy clothes to cover my shameful body.

Baby steps…Baby steps.

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Oct 16, 2006

I did all my pre-op work yesterday (9/25). Whew. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I had a chance to meet with Dr Davis again. I really like him. I had quite a few questions and I never felt rushed even though I was his last patient before lunch. I even emailed him later with another question and he responded within a couple of hours. I'm impressed at how he really seems to care about his patients. The liquid diet is going okay. I've got one week down. I REALLY need to be drinking
more water. I'm not sure why it is so hard for me to remember to drink water.

I also got to interview with The Learning Channel (TLC). They are doing a series on Dr garth Davis and his dad Dr Robert Davis. I'll find out in a couple of days if they want to film me or not. That would be kind of cool to be on TLC.

Teresa has been great. She's been doing the occational liquid dinner with me. She is even taking off the day after my surgery to stay with me. Just in case. I also made a new friend from this web site. She is also in Houston and has a date of 10/19 so we are going to go through this together. We are tying to get together for coffee this week.

I'm getting more and more excited. I have a little bit of nervousness but I think that is probably normal. In one week, I'll be on the losing side.

I started my liquid diet today. I woke up this morning thinking about food. How weird is that. I have no idea why I play these mind games with myself. I’ve been telling myself for weeks that the liquid diet is no big deal and all of a sudden, I’m freaking out over it. The other thing is that I am a bit of a caffeine junky (I have a Starbucks habit) and I have a wicked headache right now. I’m hoping it’s all in my head. I may end up trying some of the weak ass decaf we have in the break room. 

I got a call from the doctors office today and my pre-op appointment is set for Sept 25 at 9:00. Sounds like I will be there for a while. I have to sign some consent forms, see the doctor again, and have some tests done. She said blood work, and EKG, and who knows what else. 

I'M APPROVED!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. The Bariatric Coordinator at my doctors office called me this morning and we set my date for October 3, 2006. I really look at it as being the fist day of the rest of my life. I start the dreaded liquid diet on Monday but I'm hoping two weeks will go by quickly. Now all I have to do is get some things done around the house and get my work projects tidied up so
that someone can cover for me while I am out. Luckily, I can work from home a little while I am out since I sit for a living. My work life consists of conference calls and many emails so it will be a little bit easier for me when I return if I try to stay on top of things. I'll just have to see how things go.

Tricia from Dr Davis' office called to tell me that UHC has all my information and now it is just a matter of time. OMG! I am so not a patient person so this is really going to suck waiting to hear whether or not I was approved. Based on what I am hearing, UHC is good about this surgery but you never know what they will say.

Still working to get all my records together for my insurance company. The girl at the Dr's office has been very patient and helpful. I'm almost there. I really hope I can get all of this by the end of the week. 

Met with Dr Davis today. I like him a lot. Everyone in the office seemed to really care about helping people get healthy. I also saw the psychologist and was happy to hear that I'm not crazy (ha). I still have to see my PCP and get a letter from her. I have an appointment on Wednesday and hopefully I can have the rest of my stuff to Dr Davis' office by Friday so they can submit to my insurance.

Right now, I'm hoping for a late September or early October surgery date. Unfortunately, there are a few days in September that I can not take off of work and it's messing with my plan a little. Plus, I may take a mini vacation. I guess I can't really worry too much about it until my insurance is approved.

Went to the seminar tonight. I was a little disappointed that they didn't cover more about the lap-band, but the over all information was very interesting.

Made appointment for required seminar. Also scheduled first doctor visit for 8/14/06. I'm on my way...

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