Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center

"In October 2003, I had to take my husband to this ER for chest pain and a numb arm. After making him wait in the waiting area for 30 minutes, I finally had to ask if they were going to wait for him to code before seeing him. They reluctantly sent him to triage and discovered that his heart rate was 217. After many hours in the ER and very poor bedside manner, they put him in ICU. 36 hours later, he was dead. My most vivid memory of the whole thing was at 2:00 in the morning when he dies, the middle eastern doctor came to me and said, "your husband died. We couldn't do anything to save him" and then he turned and walked away. I had to have the nurse explain to me what all had been attempted. I would drive out of my way to NOT have to ever step foot in this hospital again. Their ER staff was rude, their doctors don't care, and I think the level of care is below what is expected for a critical cardiac patient."

The Methodist Hospital

"I was so pleased at how great the staff at Methodist was. They were all very supportive of the type surgery I was having and no one treated me like I was taking the easy way out. I also had one nurse tell me how pretty I was and that it was going to be fantastic when I got the rest of my "sexy" on. I didn't take this as an insult at all. It was said with absolute support. There was also a person that took me to the pre-op area and when we got there, he quietly wispered to me that his sister had lap-band surgery 6 months ago and not only did it save her life, but that she looks amazing. If I ever have to stay in the hospital for any reason, Methodist will be my first choice."
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