Six Years Post OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Still doing great 1/9/08

1/11/07 I am so bad, I have not been here since 12/05. Wow alot has happened of course. But the main thing is I am still the greatest supporter of Bariatic Surgery RnY. I have maintained my weight loss and learned what I can and cannot eat, so now my strange eating to others is normal to me. I try to impress that to people thinking about WLS. They agonize over what they will have to give up. Believe me giving up 150 lbs. was the best thing that ever happened in my life. So I can only eat 15 grams of sugar at one time, thats a blessing to me. I dont miss it at all. I dont miss the plates piled high with fattening foods, I dont miss the pig outs on cake or ice cream. I dont miss the fat me and the awful feeling of depression over my weight. Praise God Im living life to the fullest. It dont get much better than this. If anyone would like to write me I would love to tell you all about my journey, it continues to be a wonderful one.

12/30/05 Looking forward to a whole new year, still keeping my weight off and feeling great thanks to WLS and Weight Sticking at 145.

9/12/05 Well its about time I got back here and updated this thing. I had surgery 1/9/02 and I'm still keeping it off and doing great. If anyone would like to email with questions or whatever I am always available to help. It's the best thing that has happened in my life.

About me: I am a 49 year old female who weights 275 lbs. I am 5'6". I am single (divorced) with no children. I work for a Social Services in NC as a Computer Tech and Network Administrator and I absolutely love my job. I weighed 110 lbs in high school and from there it was all uphill in the weight department. After hundreds of attempts at diets and wonder drugs I decided to consult my doctor about WLS. She was in total agreement and this is my story from there.

I have met with Dr. Chacko and am waiting to hear from my insurance. I have gallbladder tests and others scheduled for 11/16. Will know more later.

I am still waiting on insurance. Will call next week for more info.

I was told today my insurance approved the surgery and I have a date set for the 2nd week in Jan 2002. I am excited and nervous.

My date is scheduled for 1/9/02. I am so excited and scared at the same time. I will try to update as soon as possible. With Christmas coming it is going to be hard. Just think of all the food I will probably be eating for the last time. I keep looking at all the food in the pantry and saying I've got to eat this before 1/9/02 because I cant eat it after.

This has been a very difficult Christmas. I lost my Mom 3/17/01 at the age of 81. She was the best thing in my life. This being the first Christmas without her has just been really hard. I visited her gravesite yesterday and wished her a merry Christmas. I also sat and talked to her and told her about my upcoming surgery. She is my guardian angel and she will be rite there with me during surgery. She loved me with all her heart. She would tell me this and say that no matter how much I weighted she still loved me, but she worried about my weight and my health. She wished for me to be able to lose weight, but I never could and keep it off. So this surgery is for her as well as myself. My sister says she wish mom could be here to see it, she would be so proud. My answer is she will be there and she will see it. I know that she is in my heart. I have always wanted to make her proud of me and I know she is smiling now. I love you MOM, Merry Christmas.
Jan 9 is only 15 days away. I have started packing and getting ready, I dont think it has really hit me yet. I went shopping for some things I will need after surgery so I am all ready. I think I will go look at recylners tomorrow.

Well I bought a beautiful blue lazy boy and am I in love with it. I believe it will be my home for the next several months.

Went to church today and re-dedicated my life to the Lord. I am in his hands now and I know he will take care of me, I am a child of God. Well just 10 days to go, woohoo.

5 more days!! I decided to leave work Wed to drive to Portsmouth cause I was afraid the snow might come in, and boy was I right. We had 11 inches and I was safe and sound in Portsmouth. Went to hospital for ekg, xray and blood work today so that is all behind me. Had to go out and buy a new laptop today my old one died and I dont have the software to fix it till I get back home, which wont be until Feb. I really like this one, hope I can use it at the hospital. Will keep posting til then.

Well here it is the night before surgery. I talked to registration today and tonite the anasthesologist (sp) called to let me know what to expect and let me know I will be getting an epidural. Well Yes I am real nervous tonite trying to pass the time until I go to bed and hope I sleep. I think I will take a nice hot bath in a few and a shower in the AM. I am going to miss those for awhile. I have kept busy for awhile working on setting up a new employee on our server and taking a friends pc apart to fix it. So yea I'm keeping busy. I will be taking my mom's cough bear with me tomorrow. She used it when she had heart valve replacement surgery 12/12/00 and she named it Shirley and said I could have it when she was finished with it. It is the first thing I got from her house the day she passed away (3/17/01). Well I hope to be on the other side by this time tomorrow. And as soon as I am able I will post here. Thanks for all the support from everyone who has emailed me. The support really helps. God Bless you all.

I arrived at the hospital at 6 AM and waited and waited. When I first got there I was hugging my mom's cough bear and the nurse escorting me to the prep area asked if I had someone with me who could answer some questions. I think she thought I was a little slow, lol. There to encourage me and give support were my friend Nydia, my sister Jo, and my brother Buddy. Just knowing they were there helped to comfort me. We said a prayer before they took me to surgery. My niece Cookie arrived later. Thanks for all the support, guys.

Well here I am 5 full days after WLS. I can hardly believe it I'm on the Other Side. And remarkably feeling great. I guess I am more sore than actually in pain, but I keep the pain meds close at hand. Dont know if I reported this part before but I am such a whimp when it comes to pain. I will be honest with you when I woke up in ICU I thought I could die, wished I would die, prayed that I wasnt dead and this was what it felt like for eternity. But thanks to a wonderful ICU nurse named Vtor I survived. He was the most caring man I have ever met in my entire life. Under different circumstances I would have asked him to marry me, lol. He was truly one of God's Angels. I have every intention when I am up and about of going back to visit him and personally thanking him. No it wasnt just his job, he was truly a caring individual. I am going to make sure his supervisor & everyone also knows what a wonderful employee they have.

Well I get tired typing after awhile so I will write more later and describe all the details. I am home now, came home yesterday, they say I breezed thru it, could have fooled me at some points. Have my appt for staple removal for 1/22/02 one day after my 50th birthday, happy birthday me. O yea only 5 lbs wt loss so far, but the important things is my health at this point.

Thought I would add the steps to surgery and hospital stay. I went in hospital 1/9/02 at 6:00 AM. Put on gown, weighed (275 lbs)and had to put on leg compressions. About 8:30 they took me to surgery waiting area. Took some antibiotics and they put in epidural. About 9:00 they took me to OR. They put in an IV and that is the last I remember. Dont remember waking up in recovery, but I do remember waking up in ICU. I was moaning help me, help me. They said they needed to sit me up to take an xray. I went back out. When I woke up again it was about 5 PM and they wouldnt let anyone back to see me. I had leg compressions on, IV, catheter, oxygen, JP drain tube. They would check my pain level and give me a shot of Toredal every 8 hrs or morphine every 2 hrs along with the epidural I still had in. Day 2 I was moved to a private room, oxygen was removed. Gave myself a sponge bath. Day 3 Dr asked nurse why I hadnt been up walking so they took me for a walk. Then after that I got a friend to take me twice a day. That nite the Dr let me have ice chips. Boy were they wonderful. Day 4 I got a tray at dinner time. It had chicken broth, jello, hot tea, juice, & a popsicle. I thought I was gonna eat the whole thing. I took a few sips of each and I was done. They removed the epidural that nite and put me on liquid Vicoden. I was to be released the next day and I couldnt sleep a wink. I was so hot the whole time I was in the hospital that they had a fan on me and I had ice packs round the clock. The last nite my JP drain leaked and the nurse had to change my bedclothes. Then my icepack broke open and she had to change the bedclothes again. I slept about 2 hrs total I think. Day 5 I was given orders to go home. They removed the JP drain tube, and the IV thingy in my neck and then the catheter. I got up and walked and took a sponge bath in the sink. I was released about 3:00 and wheeled down to my waiting ride. Boy was it good to get outta there. For the most part the nurses were pretty good. I had to sweet talk the nite nurses to order the morphine drip before their shift ended so I wouldnt have to wait 2 hrs while they had a shift change. I hated those buzzers going off everytime the drip was an hr from running out and then when it was out. They had to come in and reset the things, usually rite when I was in a deep sleep and it took them 15 minutes to do that. I slept most of the 4 days I was there day and nite. When they took the leg compressions off on the 5th day I almost did cartwheels. Those things are horrible, but if they saved my life I was going to bear it no matter what. Well I survived and got home. My dogs wanted to jump up on me and welcome he home, but I couldnt let them. They didnt understand and they missed me so much. It was good to be home. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. Below are the suppliments I am taking and will be taking for life:
URSODIOL(ist yr only) 300 MG 1-8 HRS

8 days PO (and 8 lbs lighter) and getting stronger everyday. Still cant sleep in a bed yet, but the reclyner is working out ok. I sleep off and on all nite. Since surgery I have been having all these deep thoughts, really spiritual. I know God was in the OR with me and continues to be, but its like I feel him even closer than before. Continue to pray for me. I really appreciate all the email prayers and thoughts that have come my way, they are so supportive. Dont let anyone tell you this is an easy time. I guess I have had some depressed days, but that is to be expected. Everytime someone calls it lifts my spirits a little more and I know I am getting closer to my recovery goal and weight goal. Thank you.

Lost 10 lbs to date. Went to ER today because I was having pain in my back and left side, also low grade fever. They did catscan, xrays, blood, urine and couldnt find anything wrong. They believe it is muscular/skeletar whatever. It means I have pulled muscles that I wasnt using. They say that is common after any surgery such as this. Well it was a weight off my mind, I just envisioned the worst. Some pain pills to grind and I'm on my way.

Happy Birthday to me!! I'm 50 years young today and I have lost 18 lbs since 1/9/02. WooHoo!! Still on liquids, but I tried cream of wheat and I think it made me sick. So no more of that yet. Otherwise I am doing great and feeling great. I can move real good now and I can get in and out of a bed but I just cant fall asleep so I stay in my reclyner and sleep pretty good. Go to dr tomorrow to have staples pulled, a friend has been giving me a bath daily but then I can jump (well step) into the shower, that will feel great.

22 lbs lost todate.
Went to dr today and had staples removed, it was a snap. He told me I could drive and go back to work if I felt up to it. I might wait a few more wks for that. He also said I could eat just about anything I wanted but to chew, chew, chew. I would find out by testing what would make me sick. Until tonite I only had jello, pudding, and broth. I had scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes, it was yummy. Only ate about 2 tbls fulls. I've been walking inside but today I walked around the block and it felt good.

Lost 30 lbs todate.
It's been awhile, not much has happened. I have been walking more and I have gone to work a couple of times just for a few hours. I am weak in the AM but get going better in the afternoon.
I hope to go back to work by the 11th. I am now eating a small can of fruit or small portion of oatmeal for breakfast, part of a Healthy Choice chicken dinner for lunch and then some more of the HC dinner for supper, throwing the rest away. That is all I can eat in one day. I do suppliment with Carb Solution a protein drink, an occassional sugar free popsickle, and a cracker or two. I really have to make myself eat, I dont feel hungry at all.

Lost 33 lbs in 41 days.
I went back to work 2/11/02. It was tough at first I got real tired and went home and took a nap. But now I am back in the swing of things and feeling good. I go for my checkup 2/21/02. I have still been eating healthy choice dinners. I tried KFC Honey BBQ wings and I was able to eat 3!! There was a time when I could eat a box of 20 easy. They dont have the same appeal as they used to. I guess it is all the chewing you have to do. Well til next time, see ya.

Lost 44 lbs in 70 days.
Well once the weather gives us a break I will be flying high. We had a wonderful weekend and I worked in my yard all day. It was great to get back to it and enjoy it. I had my checkup with my primary care dr and all my blood work came back normal. My energy level is sky high. I feel like dancing and singing all the time. It is wonderful to be alive.
I got some advice from a fellow WLS member (Bridget) who told me about Proteinix. I have been using Carb Solution but it is really yucky, so I tried this Proteinix. Cant say it is delicious, but I only have to take a couple of spoonfuls instead of 4 drinks a day.
Eating is still something I have to tell myself its time to do, but I have expanded my choices. I can eat most any regular food except red meat, as long as I chew alot and eat slow. It is so wonderful to eat a small portion and then push the plate away full. No second helpings for me! Food just doesnt have that appeal anymore. I could take it or leave it, I dont have cravings and I dont want to munch all the time. I feel satified with just a little meal 3 times a day. And water is my best friend. Could never drink it before surgery, now it tastes like the most wonderful drink in the world. As the weight comes off and I see the changes I am so thankful I went thru this. If you are trying to make up your mind to do it or it you will be so thankful you did. My life is so much better now and I have such a future to look forward to. Cant wait till I can get down to my goal weight of 130.

Well I have lost 51 lbs since 1/9/02. I am now down to 224 from 275 and I can really tell a difference in my clothes. I can still wear the big clothes, but they are baggy now. I found some old shirts I havent worn in over a year and they now fit again. Spring is knocking at my door and I feel so alive. I am really looking forward to doing more work in my yard and going out on the boat this year. Maybe I will even try to water ski again. But first I need to buy a bathing suit, havent owned one of those in at least 5 years or more. I always wore my shorts and a top. Things are going to be different from here on out! YooHoo!!

Wow, I have lost 62 lbs since 1/9/02 (weigh 213 lbs now). I can hardly believe it. I went thru my closet last nite and tried on some of my clothes and they just hung on me. Its just so hard to believe I was that big that they fit nicely before. Got a bathing suit and it really looks good. I am just so thrilled at how I look and feel. Its funny too how my desire for food has changed. I no longer want those fatty foods, food just doesnt rule my life anymore. I could take it or leave it. I take it cause I've got to eat to live, but I dont have cravings or want to stuff myself when something does taste great. Splenda is the best thing God ever made. It tastes just like sugar and it can be used to cook with. If you havent tried it, you need to. Its made from real sugar with no calories. Goodbye sweetnlow and equal. Ok so it costs alittle more, but you're worth it!! Well I will keep updating as I change, kinda like morphing! Hope all are doing great.

Reached my 4 month mark and have lost 67 lbs. I am really feeling better each day and my old clothes are hanging on me, I've had to buy a few new things to get by, but I dont want to buy too many till I drop a lot more. I still have not gotten sick, but I do get icky and have diarreha on occasion when I eat food that has too much sugar, or just overeat. I have so much energy that I dont know what to do with myself. I find things to do now to keep busy, no more couch potato for me.

Reached 5 months today and I've lost 75 lbs. I'm at 200 now and cant wait to get below that mark. I bought some new pants yesterday and I got them in the regular section. No more plus size clothes for me!!!! It felt so good. Went fishing on the pontoon yesterday and stayed out from 9-4, boy did I get burned. But I had a blast. It felt so good to get out on the Lake again. I have a friend that is retarded and she is heavy so I gave her all my old pants and some of the tops that are too big. She acted like she was getting brand new clothes. Its such a joy that simple little things make her happy. Still eating just about anything I want, just stay away from breads, red meat, and sugar. It feels so good to eat from a saucer and no seconds and I'm just as content as if I had eaten 2 whole plate fulls. I walk everyday and I just feel great. I've never felt so good in all my life. I really am blessed that I have not had any of the complications some of the others have had. I had a good surgeon and I'm following his recommendations to the letter. Also I have not experienced the hair loss. He says I probably wont because he has had me taking flax seed oil daily. It helps the skin and hair. I had cut it short in anticipation of loosing it, but looks like I will be blessed. I like it short now it feels so cool and good. Well till next time, hang in there and God loves you and will see you thru this, He has me.

OK, its been 6 months since surgery. I have lost 85 lbs (now 190 vs 275)I have 60 more to go.
It has been wonderful. We had a family reunion Sat and I had relatives that did not recognize me. They saw me last year this time. I bought a bike Sat also and am going to start biking. We have alot of hills so it will be tough at first. I am still walking everyday and really enjoying it still. I have been going out on the boat fishing and sunning and I just love it. I no longer have to buy my clothes in the plus section. People just keep telling me how great I look and I'm eating it up.
My eating has stayed the same, I have added more fruit. I still stay away from red meats and over a tbls of pudding w/sugar will make me sick. But I dont really desire those things anymore. I'm eating so healthy now and I love it. I love life. It couldnt be better. I thank God everyday I made this decision to have surgery and I thank Him for helping me every step of the way.
I have noticed that now my fingernails are real brittle and I cant keep them. Also I am seeing a few more hairs in the sink, but not handfulls. I'm keeping my hair real short so if I do lose it, it wont be such a shock. Well thats about all thats happening rite now. I will be going back to dr 8/8 so I will give you my report then. Take care and keep smiling.

Its now been 7 months since surgery. I have lost 95 lbs. I am down to 180 vs 275. I only have 50 more to go.I feel wonderful. I'm still changing clothes sizes. My whole life has changed. I went to see my Surgeon Thurs and he hugged me. He said I was doing fantastic. He was so proud of me. I hugged him and said thank you for a new lease on life. I have been toning up and he said I wouldnt need a tummy tuck or anything. Walking everyday has really slimmed my butt. I get so many comments about it, I just cant believe it. Thank you God for taking care of me and seeing me thru this. I truely do have a whole new life ahead of me and its wonderful. If you are thinking about surgery, do it for yourself. You will not regret it. I just slipped into a size 16 jean. Before they were size 26. It is almost unbelieveable. I love to look at my new body in the mirror, simply amazing. My hair is falling out real slow cant hardly notice it at all. So my surgeon said to increase my protein and my flax oil seed. that should take care of it. Well I'm off to the wild blue yonder. Take care and hang in there, there is light at the end of that tunnel.

Well its been 8 months and I've lost 101 lbs. WooHoo. Only 44 more to go till goal. I am just delited. It is so wonderful. I never felt better in my life. Some hair loss but not a whole lot. I just cant believe it is me I am looking at in the mirror it seems so strange. I walk a mile everyday and my butt and legs are so slim and tight. I must say I look fine!!, lol. I'm getting compliments everyday and loving it. God is so wonderful to have given me this new opportunity on life. Things couldnt be better. Thank God for Dr. Chacko too. He is a wonderful surgeon. God Bless him. Well till next time tootles.

Its now been 9 months and I am feeling wonderful. I've lost 108 lbs, only 37 to goal. Everyday is fantastic. I thank God for the blessing of have a new lease on life. Im in a size 14 from an original 24/26. Big difference, huh. Its unbelieveable. My temp has changed to. I can now wear sweaters, before they were too hot to wear. I just love buying clothes now. Everything is wonderful and my love life is doing just great too. Im on cloud 9, lol!!! Take care and trust in God, he will never steer you wrong.

My gosh how time is flying by. Its been 11 months I can hardly believe it. I seem to have slowed down to a stop for now. I have lost 110 lbs. down to 165 lbs. from 275 lbs. Seems I have not lost but 9 lbs since Aug. I have not been walking as much because of the snow and ice and rain. But hope to get back to that. I know that is one reason Im not losing as much. I am not eating any more than I should and not eating sugar so I guess its the walking. But I still feel great and feel great about myself. I am in a size 12 jeans and I like what I see. I have 35 lbs to go to reach my goal and I will get there I know. Well its a busy season and I have alot to do, so I will write more next month. Take care and see ya soon. Best wishes to all and best of luck to those I have been corresponding with who are now on the other side.

ONE YEAR POST OP!!!! I can hardly believe it has been a year, it seems like just yesterday I was waiting for approval. Well it has been a wonderful year. I have lost 110 lbs and am down to a size 12. I am eating normal food, I just dont eat fried food or sugar. I'm one of those lucky ones, if I eat sugar I get sick, so I avoid it or pay the price. I'm on a plateau rite now, winter and all. But as soon as Spring gets here I hope to get back to my exercise and drop 30 or so more lbs. I feel great and have all kinds of energy. I dont regret one little pain of surgery. I'd do it again if I had to. I really didnt realize how miserable I was at 275 lbs. (or how bad I looked). I'm happier than I have ever been in life. Take care and may God bless.

Can't believe I havent written in so long. It's been 15 months and I've lost 117 lbs. I have started back walking and hope to drop a few more lbs. I still cant eat sugar or fried food, which is fine by me. I have been so busy. I have started my own Computer Repair Business and I have been hopping. Doing that along with my regular 40 hr week computer job and my still new romance doesnt leave much time for anything else. But the main thing is I am happy and healthy. I get so many compliments and I just still dont feel thin. When people say 'hey skinny' I turn around to see who is behind me. No one, its me they are talking too, lol. Still feels strange. Bought a pair of Bill Blass Jeans in a size 8 and almost couldnt get out the store for busting with pride, lol. Again I say if in doubt have the surgery it has been the best thing to happen in my life in a very long time. I have a whole new life and I love it. Best wishes and many prayers to those who are about to have surgery.

Well here it is almost 18 months later, and I am still beaming. I have lost 128 lbs so far. I'm down to 147 lbs from 275, wow with a capital W. My BMI is now 23.7 and is called Ideal. I call it WONDERFUL. I still cant believe my eyes when I look in the mirror, or my ears when someone calls out 'hey skinny'. Its really too unbelieveable. I still have my goal of getting to 130 lbs. But Im not pushing it. Im walking and eating rite for the first time in my life and I'm loving life and all it has to offer. Just wanted to stop by and let all know that its been a wonderful year and a half. My life has started over at 50. Praise God and all His blessings. Life never felt so good. He has truely blessed me and I cant thank Him enough. If thinking about surgery-DO IT, if waiting for surgery-hang in there, it will be worth the wait, if you have had surgery-have faith God will carry you thru. Take care for now.

19 months and counting! Lost 129 Lbs. down to 146 from 275. Measured last nite and I had a 50" waist pre-op and its now 32", hips were 56" and now 34". I just bought a new pair of dress slacks in size 10 and I believe I should have bought a size 8. It's so amazing, I still cant believe its me in the mirror. Had blood work done Thurs and everything was normal. Boy the summer will be over soon, cant believe how time is flying. Life is wonderful, God is Good. He has sent me so many blessings. I cant thank Him enough for everything in my life. For now take care and keep praying. Prayer changes things!

21 months, approaching 2 yrs! Lost 130 lbs and now in a size 8 pants. Still eating about the same. I discovered Blue Bunny Ice Cream made with Splenda, I like the Bunny Tracks. It is wonderful. I still cant eat sugar so this is a God Sent. I still eat 3 small meals a day and I dont snack alot inbetween. No fried food and very little red meat. I love chicken, shrimp, broiled seafood and just about any veggie either steamed or on the grill. I'm just not hungry or craving food like I used to. I have loads of energy and I'm not tired all the time like before. Life is wonderful and gets better with each day. Thank you Lord for everything in my life. I have truly been blessed. I cant give God enough praise for my life. I love you mom, hugs and kisses and I miss you. Take care everyone and keep up the faith.

PRE-OP 1/8/2002 275 0
3 4/9/2002 220 -55
4 5/9/2002 209 -66
5 6/9/2002 200 -75
6 7/9/2002 190 -85
7 8/9/2002 180 -95
8 9/9/2002 175 -100
9 10/9/2002 167 -108
10 11/9/2002 166 -109
11 12/9/2002 165 -110
12 1/9/2003 163 -112
18 7/9/2003 148 -127
19 8/9/2003 146 -129
20 9/9/2003 145 -130
23 12/1/2003 145 -130
Just a little chart to show my progress. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had turkey, dressing, corn pudding, mac&cheese, sweet potato,mashed potatoes, pumkin pie. I used Splenda when something called for sugar. I just ate a small helping of each and stopped when full. It sure is wonderful to be able to eat alittle and quit not getting that 'ugh, I ate too much' feeling. Maintaining and feeling great.

4/19/04 Boy I cant believe I havent updated this in such a long time. I want to keep in touch with this website because it really changed my life. And if I can help anyone else please feel free to write me. I am still doing great, spring is in the air and I have been so busy with yard work and meeting new friends and just plain having fun. I am still maintaining my weight after 2 years and 3 months. It is great. Cant say enough about this surgery. I'm never hungry and I eat just about anything I want now. Sugar still makes me sick, but I love splenda and there are so many products on the market now. My BMI is 24 now, imagine from morbid obesity to NORMAL. Praise God and the gift he gave my surgeon. Well gotta run, lots of things to get done. Love to all and hang in there if you havent had surgery yet and if you have, time and God will take care of all your problems.

Wow another long absence, sorry. 1/09/02 since surgery. I am still doing great. I'm 145 and holding. I pretty much eat about the same. I still cant eat sugar, but I can eat red meat now if it is really really tender like prime rib or rib eyes. Boy alot has changed in my life. I almost lost my dad in July of this year so I took a 12 wk leave of absence from work (FMLA). Since then I have been cleaning up his yard and house, painting, weed eating, rebuilding decks and porches. He had really let it go down since my mom died. I hadnt even noticed because he had found a girlfriend and was always at her house. Well they broke up and he went home after he got out of the hospital. I have been cooking for him every nite and been just making sure he knows he is loved. He has improved so much and his place looks great now. We had a pig picking 10/2. Kind of a family reunion deal. Hadnt had one in 2 yrs. Well the relatives came out of the woodwork and they just could not believe it was me. I had to walk rite up to some of them and say hey its me Shirley. They would give me this puzzled look and then the light would come on and they'd just gasp and say I didnt recognize you at all. Great feeling. I worked so hard on the PP and making sure things were going rite,that I only ate about a fork full of the pig, didnt get to the other food that was there. I can go all day without eating now. I try not too because I know it is not good for me. Its just amazing because I had so many people tell me before surgery that they knew so and so and they put all their weight back on and I would probably also. Well folks Im here to tell you, that aint happenin! I vowed that if I went thru all this I would never put that weight back on and so far Im good for my word. I weight everyday and I guess Im kinda obsessed with it, maybe not. I just dont want to gain any weight ever. But I feel confident thats not gonna happen. So all you good folks out there its been 2 yrs and 10 months and im keepin it off. Please feel free to email me if you want to talk or have any questions. Life is truely wonderful since my surgery.


1/8/02, nite before surgery/ 9 mo PO

18 mos post op, -129 lbs.

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    Surgeon: John K. Y. Chacko M.D.
    He was very kind and caring. He took the time to answer all my questions and let me know what to expect. He is the best! All my followups have been great. I had no complications and and doing wonderful with 128 lbs lost. Wonderful doctor, great staff, very caring.
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    blue cross, preferred care select copay
    The ladies at Dr. Chacko did all the work. I called every week for an update and they said insurance was asking for more info. When they finally provided Dr. statement that I was a good candidate for after surgery followup, they approved surgery.

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