December 17, 2007

Dec 16, 2007

I haven't updated my blog in so long I hope I remember how!!!  So many things have happened since I posted last I don't know if I can put it all down here.  I think the last time I posted was in August and it is now December.  Wow, time has flown.  Let's see - I had my breast reduction/lift on Sept. 5th.  The surgery went well and I am all healed.  The scars are still fading but it will take a long time for them to fade completely if they do.  I'm very happy with the results.  I went from a 42 DDD (at my highest weight) to a 36B and they are perky and small for the first time in my adult life.  I love wearing sexy shirts now because I don't have to wear a bra!  

I had my one year checkup on Nov. 13th and my weight was 150.6 I think.  My labs came back and my iron was still very low so I am now more diligent in taking my iron pills every day.  But all the other levels were fine.  I also just started taking a B12 injection once a week.  Since I've been taking that my energy level has increased a lot and I feel healthier.

My weight started creeping up since my surgiversary so I finally went on a drastic diet for a few days to kick start my weight loss again.  I had let too many carbs back into my diet and I ended up gaining almost 5 lbs in about 3 weeks!  It really scared me so I decided to go on a liquid protein diet to help get me back to where I was.  And I wanted to get rid of the carbs out of my diet also.  After doing the liquids for 2 days I added protein into my diet since then.  So I am really going back to basics and I'm happy with the results so far.  I weighed this morning at 145.6, only .2 lbs more than I was 3 weeks ago.  And I'm sure I'll lose that this week also (and then some!).  My goal weight is now 138.  That's only 7.6 lbs and very attainable for me.  I am wearing a size 8, sometimes 6 bottoms and a small/medium top.  I am loving my new body now except for some excess skin around my midsection.  But, other than a tummy tuck, I don't think I can't make it look much better than it does already.

Oh, on the day after Thanksgiving, my best friend and I got tattoos!!!!  I can't believe I actually got one.  For years and years I said I wouldn't get one unless it was something that I wouldn't be ashamed of having when I was 80.  I ended up getting the University of South Carolina Gamecock with the block C on my right hip/butt.  I love it!  It is garnet and black, the school colors.  I am an alumni so I know I will never get tired of it or be embarrassed by it when I am an old woman.  It looks good too.  I'll have to post some pics of it soon.

Now I am gearing up for Christmas.  I'm going to my Mom's house in Myrtle Beach, as always.  I think I have finally finished all my shopping, thank goodness!  Evan is going to Penn. with Ken (his father) for Christmas so I know I am going to be kind of sad that he is not with me.  But they come back on the 29th so we'll celebrate then.  Evan is so looking forward to going up north because they will have snow.  He's really excited about it so I am happy for him.  

Well, I'll post more later.  I'm sure there is more that I need to add but I have hit a block right now!

August 24th, 2007

Aug 23, 2007

What a week it has been.  I found out Monday that I have to find a new company to work for because my sponsor can't get to me at this company after Sept. 15th.  I work in government contracting so it is kind of convoluded in how we work.  Basically though I am working on a purchase order with a company that has a contract with my sponsor.  But the p.o expires on the 15th and they can't give my company another one or put us on as a sub.  And we don't have a contract in place either.  So my boss brought me in to her office Monday morning and told me that she wants me to keep working for her and that if I can find a place to work that she can get to me from that it didn't matter where I work.  So Wednesday I had an interview with a major company that she does business with.  They offered me a job but I don't have it in writing yet.  I went for another interview yesterday with another company she does business with but I really, really, really don't want to work at that company.  They are a bunch of scumbag contractors.  So I am hoping to have an offer letter today or first thing next week.

Which brings me to my next news:  I called my PS to let them know what was going on with my job and they rescheduled my breast lift/reduction fot eh 4th of Sept!!!!!!!  I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks I will have smaller, firmer boobs.  I'm nervous as hell but I know it will be such an improvement.  I'm sure I'll feel better too.  I go for my preop appt. next Tuesday, the 28th.  Yikes!!!

My weight is at 161 again. Uggghh.  I don't know what is going on except that I have upped my weightlifting and cardio so maybe it is just muscle, not fat that is making me gain weight.  I started yesterday (as soon as I found out about my new surgery date) to increase my protein and iron and decrease my bad carbs.  My iron saturation is very, very low and the doctor wants me to get in as much iron as I can.  Maybe being more conscious about my carb intake will help my weight go back down.  But I'm not going to decrease my weight training or cardio so I guess my weight can do whatever it wants beacuse I know I am getting healthier.

August 20, 2007

Aug 20, 2007

I have had a few great moments in the last few days.  I'll start with last Friday, August 17th.  I played hookie from work for the afternoon and me and Michelle went to the mall to get pedicures.  Afterward, she made me get some new clothes because I have none to wear "clubbing".  She picked up a pair of black dress shorts and held them up to me and I told her I thought they were too big.  She got the next size down and then told me that they were size 8s!  I thought that I'd never be able to fit in them comfortably but I decided to take the 10s and 8s in the dressing room.  I tried on the 8s first and they fit!!!!!  Comfortably!!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I almost started crying right in the dressing room.  I also had a satiny blue shirt (Juniors XL) that I would have never worn before surgery.  But I tried it on too and it looked really good on me.  So I got both of them and was beaming all the way out of the store.  It was such a pivotal moment for me to realize that I am getting thin now.  I guess I still see the 250lb woman in the mirror still, even though I've been in 10's for a while now and no one that is fat wears 10s.

Then I went to the gym for my PT session with Ronnie.  We had a really good workout but I told him I would do 15-20 minutes of cardio afterward.  I got on the treadmill and ran - did you hear me - I said "ran" for 1 mile without stopping!!!!!  That was incredible to me.  I could have gone longer but my arm hit the Emergency Stop cord and stopped the treadmill.  But I started again and ran for a few more minutes and then cooled down properly.

Then, that night, I went to hear my friend's band play (Control Freak) and later in the night this guy came up to me and Michelle and started talking.  We told him to sit with us and he sat beside me and continued talking for a little while.  He was talking to Michelle and told her that I was so beautiful.  He has a Harley and Michelle was telling him how I wanted to get a bike a few years ago and he told her I could have his.  That I could have anything I wanted .  It was just so sweet.  I had to leave early to meet my niece at the Emergency Room (she had bronchitis and was in a lot of pain) but he gave me his card and asked me to call him.  I haven't talked to him yet but even if I don't it's okay because I know that at least someone thinks I am beautiful (and he wasn't drunk).

I took the kids to Charlotte, NC, Saturday (where guy above was from) to go to see Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean in concert.  It was a great concert and I didn't feel ugly or out of place.  I wasn't self-conscious at all, which is a big change for me.

Well, that gets me to today.  I found out about 30 minutes ago that I AM APPROVED FOR MY BREAST LIFT/REDUCTION!!!!!!!!!  My surgery is scheduled for Sept. 18th.  I needed it done as soon as possible because I found out this morning that I won't be working for my present company at the end of Sept.  That's another story.  I am looking for a job now but I don't think I will have any problems finding something working with the same people I am now.  I'm a government contractor so I will just move companies and not have to move desks, computers, or anything.  Maybe I'll even get a raise out of it!

Wow.  That's all I can say right now.  And Thank you God.  You are awesome!!!!

August 13, 2007

Aug 13, 2007

It's my 9 month anniversary today.  I'm down 73.2 lbs.  My weight today (and most of last week) is 159.8 lbs.  I was 157.4 last Monday but then Tuesday it was back up again.  It seems like I am messing with the same 2-3 lbs for 2 months now.  It's so aggravating!  I didn't work out last week with my personal trainer but I did manage to get in some cardio twice.  I know it's not enough but I'm back on with my PT this week.  I just haven't been feeling well lately.  I had my blood work done week before last and my PCP called and told me everything looked good.  So I guess nothing is wrong with me other than I'm just tired and nauseous all the time.  

Wow moment for me - I tried on some pants Michelle gave me several years ago and there were some size 8 pants in there.  Mainly 10s and they fit fine.  Anyway, I tried on the size 8's and THEY FIT!!!!!  They didn't look great but I could zip and button them!!!!  A few more lbs and they will fit great.  I can't believe it!  I never thought I'd be a size 8 - NEVER!!!  Of course I dreamed I would be but I never thought it would actually happen!

My PS was supposed to submit my information for my breast reduction/lift.  I hope I hear something soon.  I am so ready to get rid of these water balloons on my chest.  They are so uncomfortable and very unattractive!  Good thing I'm not dating anyone right now!

The girls are registered for college now.  I'm more nervous than they are!  Evan starts 3rd grade next Monday and he is not looking forward to waking up early again (neither am I).  

Still not dating.  I signed up for and have had several "winks" and stuff but nothing further.  It's kind of disappointing, to say the least.  But I'm patient, I guess.  I'm really not looking forward to dating again because I feel like I just don't have time but if the right person came along it would be great.  I don't know how my ex-husband would feel about it though.  He'd probably give me the cold shoulder or get mad at me.  I think he still has feelings for me and I love him too but not in a romantic way.  He is one of my best friends but that's it, if you know what I mean.

August 2, 2007

Aug 02, 2007

I know...I know.  I haven't posted in so long but I've been in such a slump lately.  It's been 2.5 months and I've only lost 7 lbs.  Ughh.  I am so depressed about it.  I feel like this is the end of the road for me as far as weight loss.  My weight is now (and has been) 160 lbs.  I would really love to lose 15 more lbs but at this rate I'll turn 50 years old first! lol.  

For the past several weeks I haven't been feeling all that great.  I have iron-deficiency anemia and now I think I am having some low glucose problems.  I had an episode Monday night that scared me pretty badly.  I had already worked out at the gym and taken my son and niece to dinner.  I was laying on my bed watching TV with Evan when I started sweating profusely, shaking uncontrollably, and my heart was getting ready to pound out of my chest.  My son got me a towel for my head and gave me some ice water to drink.  I barely managed to ask him to get me a fruit popsicle to eat.  I could hardly talk or open my eyes.  But after I ate the popsicle I felt better within about 30 minutes.  But all day on Tuesday I didn't feel right.  Yesterday either.  I even cancelled my gym appointment with my PT.  I went to the doctor Tuesday to get some already scheduled bloodwork done but they couldn't take my blood by the time I got there (scheduling hours).  So I asked if I could see my doctor and told them what happened.  When I told my doctor he seemed to think it might be hypoglycemia or something so he scheduled me for some other blood work at the same time I get the iron bloodwork done.  I went today to get my blood drawn so we'll see what happens.

I gave my Plastic Surgeon 2 letters from my doctors recommending breast reduction.  They will submit to insurance next week and the insurance company said they will make their decision within 2 business days of receipt of the information.  I really hope they cover it.  I'm so ready to get rid of these pendulums people call boobs.  Ughhh.  

I have more stress on me now than I have had since surgery.  My daughter is home from school and I have taken in my niece as well.  Madison is almost 18 and Maegan just turned 18 last week.  Madison is giving me a fit with her attitude and tone of voice.  She is just a mean person to me and Evan and Maegan (most of the time).  I'm so ready for her to move out and get on with her life because she is doing nothing but aggravating me.  I mean, I love her so very much but I can't live like this much longer.  Maegan is doing good though.  Slight problems/issues but nothing major.  She took her GED test last Saturday in Beaufort and she thinks she passed it but we won't know for about 4-6 weeks if she passed or not.   The class was full so Madison didn't get in.  She is scheduled to take her GED in Orangeburg on the 25th.  They both start Trident tech on the 20th and I am happy about that.  Maegan is going to go for her Vet Tech degree and Madison hasn't decided yet what she wants to do.

Guess where we are going on the 18th of August?!!!  To see Rascal Flatts in Charlotte!  I have wanted to go to their concert for so long and I finally decided to go for it.  Me, Evan, Madison, and Maegan are going on Saturday morning, getting a hotel, going to the concert, and then coming home Sunday.  I think it will be a great way to end the summer for all of us.  School starts the next day for the kids so I think it is great timing.  Jason Aldean opens for Rascal Flatts and he is awesome too.

More later.

May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007

Can my weight loss go any slower without going backwards???  This is ridiculous!  I now weigh 167.4.  I've lost a whopping .6 lbs in the last 8 days.  Whatever!!

I went to the doctor today because my iron is very low (it is 10 and supposed to be around 13).  So hopefully once I get that where it should be and get back on my Synthroid my weight loss will speed up some.  I'm getting very discouraged even though I feel like I am looking better.  I go to the gym tonight - maybe that will make me feel better about myself.

I bought a size 12 pair of walking shorts at Sam's last weekend and when I got home I tried them on and THEY ARE TOO BIG!!!!!!  I just can't believe it.  I think the last time I was a size 10 was in high school.  I'm mainly in 12s but some 10s so that is close enough for me!  My goal is a size 8 - that's not too far down the road, I hope.

I think I am going to start looking into plastic surgeons.  I really need a breast lift and I'm seriously considering a buttocks lift or fat injections or something.  I have no ass!!!!  It is flat as a board.  It really doesn't look good at all.  So I'll post what I find out.  Should be interesting!

Madison and Maegan are both home now.  So far they have been a joy to have around.  Hopefully it will last!

My sister, Margo (she had open RNY about 2 years ago), was put in the hospital last Tuesday with severe dehydration.  She thought she had a stomach bug and had really bad diarrhea for about 10 days, along with vomiting and a fever for one day.  Well, in 4 days she lost 20 lbs - yep, 20 lbs.  By the time she went to the doctor they told her to go straight to the hospital and get checked in.  They could barely get a bp on her and when they did it was 61 over 42.  She was almost dead!!!!  They started an IV drip in each arm and loaded her full of potassium and saline and whatever else.  She had complete renal failure (her kidneys failed).  It took her a week to get stabilized even though she still has diarrhea.  They found out it was salmonella poisoning.

She almost died from dehydration.  Please make sure you get enough fluids (and keep them in you) otherwise you might end up in the same boat.  Hopefully she won't have any kidney problems although it is too soon to tell.

Have a great day!

May 22, 2007

May 22, 2007

Man!  I did not realize I haven't updated my profile in over a month!!!  Well, it has been kind of busy for me lately.  I have my niece, Maegan,  living with me now.  She came down almost a month ago from Virginia.  She's 17 and just as sweet as she can be.  She hasn't been a problem for me in the least - at least not yet anyway!  Knock on wood and say your prayers!

I have been at 168 lbs for about 2 weeks now.  It goes up and couple lbs every now and then but then comes back down.  I know what my problem is though - CARBS!!!!!  They are so evil!!!!  I am now addicted to Lance ToastChee crackers.  I've got to cut back on the carbs but it is soooooo hard to do.  Everywhere I turn carbs are there.  They follow me around, I swear!  Still going to the gym but I've had other committments that have prevented me from going a couple of times.  I don't like when I miss a session but I can't help it.  I have to miss tomorrow night because of the Harbor Cruise.  But I am going to try to make it up on Thursday if I get back from picking Madison up from school early enough.  Sometimes I feel like I have too much to do in too little time.  Then I feel overwhelmed and crash and don't do anything at all!  I'm working on that problem! 

Ken just left Sunday for 3 weeks.  He is in Rhode Island working.  I never realized just how much I depend on him when he is here.  I sort of feel bad but I know if he didn't want to do it he wouldn't.  

I am in a solid size 12 now.  Some 12s are a little too big but not too big to get a size 10.  I'm hoping to be in a size 10 in about a month.  I gotta kick up my cardio workouts for that to happen - and lay off the carbs (as I eat a Triscuit).

I went for my 6 month checkup on the 15th and my blood work came back fine except for my iron.  Dr. Morgan said my iron was very low and told me to take some extra iron right away.  But at least my protein was good.  Now if I could just stop losing all my hair I would be okay!  I am losing so much hair every day.  Especially when I get out of the shower.  It's awful!  But except for the first month following surgery, I have always gotten in plenty of protein every day.  I've been taking Biotin religiously for about 4 months also.  I have been taking Omega 3 for about 2 weeks now but I'm not seeing any difference whatsoever.  I hope it will stop falling out soon.  I'll be bald if it doesn't.

I have gone down from a 40DDD bra to a C cup!  That, to me, is one of the best parts of this surgery.  I can actually wear a normal bra!  I bought a new sports bra and even though I don't like the ones that don't have individual cups, it fits me pretty good.  I still get the "uniboob" but it is not as bad as before.  It's really hard to find a good sports bra with cups and underwires.  At the same time I was getting a new bra I tried on some workout pants.  I took them in the dressing room and tried them on.  They fit but they were a little too tight for me to wear to the gym.  I thought I had picked up a Large but when I took them off and looked I was actually wearing a Small!!!!  Can you believe that?  I've never worn a small anything in so long!  It was a "Wow" moment for me, that's for sure.


April 19, 2007

Apr 19, 2007

172.2 lbs and counting!  I know it's only been a couple days since I posted but so much is going on in my life right now that I wanted to jot it down.  Yes, the scale is moving again - yay!!  I went back to the gym last night for the first time in about 2 weeks.  I didn't do a lot of weightlifting because I was scared it would mess up my surgery but I did the elliptical machine for 25 minutes and some free weights.  I feel pretty good today so I guess I can march forward with my personal training.  That starts tomorrow.

I have a pretty big problem right now.  My neice ran away from home on Monday and no one has seen her since.  She lives in Chesapeake, VA, and is 17 years old.  My sister (her Mother) died 5 years ago and I don't think Maegan has ever dealt with it.  Her father, Jeff, is remarried and now has 3 more children.  I think Maegan feels left out because of the new family.  She hasn't had a great relationship with her dad since her mother died and they have only dealt with the death a very little bit.  Maegan got pregnant and had a baby girl last May.  She put the baby up for adoption, which was probably the best thing for her and the baby.  But, since then, she has not been to counseling.  I just feel so bad for her and want to help her.  We had talked about her coming down here this summer to stay with me.  So when I found out she ran away Monday I told her dad that when she comes home to go ahead and send her to me now.  She was supposed to graduate high school in June but because she hasn't been in school for the last few days and was failing a couple classes anyway, she won't graduate.  I have already checked into getting her a GED when she gets here.  I also have a job lined up for her if she can pass the drug testing.

I think she just feels like her dad doesn't care about her anymore.  She knows I love her and I'm surprised she hasn't called me.  I really wish she would because it is starting to really worry me now.  I just want her to be okay.

Well, please say a prayer that she will contact me soon and will come down here to live with me.


April 16, 2007

Apr 17, 2007

60 lbs gone forever - FINALLY!!!!!  I didn't think I'd ever get here!  It has taken me so long to lose 60 lbs but I did it and I guess that is all that matters!  My 5 month anniversary was Friday so I didn't make my goal but I was soooo close.  Oh well.  My new goal is to be at 165 lbs by 5/13/07, my 6 month anniversary/checkup.  I am at 173 lbs right now.  I hope I can make it!  

I haven't gone to the gym in 1.5 weeks because of my surgery (tubes tied) and I kind of miss it.  I need to go and at least get some cardio in but I've been so busy lately.  Not using that as an excuse but I've had some issues to deal with.  I'm going to try to go today after work, then get my nails done, tan, and then go to Evan's first Hockey practice.  He is so excited but he's sick too.  He had to come home from school yesterday because he was throwing up. Last night he had diarrhea and bad stomach cramps.  He's home today with his dad and I told him that if he felt better he could go to practice.  I normally don't do that but the hockey registration was so expensive and this is their first practice and I would hate for him to miss it and get further behind.  So I had to bend the rules this time.

I think I am bringing my neice down here to stay with me.  She's 17 and getting into some trouble in Virginia with her dad and family.  She is my late sister's daughter and I feel it is my responsibility to ensure she is taken care of.  Her dad is ready to kick her out of their house (he's remarried) - not that I blame him.  But maybe if she was in a different environment she would straighten up.  I don't know what else to do.  I can't abandon her.  She's had enough of that with her Mom dying 5 years ago.  I know the Lord will guide me to make the right decision.

Gotta go back to work now!

April 11, 2007

Apr 11, 2007

Last Friday (4/6/07) I had my tubes tied and an endometrial ablation.  It was an outpatient surgery and Madison and Debbie went with me, stayed with me, and then took me home.  Debbie even stayed the night with me Friday night (I think - lol).  She is sooooo sweet.  Truly my angel.  I have been in some pain since then but it seems to be easing up a little each day.  Yesterday and Monday I was a little worried because I was so bloated and sore in my upper abdomen.  But, alas, my bowels started moving again and I am feeling better.  Amazing what your body does when faced with trauma!

Although I am still bloated, I weighed in this morning at 176.  Not much of a difference from last week but at least the scale is moving in the right direction!  I'll take it!

I'm not going to be able to lift weights for a couple weeks so I am kind of bummed about that.  I don't like getting out of the routine because it is so hard to get back into it.  I might try getting on the treadmill tonight or going to the gym tonight for a little bit of cardio.  I'll see how my abdomen handles it.  I was supposed to do a 5K on Saturday for Donate Life organization but I don't think I want to push it that hard.  Oh well.  So I am going to get my hair cut and colored instead.  

Ken finally came home last Saturday!  Yeah!!  Man, I was getting so drained with him being gone so long.  I am glad to finally have a breather!  I intend on soaking up some "me time" while he is here.

Tomorrow is our anniversary.  If we had stayed together we would have been married 10 years tomorrow.  Life is bittersweet, I tell ya.  But at least we are still friends.  Friday is my 5 month surgerversary.  I really want to get to 60 lbs lost by then.  But the only way I can do that is if I starve myself and I am not willing to do that.  My health is too important to me.  So maybe the cardio will help me.  It's only 3 lbs.  Maybe I can do it!!!! I'll pray for it.

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