All Doctors Down, Insurance Letters to go!!!!

Oct 08, 2009

OK so I havent updated in a while so here it goes, I went back for my follow up with the pulmonologist and Im clear yay....... Did my endoscopy that was interesting but cleared through the gastroenterologist, and got the letter from the phychiatrist that Im offically sane enough to have surgery LoL (but boy do the try and dig deep LoL) SO now the only thing to do is get the letters from everyone (except psych I got that one) because Dr. Ducheine prefers us to gather all the info and I feel better about it this way so I know when I hand it to him everything is in there as opposed to waiting for his staff to get everything. So I will update when Im going back to give him everything fingers crossed :) 

Cardiologist & Pulmonologist 2 birds 1 stone:)

Sep 05, 2009

So on Thursday I headed to my PCP to pick up my referrals which I gave them the list on friday FRIDAY mind you, the B$%^ that usually does them says there was a problem that there are too many needed and I need to come in for a normal visit to get them, I go on to say I just had a Visit last week and dropped them off almost a week in advance and if there was a problem it would have been nice to CALL me to let me know to come in for a visit. She says theres nothing she can do the Dr. is leaving blah blah so the other MA stops the Dr. tells him the problem and he tells the B%^& its fine go ahead and give them to me so :P~~~ to her she just didnt want to write 4 referrals LoL.

So I went to the pumonologist 1st @ 2pm pulmonary function test is good, EKG good and he scheduled me for an Chest Xray so I have to do that and see him again on the 17th along with a copy of my sleep study. 

Now on to the Cardiologist, he turns out to be one of the Doctors I worked under during my clinicall rotations so yay :) got another EKG good obviously just had one an hour before LoL, an Echo good, and drum roll a stress test hahah now I wasnt expecting to have one the same day so had to take the heels off and Jog in dress clothes tooo funny and we go in his office for him to tell me Im all clear and good to go from his part so thats 1 Dr. completely done with. 3 more and were off to insurance submission :) yay ***fingers crossed*** 

First Visit Update

Aug 28, 2009

Well I went to see Dr. Ducheine Wendesday and all went well he is very straight forward which I love, He gave me the list of all the doctors I have to see and I already made all my appointments, no wasting time here LoL. They are all in September sometime so well see how everything goes I already did the nutritionist for a few months so hopefully we can get the paperwork submitted sometime in October.
Has anyone ever had a problem with their PCP Medical assistant wise asked the MA in his office for a copy of my chart and she said tell your Bariatric Doctor to send a request and well fax it to him, meanwhile he said to gather everything Plus its my dern File I have a legal right to it but didnt feel like causing a commotion in the office. To me it felt like she didnt trust me with my own file what does she think Im going to change my weight on the files lets get real I been overweight for years so no need for that and I work for a hospital where I can get any Doc to help me out if I needed to "Fake" something Im just so dern mad at that, Had to vent LoL.

And the journey starts!!!

Aug 10, 2009

    Well I finally joined OH today after lurking for information a few times in the past month, I have an appointment with Dr. Ducheine in E. Orange NJ on 8/26/09 for my consultation. I have met with another surgeon but he stopped taking my insurance so I finally found a new one thanks to the great people on here:)  I have started my 6 months of nutritionist counseling with only one month to go and the last surgeon said as long as I have that and comorbidities it shouldn't be hard to get approval from the Insurance company, which I have a few of them not just one or 2 I believe its somewhere along the lines of 5.

    I have been wanting the RNY for a long time now but was always scared my friend who had the lap band said she didnt get the RNY because a friend of hers passed away after having it done and that shook my nerves for a while of course but after looking at how many people are successful and how far the procedure has come I believe I am ready and impatient LoL:)

Now the doctor I am going to it is just a private practice nothing big I believe and I was curious if I should take the initiative to go to the cardiologist and pulmonologist on my own or should I wait for them to send me. If anyone else has used Dr. Ducheine I would appreciate feedback or any information that you would be willing to share. Thanks a bunch and I will post again soon :)
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