Here is my story.
I joined the Air Force right after high school and my max was 150 lbs....well I was always rt at that weight and starving myself to maintain it. I got married before my first assignment and we went to England. Being away from family and on my own  I put on weight, was put on the weight management program. Got pregnant with my son, and of course the pounds racked up. I had complications and the healing of having him lasted months. That was my excuse of not loosing the baby fat . I got pregnane again and then right after having my second child, a daughter, I was pregnant AGAIN. OH I loved being pregnant...I could eat and I felt good never sick or down feeling. But I gained way more than I should have so before my third child was born when my enlist ment was over I did not reenlist. But by this time my husband had joined the Air Force and so we were still taken care of. 
Like most each year I added on a few more pounds and so it has built up. I tried diets would lose a little and then gain it back plus more.So this last time I went to the dr here in germany, I was talking about pills, or surgery. Well the Dr id not agree with pills so that was good because I really was so worn out of failure diets. I need something more , where I can see results and be motivated. I had lost all hope in ever being thin. When I first started this journey I was at 252 at the dr's office. By the time I switched PCM andgot my paperwork thru to tricare I ha shown that I was dedicated to this new life style by loosing a few pounds, 247, and then the day before my surgery I weighed in at 244. So yes a little, but now I know that every little bit will make a difference. Not like my mind set before. I had no co morbilities, I was healthy but morbidly overweight and family history of all the co-morbilities. I am soooo greatful that I was able to get approval. I carry my little 2 year old daughter up the stairs sometimes and I am SO out of breath, and all I could think of is if Ikeep going the way I am in 5 years I will be another 30 pounds heavier (like me carrying her) and it is hard work. I dont want to be that way. So surgery is the best tool for me. I am doing it for me , so I can be around and be active , I miss getting involved in activities. I did it for my family, so I can be a better mom and wife. No one has said anything about being embarressed of me but I am embarressed of me for them. I am sad that I let myself get this way, yet I did not feel the way I looked. So I hated looking in the mirror because ther person in it was not the Debbie that I was. The image was a stranger, but that is how the world saw me, whereas I had an image of me as I was thinner and younger. But the world saw the fat Debbie and did not know the thin happy me. 
But with this surgery, I will be ME again. I am having surgery in Landstuhl, germany at st. johannis hospital with Dr. Schultz, and I am very confiident in his abilities. I am honestly not worried , stressed , nervous , nothing.....I want this and know this is the right choice for me. I cant wait to be on the looser bench!!!!! Make room here I come!

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