Apr 29, 2008

well the 29th of april was my 3 month mark and i weighed in at 198 ....
I was happy this was a small goal of mine to be under 200 by 3 months and i was  
I have been sewing a lot so sad to report that excersice has taken a back burner.....i sit all damn day in my sewing room and tell myself to excercise tomorrow but i dont i sew some more.....so i am trying to make a few goals non weight lose surgery related.
clean up (pick up house daily)
sew more
drink more fluids (bought the hydracoach)
i can tell a big difference in my weight....not really visually but alittle in the clothing visually. but i am more willing to do STUFF with hubby that i hasnt since i cant even remember.... my thoughts are all over the place but i am trying to put stufff so i will look back and remember
so i have lost 46 since surgery (244) and 55 since starting the talk process so i think i am doing pretyy good for myself.
i am not hungry even though i eat without having that hunger feeling....get satisfied pretty quickly....still havent found anything i CAN NOT tolerate....i chose not to eat somethings but not because i cant, i feel in better control of my hunger and choices.....i ate a small muffin size brownie the other day, and it was sooooo good but iate half and was fine with that , before i would have ate prob 10 popping one right after the other in my mouth.
so i am greatful for this wonderful tool and self control. 
i have heard bad rumors of my dr that did my surgery, he is no longer TRICARE approved...so i dont know what will happen from now on till we move to another base, but i feel fine with him and my pouch.
i cant wait till the next 3 months pass and then i know i will be able to see a major difference....some of my clothes hang on my since i wore stuff bigger anyways to try to hide my fat but who was i kidding ....no one , (i know) but i refuse to buy new clothes rt now i want to wait......but i want to buy other things to make my house pretty and nice.
i have no issues of buying stuff like that but clothes i still dont want to go and try on stuff and get disappointed so i willl wait till i feel i am ready. 
anyways that is my update and i am DOING GREAT !!!!!!
bless all


Mar 04, 2008

WOW time has gone by fairly quickly....alread over a month since surgery I have lost 24 pounds I am at 220 and I am a little sad to say the scale has not moved in about 2 weeks....whats going on?
I KNOW i shouldnt compare my loss to others but it is so hard when you hear others losing more weight than yourself...I took photos the other day I really need to upload some so i can compare then as i progress in this wonderful journey. I am haviing no problems eating or anything. I feel great. At night my husband tells me how proud he is of me and I dont say much but secretely it makes me feel so ooo good. I want to be a success at this , I want to finally lose weight and feel better. I have started to talk more to my mother than i have in many many years, but i feel bad because I havent seen her in about 3 years and she says that she has gained more weight and so I feel bad for haivng this surgery and talking to her about my weight lose.....I wish all the BIG people I know would have it and they could feel good and have HOPE again.  Anyways I will be super glad when the scale starts to move again, until then i will just keep telling my head I will lose weight again, this is not the end. 
I had my 1 month check up with dr schultz the other day and I ove the fact that he is so relaxed about all this, he has no strict guides but if you have questions and ask him he has answers for me.....i have not felt like i am being deprived of anything ...... it has all been a wonderful experience.

Stand still

Feb 11, 2008

Well like most other RYN patients I have hit that brick wall...for the past few days i have stayed at 230....I know I should not be watching the scale but so early into this journey it is difficult not to. I was talking to my mom and we agreed before WLS I might have lost the 15 pounds and then hit this wall and then get depressed and give up and go back to eating but because i know this is only a phase for my body to catch up to and I will begin to lose again I am content...just wish it would kick in already again and start dropping like crazy.....I cant wait for a year to go by so I can be at goal.

Feb 9, 2008

Feb 08, 2008

Well this is the first post and I should have been posting before and keeping a record of exact dates and stuff, BUT i DIDNT. so I can kick myself now and get started. 

I had my RYN by the german Dr. Schultz on Jan 29, 2008. This is my rebirthdate. I am feeling wonderful , and have had no problems with whatever I have chossen to eat. My Dr has no strict eating plan. I am down about 15 pounds, but I have choosen to officially weigh myself on mondays and so on this next Monday I will weigh myself and keep posting weekly. 
I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to have this surgery and I am feeling happier with every pound I lose.

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