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Jul 30, 2009

As of now I have a "full 8 ccs" according to the doc. I had a slight unfill on July 2nd, but really am still too tight. I am going for another unfill next week. I honestly did not have any restriction until I hit 8 ccs in the band. Then , being greedy I guess, I let the doc. put in another "full 0.5", which I think was probably more likef 0.7 ccs. After this, I have been pretty miserable. I have trouble eating solids, trouble getting all my fluids in, pain, gurglinga and now some night reflux. Ugh... I really wish I could go back and just keep the 8 ccs and work with it. Trust me, greed does not pay! It is not worth it! I def. learned my lession here and just hope I can move forward with my weight loss journey! Wish me luck....

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