4 years..

May 18, 2012

Forgot about this website for quite sometime!!
Well, it's been four years and everything is going well. I am up about 12ish pounds my lowest weight. Granted I've been slacking on the gym, but I realized once I get back in there it doesn't take me long to get to a good place again.
Life is good. :-)
I will never regret this choice in my life. Life in general is more fun. Vacations are enjoyable wearing cute bathing suites. Even though I got declined for the skin removable, I'll take looking skinnier in a tankini! :-)
Now I'm on the way to finishing my masters degree, getting a house soon and a ring is on the way!! :-)
Even though weight doesn't make you who you are, losing helps you become a more confident and happier person. You just can't ever forget where you came from.


May 03, 2009

I lost 4 pounds this month which brings me to 109 lost... not too shabby. It's pretty slow now but still moving. I am really happy right now and even if i stopped at 181 I would be unbelievably happy! I am loving this summer more than any of them before... I get to wear cute stuff and don't think I look like a heffer in it... even short jean skirts! :)
I know that I need to be working out more because I know that's my issue, but I seem to go in spurts and then stop. I do take my dogs on a few long walks a week through the neighborhood but in reality my ass should be on my treadmill!!!
I am looking into a tummy tuck because my tummy does not look right! I have some information to a few in MA and I am thinking about looking into them in the fall. I would like to get the tummy tuck and remove a part of skin by the bottom part of my butt (looks like I have two but rolls ) haha.
So that's all for now...
Well, here's to the start of another month...


Apr 14, 2009

So.. went shopping.... got into a medium fitted blouse and size 12 pants... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :) I went from a XXL to a M and 24 to a 12... I LOVE IT!!! I really need to take some new pictures too. I added some but I have to take new full body shots.


Apr 01, 2009

I'm down to 185.. it's getting a lot slower and I know now that if I want to get to my goal then I have to step it up. I think I am not doing too bad. I need to stop snacking at night before bed... I don't know how I started it because I never ever did it when I was heavy!! I am doing a lot better with exercise.. I've been going to the gym more and also going on walks with my friends after work. I am in a L shirt and almost into a size 12 pants. Nice! I am hoping to get under 180 at the end of April... we'll see. Hope you all are doing well!

So, February is over..

Mar 01, 2009

I lost 7 this month... the scale isn't moving as much as it used to. But I am trying to still be good and eat well. I still give in to temptation sometimes... the sweets can get me. I am back to the gym more now... maybe I am building back my muscle? Who knows! I'll take some new pictures and put them up soon. Hope everyone is doing well.


Another happy day!

Feb 18, 2009

Soo.. I lost over 100 pounds!! 102 to be exact.. so awesome!!! I can't even believe it myself!! Well, I just wanted to share because I am so happy about this! I lost 8 so far this month and 38 more pounds to lose till my goal weight! I'll be checking in with you again at the end of February...


Jan 31, 2009

Hello! I hope you all had a nice time during the holidays. I just got back from my trip to Aruba. It was beautiful and boy did I feel A LOT better in a bathing suit!!! So, this month I lost 9 pounds and I am down to 195.... simply amazing! :) I think I did pretty good on vacation. I need to start doing better when it comes to my vitamins. I keep forgetting to take them and I need figure out something so I definitely take them. I feel better than I ever did... more energetic, confident, and just happy. I have 45 more pounds to lose to get to my goal of 150. Here we go!! :)


Jan 18, 2009

I hit my goal of being under 200... 199!!! OMG! Love it! I've lost 91 pounds and I am so happy! I am really proud of myself and more motivated than ever. My next two goals are: 1) losing 100 total and 2) weighting 150 pounds. One goal down and two more to go! Now, I have one week till my vacation to Aruba.. it's kinda like a reward to  me. :)

Hope you are all doing well also!
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Dec 30, 2008

So.... 10 more pounds, and I am now down 86 pounds!! I am five pounds from being under 200!!!! This is going really well, I thought that I wouldn't be able to lose the ten pounds again this month but I was able to. Again, I need to get my butt in gear and get back to the gym!! Ahh.. I hate the holidays and this always being dark. I am very unmotivated right now, but I am sure I will get back in the swing of things. I am now in a XL in juniors shirts and L in womens and 14 or a 16 in pants sizes... WOW!! I'm getting tiny!! Yay!!

I had my appointment in Dec and my doctor was very pleased with my results and my blood work came back pretty good,
but there was one thing thiamine (sp?) that I need to get more of. I am still taking the Biotin for my hair thinning, and it is working alright I think.  What else... I am still trying to be good with the portions, the speed when eating and what I am eating. Sometimes I don't think I am being so good.. but for the most part it's going ok.

You know what is pretty interesting? I remember reading about how people get treated different and how it made them feel. I really see that now! I get a lot more looks, doors opened for me and more. It is definitely bittersweet.

Hope you all had a great Christmas...... and........


Dec 07, 2008

So finally the new pictures are up.. little over 5 months post-op and 79 pounds down! Enjoy!

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