May 03, 2009

I lost 4 pounds this month which brings me to 109 lost... not too shabby. It's pretty slow now but still moving. I am really happy right now and even if i stopped at 181 I would be unbelievably happy! I am loving this summer more than any of them before... I get to wear cute stuff and don't think I look like a heffer in it... even short jean skirts! :)
I know that I need to be working out more because I know that's my issue, but I seem to go in spurts and then stop. I do take my dogs on a few long walks a week through the neighborhood but in reality my ass should be on my treadmill!!!
I am looking into a tummy tuck because my tummy does not look right! I have some information to a few in MA and I am thinking about looking into them in the fall. I would like to get the tummy tuck and remove a part of skin by the bottom part of my butt (looks like I have two but rolls ) haha.
So that's all for now...
Well, here's to the start of another month...


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