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Nov 09, 2010

I haven't been here in a really long time...wow!  A lot has happened with me since I last updated.  I have gotten divorced, moved back home to Wyoming and met a wonderful man and remarried lol.  I now work full time as a server in a diner and am pretty much happy there.  I love my co workers and it's a fun place.  I am now like 4.5 years out from my surgery and  I have jumped up a little like everyone says happens...My lowest weight that was stable was 135 lbs...after a few months I jumped up to 140 and stayed between that and 145 for a few years.  Last year I lost my job and ended up getting transferred to another department which was A LOT less physically active and then last winter my mom ended up sick and in the hospital for over 3 months and all the old stress eating habits came right back with a vengence!  Holy hell!  I got on the scale after in March and was back up to 167!  I nearly died!!!  I started trying right then to get back on track.  I lost the first 7 relatively easy and stayed at 160 for a few months.  I've lost another 10 since then and have been stuck back down at 149-151 for a few months now.  I wanna lose the last 15 lbs!!!  or at least another 10!  It's frustrating...but at least I stopped the cycle before it got waaaaaaaay too far out of control!  It's funny to me now bitching over 15 lbs when before I needed to lose 130 +  lol.  Wish me luck!!!


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