6 Months Post Op

Jun 18, 2009

Well 2 days ago was 6 months.I have lost 41 lbs and 44 " since surgery.  I am down from a tight size 18 to a loose size12.
 pants, down from ex large top to large and some mediums. I am very happy about the weight lose, I was losing about a lb to lb 1/2 a week but since the end of February I have only lost 10 lbs. I knew that losing would slow down but I had hoped it wouldn't have happened this soon.  Time to get busy exercising and cut back on my eating. My Dr. is very proud and I told him before the end of the year I want to get my boobs reduced ,I told him to get with my GYN cause he has 16 years of documentation of back pain so I should be able to get approved as medical necessities.  Don't get me wrong I am SOOO glad I had the surgery.  I feel better, look better and love the complainments.  I really appreicate all the encouragement from a great bunch of ladies on the WLS board.


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