Northside Hospital-Atlanta

"I was very satisfied with the hospital and the staff"

Paul E. Macik

"I met Dr. Macik for the first time january 22,2008 for my first office visit, I spend more time trying to get to his office than I spent face to face with him. He seemed really dry and withdrawn a little. I was like this guy will have my life in his hands and he's not talking to me much. I really concerned initially, But I realized that I would much rather have a competent surgeon than a physician who talked a lot. However what I have come to realize is that he's a very skillful surgeon with a quiet manner almost shy even. At my pre op appointment he was a little more open and I felt more confident. He's a man of few words but very skillful and compentent in his ability. Another co worker had him as her surgeon 3months prior and she looks great, Now since my surgery, I have had no complications and I too feel great, I would highly recommend him as a surgeon. Additionally his office staff is really great, Tiffany will answer all questions and will do everying that you need done. Honarae his nurse has a really sweet disposition and is highly efficient. I'm very satisfied and would highly recommend him as surgeon."
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