Hello to my WLS Family!

My name is Melodie and I am a 28 yr. old event planner in Novi, MI. Like most, my story starts with weight loss struggles from childhood. I have always been very pleased with myself with the exception of not being at a healthy weight. My attempts at weight loss have also always been successful, but the maintenance of loss has been impossible. I first learned of bariatric surgery in 2003 after I first moved to Michigan. I considered it briefly and decided to try self-monitoring before considering such a drastic procedure. At the time, I was about 250 lbs and felt fairly certain I could take the weight off myself. And guess what, I did! However, a year later, I had regained. In 2004, I switched jobs and moved to Detroit. Within six weeks, I had met the man I am now planning to marry and everything changed.

My attitude and activity level had done a 180 and all I could think about was enjoying life. The man of my dreams, Bryan, was so happy and outgoing and I could not keep up. He made it clear that he was in love with me at whatever size I was, but I knew I had found something most people only dream about. I had finally found someone to grow old with, and my weight was going to stop my life short before I even got to enjoy it. It was that realization that made me look at surgery as an option. Bryan and I read over all the research, went to the informational meeting and consulted with my PCP. We understood that this was not going to just change one life but two, and my journey became our journey very quickly. In march 2006, I attended the Orientation meeting with Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI and discovered I needed 12 months of documented diet and weight loss history. I instantly looked at this as another opportunity to try it alone before committing to the surgery. Bryan, I and the doctor all came up with a plan, and five months later with very little progress I decided to pursue the surgery. 

I had done my best, but more problems were arising with my cholesterol, being pre-diabetic and I was having reproductive trouble that Bryan and I knew would hinder our dreams for children. Those factors made me try even harder and everything in my life up to surgery has changed. I have a workout plan that includes 7 days a week of training with a boxing cardio workout, stretching, toning and Yoga. I eat only fresh foods and very rarely dine out. The support system I have is awesome and a big part of why I am so sure that I will have nothing but success. At work, I have everyone who knows me rooting for my success and supports me by not letting me indulge in the bad stuff during weak moments. Everyone in my office has even started to eat healthier by bringing their lunch and we all walk together during lunch and a few of us work out together a few days a week after work. Bryan is my coach for my workout plan and my biggest research assistant. We are always trying new recipes and snacks to keep with us for our busy lifestyles. My parents have been awesome, though skeptical about the procedure. They too, do a lot of research and helping with food and words of encouragement. I feel blessed to have such a strong network.

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