Hi, I am hoping to have WLS this coming year.  I just turned 40 my kids are "almost" grown and I need to start living my life for me.  I have been taking care of everybody (my widow mom, my kids, even my dog....mom passed away, my kids are "almost" grown and my 15 year old dog just passed away) and I need to start taking care of myself.  I was seriously thinking about becoming a foster parent because of the need to take care of someone, but first I have to take care of myself!!!  I have been saying I am going to lose weight since I was 21 and I just keep getting bigger. I think I have been in denial this whole time, but I am starting to really feel the effects of my weight now.  I have been lurking on this board all day!!!  And am amazed at all the issues I have that alot of the peeps on this board have and I thought it was just me!!!  Spilling???  I thought I was just clumsy!!!   I have so many questions and don't even know what kind of surgery to get??  I will have Blue Shield PPO starting the new year.  The sucky part is that I will have no support from anyone.  My kids will support me, but  no one else.  Most....not all, but most of my family are the type to just talk about how lazy I am, how sick I look, and just be haters.  Most of the females are over weight.  WOW I can't even believe how much I have written already!!!  This is therapy!!! Be the first to leave a comment.

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