On Dec. 1 1998  I started my weight lost journey at 380lbs.  In 11 years, I have lost and maintained a 180-200lb weight loss.  My surgery was old school: full open RNY with silastic ring.  The procedure took 5 hours as they removed my gall bladder and a damaged spline in the process.  I spent 2 days in ICU and a total of 6 days in the hospital.  In 2005, I had a revision performed with Dr. Overcash to remove the silastic ring that had slipped and was causing pain.  This procedure was successful, however, I suffered serious complications including a heart attack in the ER (my husband got me there just in time).  

In these 11 years, I have made a complete U turn from the life I had before the surgery.  I now own a fitness boot camp business, have run over 40 triathlons and 20 marathons and will complete my first Ironman triathlon (thats a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run) on Nov. 7th, 2009.  My goal in completing this race is to show those with obesity issues that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with hard work, determination, focus and by surrounding yourself with people who will help you, love you and support you in your weight loss journey.  Every single one of you on this board will swim, bike and run with me that day.

Ill keep you posted....

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