Surgeon's Appointment

Jul 10, 2011

Well finally seen the surgeon on Friday. I had stressed over it for the whole week my worst fear being he said I wasn't a candidate for surgery.  My mom came with me for support. My appointment was for 9:15 and just at that time a nice younger gentleman called my name. 

He is Dr. Gmora he is newer to St. Joe's in Hamilton but not Bariatric surgery. He originally comes from New York State where he told me that there process is very much the same with all the hoops, appts, and tests before surgery.  Makes sense they want us to be in the up-most health before performing the operation.

He explained that he thoroughly reviewed my file and that I have a great support.  He explained some of what may happen if I don't have surgery and to be honest I think it scared me more than having surgery. Explained what will happen with surgery the risks, etc. and that some of the small risks that may happen are minor compared to what can happen without surgery. He also told me that due to my 2 c-sections and tubal ligation that if they are unable to perform the RNY they will perform a VSG.
I had to promise that I would come to ALL follow up appointments to prevent something major happening I agreed and signed the papers.  After that he said let's go try and get you a date....WOW just like that!!!
I seen the receptionist she gave me my nutrition class appointment and Optifast and a few other prescriptions for me to take but no Surgery date. :(

I then went down to the pharmacy where I purchased everything I needed....not cheap but the outcome will make it the best money ever spent. So I left he hospital with no date I was a bit upset.

When I returned home I had a message from Krista and my heart sank.  Friday afternoon at 3:00pm my mind started racing will they still be there do I have to agonize over the weekend...OMG.  I called immediately and had to leave a message....freaking out still...thank god Krista is so quick in calling you back. She called back in about 15 minutes.

Are you ready she asked I said YES she said AUGUST 8th....OMG the tears were flowing.  So my surgery class is July 21st, Start Optifast July 23rd, and SURGERY AUGUST 8th @ 8:00am.....I still can't believe it!!!!!!

Surgeon Appointment

Jun 23, 2011

Well god must of heard my prayer from my earlier blog this week.  I got my call today to meet  the surgeon and OMG I can't believe it July 8th I will see him.  I can't believe how surreal this becoming.  I was so happy when I got Krista's message today I had tears in my eyes.  I am walking on cloud nine....  I can't imagine the day I get the call for surgery I better have a box of kleenex ready for that day..LOL!!  One step closer to the biggest most positive change in my life.
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Can't stand the Wait!!!

Jun 20, 2011

Well it's been 3 weeks today since I have seen the internist and still waiting for my next appointment with the surgeon. I realize it's summer and people take vacations and that slows things down as well.
I know I need to be patient but the wait is soooo agonizing it hurts at times. In the meantime, I am still reading up on things and reading all the great posts on here.  I'll be a book of knowledge by time I am done but a little extra knowledge ever hurt anyone!
I'll keep praying that tomorrow will be my turn for that call!!!

Internist Appointment

May 30, 2011

Today was my internist appointment and it went great.  I was very nervous and did not sleep well but in the end everything worked out perfectly.  We made our trek from home at 7:00am to be at St.Joe's for 8:30.  Got there in plenty of time and the met with Dr. Tiboni.  What a wonderful lady so friendly and warm although direct and to the point. 
She checked my heart, blood pressure, tummy and went over my bloodwork results.  My vitamin D was EXTREMELY low I almost didn't have any in my system so I am now on a 12 week SUPER dose 50,000IU once a week for 12 weeks.  My iron is low too but has been since I was young so I may have to supplement.
All in all she said I was a perfect candiate for the surgery!!!!  Just waiting now for Krista to call with the next appointments I guess just diet class and surgeon appt. left before a surgery date...... they can't come quick enough!!!


May 25, 2011

So excited I am meeeting with the Internist at St. Joe's hospital on Monday May 30th first thing in the morning my husband is able to come with me to this appointment finally he will finally see what everythign is all about instead of me telling him.  One step closer to the new me....can't wait!!!!!!!

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