Neil S. Marymor, MD, FACS

"My first impression was that he seemed a little cold, but that he takes this surgery very seriously. I ended up having a rash and had my surgery reschedulued. I was heartbroken and very upset. Dr. Marymor called me later that day to check on me and encourage me. When I finally had surgery he greeted me and it seemed like he actually remembered me. (I know Dr.s read your chart before they see you, but most of them still don't act like they remember me - he did!) After surgery he was nice and I learned that he gives his cell phone number out to his patients so they don't have to deal with leaving him messages through the nurses in case something is relaly wrong. My favorite Dr. Marymor moment - was at my 6 mo. check up. He came into the room and said that I'd be almost invisible if i kept losing like I was. The way he said it was warm and friendly and of course encouraging. The office staff at Barix was great (they could work on the way they answer the phone - they don't come across as being as friendly as they are in person). Dr. marymor did a very good job with my surgery. He only used steri strips to close me up on the outside which was great since I didn't end up with scars from staples or stitches, and they just came off on their own rather than have to make a special trip for stitch remval. My incision/scar has healed very well and looks much better than a few other people's that I have personally seen. Aftercare is routine at Barix and I live two hours away so visits too often would be a pain. After my 6 mo check up I don't have to go back til I'm a year out. I would (and have) highly recommend Dr. Marymor and Barix to anyone considering this surgery. "
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