Up again

May 17, 2022

I'm up to 297.2 this morning. Not sure what I had reagined to. I had noticed that I was retaining fluid, and feet,ankles and leg was swollen as well as my right hand. After talking to my cardioligst (he had upped one of my blood pressure medications), told him I noticed that a side effect was swelling of the hands feet and ankles.  He prescribed me a duiretic. Swelling has gone down quite abit. I've also added firmented food, to and extent and kombuchia to my "diet". 

One of my goals is to get off all my medications, of possible.  I as doing good until I hit 50, three years ago. In the last three years, or should I say 2 and half ( turned 53 in January), I'm on two different bp meds, cholestrol meds, anixitey meds, duiretic, as well as my vitiamins. And Tylenol for pain (i was on a narcotic for pain  but didn't like the way it or the Dr. made me feel). Since diabetes run in my family as well as a couple of other issues, I do keep an eye on it. I'm praying that I'm wrong but, am showing a couple signs of diabetes.  I really don't wanna go down that road.


Upcoming Cardiology Appointment

Apr 22, 2022

I've got a cardiologist appointment on Monday, 04/25. I was curious as to what I weighed when I was there a year ago. So, I looked on my charts (thank goodness for the Dr office portal), saw I weighed 307.9.  That's almost the heaviest I've been post surgery. I was unhappy. I weighed this morning and am down to 295.6. Not much, but I'll take it. I'm bound and determined to get the regained weight off AMD, get to goal. 


Rambling 11: My Growling Stomach

Jan 31, 2022

Got up this mornig, and my stomach was growling louder more than usual. So, after I packed my husbands lunch bucket, I made myself my coffee and two pieces of toast with margarine.  That quiten down my stomach for a little bit.  

After my son and husband left for the day, the darn thing kept getting louder and louder. So, for breakfast #2, I had two eggs fried with olive oil non cook spray, two slices of tomato and a tablespoon of Duke Mayo (I didn't eat but half the mayo). It's unusal for me to be this hungry, first thing in the morning.  Gonna have to keep a tight reign on my stomach today. 

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Weight gain and a Cold

Jan 03, 2022

I weughed in this morning and, am up to 299.5. I'm okay with it but, not okay with it.  I know, since I was sick for a few days, my eating habit/patteren, wasn't where it was suppose to be. Not blaming anyone but myself.  Back on board today. Gotta run to the grocery store and pick up a few things. Ya'll have a great day


Rambling 10

Jan 02, 2022

Been sick with a sore throat,cough, stuffy head.  It wasn't COVID. after 3-4 days, am finally feeling a lot better. My eating hasn't been the best in the world as my husband and son brought home fast food.So, as off in the morning, it's back to cooking and eating like i'm supposed to



Dec 16, 2021

Weighed this morning and am down to 298.1 pounds.  I'll take it. My short term goal is to get back too 233 #, Which was my lowest post-op weight. Which I've only gotten 65.1 more pounds to go.  It may take me  several more months to get it off but, get it off I will.


Doing it again

Dec 05, 2021

How does the old song go...."I'm back in the saddle again...".  You'd think, after 14 years, I;d have the hang of things, at least as fr as WLS is concerened. But, no. I have to be hard headed and not pay anyone or thing any attention. And let old habits creep back in. I haven't weighed myself at home in awhile. But, was at my primary Dr back on 11/18/2021. I had lost down to 300ish pounds. I knew I had been over 300 pounds, 310 to be exact, at the end of October first of Novemebr. I've been eating more, and eating things I shouldn't.  Drinking Coke Zero and Beer, instead of water. Loading up on carbs. I haven't said anything to Don just yet but, I'm going to see about just cutting back on the amount I eat, eating protein first, then veggies and little carb.  In other words, eat how we're suppose to eat. 

I've got 67 pounds to lose to get to my lowest post surgery weight. I refuse to be a failure. It can be done. And as for Don, he's just gonna have to make -up his own mind, to get back on track. If he wants it bad enough, he'll do it





Ramblings 8

Feb 06, 2016

I'm back!!!  Again!! If ther is one thing that I have learned over the last 8 years is this: Can't nobody do this for me. I have to lose the weight, get my life back on track. And stop letting people mess with my head!! My weight had gotten up between 290 and 295. I am now down to 271.2 and re-learning, My husband is thinking about having WLS. So, I better get it in gear, if I want to help him



Rambling 7

Jul 17, 2014

Here I am again.  I've gained roughly 47 pounds since I was last here.  How could I have let myself do this?!?!?  Enough is enough!! Lord, please help me.  You haven't let me come this far to fail.  Thank you for the success and slip ups I have along this journey. And thank you for the future success and slips. 



Aug 16, 2011

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted here.  I had gained up to 267.  Not good at all.  Thankfully and not so thank full, Don has had to go on a lifestyle change as well, due to some medical problems.  The doctor has placed him on th New Atkins for a New You diet.  In the last three weeks I have gone from 267 to 255.  The weight is starting to come off.  Thinking this is what I/we needed.  Starting to feel a little better.  More to come later.

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