Up again

May 17, 2022

I'm up to 297.2 this morning. Not sure what I had reagined to. I had noticed that I was retaining fluid, and feet,ankles and leg was swollen as well as my right hand. After talking to my cardioligst (he had upped one of my blood pressure medications), told him I noticed that a side effect was swelling of the hands feet and ankles.  He prescribed me a duiretic. Swelling has gone down quite abit. I've also added firmented food, to and extent and kombuchia to my "diet". 

One of my goals is to get off all my medications, of possible.  I as doing good until I hit 50, three years ago. In the last three years, or should I say 2 and half ( turned 53 in January), I'm on two different bp meds, cholestrol meds, anixitey meds, duiretic, as well as my vitiamins. And Tylenol for pain (i was on a narcotic for pain  but didn't like the way it or the Dr. made me feel). Since diabetes run in my family as well as a couple of other issues, I do keep an eye on it. I'm praying that I'm wrong but, am showing a couple signs of diabetes.  I really don't wanna go down that road.


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