3 Years and Some Change Out

Mar 08, 2011

My how time flies ! I am now 3 years out and some change ( it looks so odd to read it). Since my rebirth on 02.12.08, I have become a totally different person. I became independant, became a wife and as of last April a mother. 3 years ago if someone told me this I would have been in total disbeliefl. I love myself now! I appreciate myself now and wouldnt change my decision to go through the pain staking process to have my tool. I guess now I am in what many say the maintenance phaze of this journey. I promised myself I would not sink but continually swim!

The day I found out I was preggo I was 208. I gained 44lbs in pregnancy and dropped down to 218 within 2 weeks post partam. I then went up to 234 gradually over a year. I got sick of my bad habits and as of 02.28.11 I joined LA Fitness and am now down to 220 in less than 3 weeks.  Weight is a struggle, but determination is a victory. I have set a goal of 175 and come hell or high water I will reach this mountain top. I was down to a size 12 before pregnancy and now I am in a 14/16. I plan to get down to a 10 .

Pray for me as I will for you and continue on your journey!


Born on moving day (2 weeks early) My Sunshine!

May 04, 2010

My son decided he didnt want to miss out on all the action and came 2 weeks early on moving day! I am enjoying being a mommy and taking everything day by day. I gained a total of 42 lbs with this pregnancy and at 5 days post partam I lost 20lbs.

Here is my bundle of blue joy !


Baby Shower and Birthday !

Apr 15, 2010

Hey guys!

I am in my 37th week of pregnancy and sooooo ready to have my body back...lol. The weight crept in and I have gained a total of 35lbs with only 3 weeks to go. Not too bad I guess. I know if I didnt have RNY I probably would have tripled that number. Hubby and I are moving next week to a bigger place so I am hoping this bun in the oven does a slow roast..LOL Here are a few pictures of Baby shower.


Hubby, Me, Bun in the Oven and my only sibling (my little sis)


Cake Shot! (and yes I enjoyed a hefty pice..lol)


Hubby, Step daughter and I (this was the fourth duplicate of this item..lol)

Gift Shot!

Hubby looking like Ike Turner (pic caught him off guard)

And of course the Dj had to end it with the Cha Cha Slide !


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6 Weeks to Go!

Mar 25, 2010

Hey Guys,

I am 34 weeks preggo! I have gained a total of 25 lbs in this pregnancy. I am so happy to meet my son! My b-day is this Saturday 3.27.10 and this is also my baby shower date. I just wanted to drop in and share a picture of me!


Approaching Surgiversary! Year 2.. WOW

Feb 10, 2010

Well, I will be 2 years post-op on 02.12.10. RNY has truly been a life saver. I lost a total of 164lbs. my highest weight was 364. I went from a size 28 to a size 12. RNY has virtually evaportated my PCOS, high cholestoral and joint issues. My life has done a complete 180 since surgery. I now am more agressive professionally (I have gotten two promotions since surgery) I am married (was single and never thought this was possible before) I now am 7 months pregnant (thanks to  finally ovulating each month after surgery) and I am a more healthy being (mind, body and soul) well rounded. Food no longer dominates me! You can make whatever choice you want in life about you. This is the choice I made and I thank God it was the right one for me!

This is me.. week 28 of pregnancy (taken 02.10.10) Entering the third trimester! 


It's a boy!

Dec 11, 2009


I went in for the big US.. and I got a pleasant surprise. I wanted a boy so bad I just knew it was a girl and guess what ???!! It's a boy!!!! DF was there and was crying. He saw the testes before the tech..LOL.. I am so thrilled.. so.. heres a look (posted pic below)



Look at my belly.. woo-hoo

Dec 04, 2009

Happy Holidays All,

Finally I have some roundness and will know exactly what this little one inside of me is on 12.10.09. (Next Thursday) Also, I am getting married on 12.31.09 (This year is truly something)

This is my first x-mas tree. I bought it on black Friday and I almost knocked three grown men down to get it (LOL)

Oh and for the nosey people (smile) I have only gained 6 lbs so far in my pregnancy. ( I am close to 20 weeks) half way there! Thank god for my RNY

Finally photos.. and an update!

Aug 28, 2009

Okay, where to start. I am approaching 19 months post-op. I am currently 205, hell thats an accomplishment coming from 364. I can wear some 12's now and I am between a medium and a large shirt. The date is set (12-31-09) I am, jumping the broom!  Oh.. and if life couldnt get grander. I am also 6 weeks pregnant!! OMG.. hell it looks weird to type it. I have suffered from PCOS since I was 14. I just never thought this day would come. My fiance is excited. He squealed like a pig going to a roast. I just found out 2 days ago. I took 4 EPT's and they all showed a plus sign. I scheduled my first gynie appointment for 9/4/09. I will keep you guys posted. This is my first pregnancy. Fiancee has 1, a six year old. I am nervous as hell.. I need to get over it and be positive. I have not told family. This is gonna be hard especially since I am the one known not to be able to hold water..LOL. We want to tell them after the first trimester, but then I think its gonna be tricky since we will be getting married then. Hell, welcome to the wonderful world of Jasmin.. I hope it goes well. Here are some pics of me taken over the summer.

Me Being Fast !


Fiancee', Baby Sis and I (her 8th grade graduation)


My sugar lump and I


Quick Landing!

Jul 01, 2009

Greetings All!

Hmm... Ok let’s see.. Well.. Life is good! Yay! Finally I am feeling like everything adds up. I am getting married!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! Never thought I’d say that 1..lol.. My weight is holding at the same.. give or take a pound or two I am 218 from 364. When I look at that number on my right.. I can’t help but be happy to see the one on the left. I was hoping by this time to be in Onderland.. But it has not happened. I know why... trust me I know, even with the tool... u still have to be focused and make good choices. I am blessed that since being post-op I have not seen a significant gain. I am usually floating between 221-218. I am comfortable with it. I am wearing some 12 bottoms, Large tops and as of recently I found a Medium size dress at target that I can wiggle into..LOL. I was under some heavy duty stress earlier this year.. Well hell.. A huge portion of this year. Let me just say this.. Especially to the newbies.. U will lose friends, people will show their asses.. but on the flip side.. u will gain friends and people will be inspired by you. I will upload some pictures in a few weeks. I was just browsing through some of my posts and got a little teary eyed.. I still can’t believe that I did it!  WLS will never be regret, never!


First Birthday Post Surgery

Mar 27, 2009

Greetings Al!

Well.. guess who decided to pop up on the scene! LOL This is my first birthday post surgery and the first time in my adult life that I am under 300 lbs. I am approaching 14 months post surgery. I started at 364lbs and I am now 220. I was wearing a size 28 and I am a 14 bottoms (can do some 12's) and a Large in tops. I feel wonderful. I bought my first pair of hooker boots..LOL. (4 inch thigh highs) and I plan on partying in them tonight! This is my golden b-day. I am 27 on the 27th and I feel phenomenal!

Love U ALL!

Before 02/12/2009

After 03/23/2009

Before 02/12/2008

After 03/23/2009

Dayum! I feel good yall!

Picture of the hooker boots comung soon! LOL

Love You All


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