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Dr. Alejandro Lopez-Ortega Bariatric Surgeon MD

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8 yr Experience

8 yr in Bariatrics

8 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

8 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

95% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 16

Max Age of Patient is 65

Biliopancreatic Diversion

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch


Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication


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45 Reviews for Dr. Alejandro Lopez-Ortega
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I had THE most amazing experience with Dr Lopez and his team! legit - from the moment I contacted them - Anakaren the patient coordinator and nutritionist was SO helpful - I had SOOOO many questions and she answered ALL of them - within such a short amount of time!

My care at the hospital was so good - so many nurses and doctors took care of me which made me feel SO at ease! i would 1000% recommend this hospital and Dr Lopez!

He and his staff and this surgery has changed my life and I'm so thankful for that.

May 27, 2019


Dr. Lopez exceed my expectations. I knew going in I was in great hands. Everyone I came in contact was amazing. I received the best care I have ever experienced. I've had surgery state side and not received such compassionate care. I recommend Dr. Lopez to everyone. Love him, with the tool he gave me I can take my life back.


What a great experience all around, from the facilitators, to Sandra in Tijuana, to the doctors and nurses, to the facility itself, to the Marriott. Very pleasant, very nice, very accommodating. They do everything in their power to make your experience fantastic. It starts when Eduardo picked us up at the airport in San Diego to drive us across the border. The Marriott staff are unbelievably helpful, treated me like a princess every time I got into and out of the van, or entered the lobby. Five of them would jump to attention and have their hand out to help me. They actually opened the gift shop at the butt crack of dawn just so we could shop before leaving.

The hospital facility itself was nice, clean, a bit on the small side though. My one quirk was not allowing companions back to wait with you. There really isn't any reason for that. The nearness of their holding/waiting rooms aren't any closer to the operating room than any ambulatory clinic I have been in here in the U.S., and I've seen quite a few. I don't think anyone like that part at all. For the most part, everyone spoke passable English, and if they didn't, they would go get someone who did. LOVED Dr. Hilke! He interpreted for me a couple of times and was super nice. Surgery was over with in a blink of an eye. I was kept comfortable and with a roomie that I previously met and bonded with on Dr. Lopez/the clinic's private Facebook page.

We went back to the Marriott. Had some nausea but my companion was in constant contact with Sandra. She sent medication the next morning to help with that. The ride back across the border was a bit long, but it almost always is. While waiting in line, I bought some nice souvenirs with the help of Eduardo negotiating for me. Arrived back at the airport in San Diego without incident and flew home.

Both Dr. Alejandro and Sandra are always available to answer any questions, and believe me, most of us ask a lot, myself included. These people work long, long hours, seven days a week. I applaud their work ethic. When I needed certain paperwork from my stay, Sandra bent over backwards to get me what I needed. They don't just turn you loose when your surgery is over. They are always there. I can 100 percent highly recommend them and have recommended them to others. Thank you Dr. Alejandro, and Sandra, for giving me my life back.


I’m looking forward to going through all stages of my weight loss journey because with Dr. Lopez’s guide and flawless procedure a healthier version of me awaits. Thanks to my driver, coordinator, nutritionist and last but not least Dr. Alejandro Lopez.
Two months post surgery, 15 pounds and 4 sizes down. No pain. No cravings. Very happy camper.

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So grateful for all the things I can do without the excess weight that held me back for years, running around with my granddaughter is an indescribable experience. I got a second chance to live fully again thanks to the help and support of Dr. Alejandro Lopez and his staff. He did a flawless bypass on me and in just a matter of months I lowered the doses of many of my meds, and much of the pain is gone and the anxiety for good!

It’s been a constant change but results are attainable, for so long I felt there was nothing I could do to better my health and enjoy life until I found the care of Dr. Lopez. They took care of me, and his staff makes sure things go smoothly from day one, they answered all my questions (so many) and addressed all concerns regarding the surgery, food, exercise, and after surgery care.

There are challenges, sure! But I’ve come to learn that with dedication one can make almost anything.


Dr. Lopez came highly recommended by a family acquaintance, nevertheless while researching doctors and procedures it helped a lot to be able to check Dr. Lopez’s degrees and board certifications on his website.

Very knowledgeable, good bedside manners, accessible, awesome hospital, caring staff, beautiful town Puerto Vallarta.

7 months post-op still dropping pounds and feeling better than ever!

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Dr. Lopez is just great. He made me feel real comfortable from day one. I initiated contact with Anakaren and then kept in touch with Sandra both lovely ladies.

The day of my surgery I felt everything went smoothly, surgery can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect; this was a revision surgery for me, a world apart in service, warmth and results from my first procedure here in my hometown.

I’m so happy I have no leakage, no pain and the excess weight continues to go down. I’m truly grateful for your professionalism and talent. You have helped me regain a normal life.


My friend Carrie had surgery with Dr. Lopez over a year ago and I saw her go through an amazing transformation in most aspects of her life as a result of the procedure. I wanted that also.

I did all the research but when it came to making a decision I had no doubt my life would change if I was treated by Dr. Alejandro.

From the minute I arrived to the airport there was somebody making things easier for me. There were many steps taken to make sure I had the best outcome, nurses, staff, lab techs, drivers, coordinators, dietitian, and my superstar doctor; the best bedside manners, respectful, skilled, patient.

I did experience some dizziness waking up and some pain whenever I had to stand up. Nevertheless I felt alright taking short walks. I’m 4 months post-op and so far I’ve had no complications. It’s been difficult to maintain healthier eating habits but me losing weight and feeling better makes up for everything!


I saved for an entire year to get surgery while at the same time researching options, locations, hospitals for about 7 more months; it took a lot for me to make a decision and when I did I just prayed for the best. Dr. Alejandro Lopez delivered and more! I’m nothing but happy with my results, I’m two weeks shy of my one year surgyversary!!!

The attention I got from nurses, doctors, anesthesiologist and surgeon was flawless. I must say I was a bit nervous on arrival and maybe even a bit jumpy and rude even, for that I am sorry; everyone was so understanding of my concerns that I even feel they took special care of me. I had a bit trouble recuperating from anesthesia; other than that all great. Minor pain post op when standing to go to restroom.

Thanks to Dr. Lopez. I’m well in route to achieving my desired weight loss goal! Overall, great service, facilities and level of care.


I’ve been gaining weight constantly since high school, back then I was very athletic. I never did care much about looks and didn’t think I’d get so sick ‘cause of my weight. I shopped around and Dr. Lopez made things simple so I’d understand, he was thorough and patient before and after my bypass unlike many doctors before in The States. I’m 7 months post op and doing well. It’s cool to see progress in such short time.

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