Ajay Kriplani

Bariatric Surgeon
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Ajay Kriplani Bariatric Surgeon M.D.

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Impression of him: pleasant but like most surgeons did not really communicate well.rnrnStaff was okay--Dr. Ajay Mutterjee was the most friendly and informative.rnrnCorrespondence is by e-mail. I described my problems with eating and drinking to him--he suggested an anti-emetic but that was all.rnrnI had complications but I am not sure if they were his fault or my deficient body---failed the leak test and had to be re-sutured. Operation was 8 hours instead of 3. Hospital stay was 11 days instead of four. rnrnRecovery is much slower than anticipated.


I found him to be friendly, professional, informative, competent and kind. He seemed very busy though but he had a whole team of very committed and cheerful staff.


These are only my impressions of Dr Kriplani and should no way be taken as facts.rnrnWhat was your first impression of him.rnI liked his emails. He was very reassuring and seemed to spend endless time answering my questions that he must have answered a gazillion times before.rnHow did your impression change over time?rnI wasn't overly impressed with his bedside manner and found him to b a little dismissive once I was there. But each day as I improve that fades and I'm awed at how much i improve.rnHow would you describe his office staff?rnHis staff were great. He has a team of about five or six surgeons and I got on really well with most of them. I did find some trouble with booking accommodation, but in the end it worked out really well as I met two angels.rnWhat did you like least about him?rnJust after the operation I was in severe pain with nursing staff in the recovery room continuously bumping into the drain in my side, I tried to tell him and he walked away from me. He failed to let my attendant (that would be family and loved ones to you guys) know what was happening, she had no idea as to how long the surgery was, how it went or even where I was in the hospital. she thought she would be seeing me in three or four hours time, she only managed to find out that I was in ICU at about 6 30pm, my op was supposed to start at 7.30am. Her desperate inquiries with floor nursing staff were pretty much useless as no one seemed to know anything.rnWhat should future patients know about him? rnI can only imagine that you're going to India for your surgery because you have no other choice, just understand that you get what you pay for. The operation is done, I feel better every day. rnHow much does he emphasize aftercare?rnVery much.rnDoes he have a structured aftercare program?rnYes.rnHow did he address the risks of surgery?rnFully, I feel, but buried in the praises of it. It's hard to say.rn How would you rate him overall? rnCompetant, I'm still alive.rnWhich is better, surgical competence, bedside manner, or are both great?rnSurgical competance, I hope. rnrnrnrnrnrnrn

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