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Alok Gandhi Bariatric Surgeon D.O.

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My surgery was on May 3, 2018. I started off as a way of 329 pounds and I just had my six month check up and I’m down 105 pounds already. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Gandhi and his team for this surgery and guidance throughout it’s the best decision I’ve made in my whole life


My Roueny Gastric Bypass Surgeon was Alok Gandhi of Rochester, NY.
Dr. Gandhi present's himself initially as a very serious young man and brilliant. Once you know Dr. Gandhi then he begins to share other sides of his character, which is also quite charming and dear.
He is husband and a relatively new proud daddy.
I could only appreciate Dr. Gandhi more. He is a good man, professional, and doctor. I would without hesitation recommend Dr. Gandhi to be someone else's surgeon.
His program is well established with support on-going from beginning to post care. His office staff are warm and extremely helpful.
Dr. Gandhi covered all preliminary information and my questions thoroughly before my surgery.He worked well with my Primary Physician and kept her in the loop at every turn. Dr. Gandhi assumes nothing and checks and re-checks to offer every patient the best care possible. He works tirelessly and effectively.
I actually had less fear having my bypass with Dr Gandhi than I did with having my knee replacement surgery.
Since Dr. Gandhi is human to be fair I would have to rate him at 99.99%, though to me he is 100% overall.
Dr.Gandhi is very competent and his bedside manner is excellent. You could not lose but only win with Doctor Alok Gandhi as your Gastric Bypass Surgeon.

Penny Miller

PS: No Dr Gandhi did not pay me to say the above about him. smile...


I knew Dr. Gandhi was my surgeon when he made a joke about selling "leftover intestines" on E-Bey!

He was wonderful pre-op and post-op. I had some problems with pain management and he and the office team were very supportive and thorough with addressing my problems. He listens to what the patient says and doesn't discount any feelings or issues that one might be experiencing.

I highly recommend Dr. Gandhi to anyone thinking about weight loss surgery.

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