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Denise Murphy Bariatric Surgeon MD, FACS

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18 yr Experience

11 yr in Bariatrics

17 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

9 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

25% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

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she was very nice


I just had to take a minute to write a review of Dr. Denise Murphy. My first impression of her was a GREAT one! Very upbeat, very positive. She is very open and honest and willing to answer any questions you may have. I didnt feel rushed with her: she was willing to spend as much time with me as I needed to address any concerns I had. She talked about all of the possible risks and complications, and left no stone unturned. She made me feel at ease and confident, right up to my surgery day. I saw her about a week before my surgery, and I walked into the appointment feeling scared and apprehensive, and when she walked into the room, my mood TOTALLY changed: her attitude was one of positivity and again, a very \"up-beat\" feeling... I didnt feel like I was meeting with my surgeon, but almost like I was meeting with my friend to talk about going on an exciting vacation.. the mood was very much like \"Wow.. this is going to happen next week!! Ok, heres what going to happen first.. we will meet at this time and this place.. we will do this and that..isnt this great?\" she was still VERY professional about the whole thing, but her positive attitude took my feeling from one of being scared and nervous to \"Hey, yeah, this IS going to be great! surgery day is just around the corner.. YES!! lets do this!!\" Even on the day of surgery, my Fiance said when my surgery was over, ( and by the way, my surgery went PERFECTLY ) she came right out and explained everything to him in a very clear, easy to understand way, and he said she was very thorough; he was very impressed with her. I called the office the morning after my surgery to ask a question about having a possible fever ( I didnt have one after all ) but she took no chances and had me come in right away so she could see and talk to me... not like other Dr offices where you call them and they act like you are bothering them and they blow you off.. Not Dr. Murphy! I really feel that she cares about her patients and really and truly cares about what she does.. ALL Dr.'s should act this way, but too many dont. I have also eavesdropped on a few conversations that some of her other patients have had about her, and guess what? nobody had anything negative to say about her. Yesterday was my appointment for my first fill, and again, I was nervous... but rather than her just walk in the room, stick me with the needle and walk out, she came in and talked to me first.. asked me how I was doing, what my eating as like.. we BOTH decided how much of a fill I would get.. she didnt just give me the attitude like \"I am the doctor, I know everything, I make all the decisions..\" like so many doctors do..NOT AT ALL! She also tried to calm my fears about getting the fill itself; When she actually did the fill, she was SMOOTH! she hit my port THE FIRST TIME, double checked the amount of saline that was already in my band, and then added more, talking to me and putting me at ease the whole time. When the fill was done, she had me drink water to make sure everything was ok, then asked me to hang around the waiting room for a while to be sure I would be allright; then she told me that if over the weekend or at night if I had ANY problems, to call her no matter what time it was, and she would be there to help.rnrnThere is nothing about Dr. Murphy that I dont like. I trust her completely. I would recommend her-- highly-- to everyone.rnrnThis site is asking me to list any complaints that I might have.. I have to say, about Dr Murphy, NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL.. I couldnt be happier that she is my surgeon!rnrnThe only complaint that I DO have about the office staff of Team Bariatrics is the insurance staff... when I first started going there, the person who was handling insurance was not very forthcoming with me about the way Team Bariatrics insurance procedures go rn( like about the time frame they use before they submit to insurance for approval, what the process is, etc. ) and it was annoying because she would never return my calls. She ended up leaving, and they got a new insurance person.. that person ended up mis-understanding what my insurance benefits were, and 2 weeks before surgery, she informed me my deductible was $3,000.00 and I would have to pay it before surgery.. NOT GOOD!! That put me through LOTS and LOTS of stress.. as it turned out, she made a mistake.. which she never admitted to.. and my deductible was only $600.00, and I only had to pay HALF of that upfront.. I think that if its your JOB to handle insurance for a doctors office, you had better know what you are doing and have ALL of your information correct before you make a mistake like that.. and she never apologized, either. We are all human, we all make mistakes, and thats fine.. but when you DO make a mistake, especially a BIG ONE, be a grown up, ADMIT IT and then APOLOGIZE FOR IT, and then FIX IT....rnrnSo, other then the insurance co-ordinators, I LOVE Team Bariatrics, I have full confidence and trust in Dr. Murphy, and she is a Top-Notch surgeon with a fantastic attitude. If you are looking for a surgeon to do your WLS, look no further! PS.. I wish somebody from Team Bariatrics would come to this site and fix Dr Murphys stats: I KNOW she has done MANY more Lap Bands than just 20!! That should be updated so people will know just how experienced she really is.


Dr Denise Murphy was not initally scheduled to do the surgery. Because of a health issue with my original surgeon, Dr. Stone on the morning of the surgery, she came in to discuss the situation. She explained what had happened to Dr. Stone and told me I could postpone the surgery if I felt it would be better to wait. Her reassuring, calm manner made me feel secure in having her do the surgery. She was very kind and concerned, she has a great bed side manner and, from the information I had read about all three doctors in the information packet Team:Bariatrics sent initally, I felt she would do a fine job.rn My surgery turned out to be more complicated than just the band placement. It was discovered , by Dr. Gerig, my other surgeon, that I had two hernias on my right side and scar tissue from a gall bladder surgery years ago. Once those issues were taken care of, the band was put on, but the port and to be put in the left side because of the hernias. I will see her again on the 27th of July for my 6 week check-up. rnAs far as which is better, all three doctors are great and I can't say how much I appreciated her willingness to step in and complete the surgery. She assured me that she had read my medical file and became familiarized with the history, etc. She's a fantastic doctor and i would heartily recommend her to anyone wanting a top notch surgeon, person and friend. 06-04-07: Dr. Murphy is going strong and helping me get back to normal after my band slipped 05-31-07. I'm in good hands, but not AllState's (:o)rnrnTeam: Bariatrics has a great after-care program, very structured. The risks of the surgery was well explained. The staff in general are great people, kind, concerned and helpful. rnSurgical compentence, bedside manner, and personality of the doctores are all very important to me, and all three doctors fill the bill.rnI'm sure the surgeons have their areas of negative value, but so far I can't say that I have had any unpleasant experiences with all of Team: Bariatics.rnrn1-11-07 rnBOTH MY SWEET, WONDERFUL SURGEONS ARE SUPER SUPPORTIVE, PATIENT WITH MY QUESTIONS AND ALWAYS CONCERNED WITH MY COMFORT DURING FILLS. I FEEL I HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY HAVING TWO SUCH WONDERFUL DOCTORS! NEGATIVITY DOESN'T EXIST HERE AS FAR AS MY OPINION IS CONCERNEDrn01-17-07rnWELL, A NEW YEAR HAS STARTED, (HALF OF JANUARY ALREADY GONE). I'VE HAD 7 FILLS SINCE SURGERY, 6-21-06. BOTH DR. MURPHY AND DR. GERIG HAVE DONE THEM. BOTH HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE WHEN I HAVE VOICED CONCERN AS TO HOW MANY FILLS I HAVE HAD. BOTH ASSURED ME THAT I WOULD REACH THE \"SWEET SPOT\" BEFORE THE BAND WAS FILLED. BOTH URGED ME TO HAVE PATIENCE AND NOT GET DISCOURAGED BECAUSE THE SWEET SPOT HADN'T BEEN REACHED. I SEE DR. MURPHY 1-18-07 FOR A GENERAL CHECK ON MY BAND AND POSSIBLY A SMALL UNFILL. I'M NOT A BIT CONCERNED AS TO WHAT WILL BE DONE, AS BOTH DOCTORS HAVE ALWAYS ACCEPTED MY INPUT, (ASKING FOR THE INPUT) AND WE HAVE REACHED MUTUAL AGREEMENT ON WHAT PATH TO TAKE. I AGAIN, CANNOT EXPRESS THE GREAT WAY THE DOCS. TREAT ME. NOT ONLY AS A PATIENT BUT AS A PERSON. THANKS DOCS.!!!!rn


My first impression of Dr. Stone was that he was very sensitive. He answered all my questions and didn't thing any of them were unimportant. Since my initial consultation I have had an emergency gall bladder surgery that he performed on me. He said my condition was life threatening. He was great. I was very glad to have such a competent Surgeon. The staff at Team Bariatrics is wonderful. They talk to you not at you like some places. They have a wonderful aftercare program that you can see for your self on their web site. The one of the best things about them are the great people that work on the insurance. I always got my paper work faxed in and I always had my calls returned within the same day when I couldn’t speak to them right away. While maintaining a professional attitude they all behave like they are your friends. I liked that about them.rnrnUPDATED: Now that I have had the Lap Band surgery it has become clear that fills are harder than I thought they would be. It is very difficult for him to find the port. It may be that I have more \"tissue\" than most. He was very understanding when I had a difficult time dealing with this. It is evident how much Dr. Stone cares. I love him and I think that Team Bariatrics will be a huge success once they get this down. A fluro machine at the office would be very helpful. The after care is great. The insurance process was a breeze thanks to Deb W. Thanks!rnrnUPDATED: I am told that Dr. Stone decided to close both is Bariatric and Private practice for personal reasons. At first this really threw me for a loop. No one has done fills on me except for him, and to have him up and leave like that it left me feeling abandoned and scared. However, now I see Dr. Denise Murphey. She is wonderful. She gets my port on the first try and it seems easy for her do the fill. It was the best fill expierence I ever had. I love the way she \"measures\" how much fill I have. She seems very confident and understanding. I recomend her to anyone.


My First impression of Dr. Murphy was that, wow, a woman that will be doing my surgery. The staff at Team Bariatrics are awesome. They seem very caring and genuinly concerned about their patients. The dr. and staff was very thorough in their explanation of the aftercare and the risks of the surgery. They also said that if I chose not to have surgery, then they could help with other alternatives. I believe that knowledge of the surgical procedures and bedside manner are all inportant characteristics. I am very happy with my decision on going to Team Bariatrics for my RNY.

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