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Jin Yoo Bariatric Surgeon M.D.

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I went to my first appointment with Dr. Yoo in Oct 2013, hoping to get more information on bariatric surgery. Duke was my first choice and I knew Dr. Yoo was well qualified. After a few visits and learning that he hasn't had any sleeve leak complications I was ready to meet my requirements for surgery. June 4, 2014 I had my surgery and today (5 days later) I feel pretty great! I am so happy I contacted Dr. Yoo to help me on my journey.

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I was assigned to Dr. Yoo in November and I met him as I was getting ready to be wheeled into surgery. I saw him once while I was in the hospital. That is the bad news. The good news is that he definitely inspired confidence both times I saw him. I saw his assistant regularly and she, too, was very competent as well as nice and attentive. More important to me than bedside manner is the fact that my surgery went without a hitch. I was off pain and nausea meds within two days of being home and I feel great.
I was originally scheduled for surgery at Durham Regional but Dr. Yoo asked me to switch to Duke Raleigh. Everybody was great.
I am expecting to actually see Dr. Yoo again a week from today for my 3 week followup. If he isn't there for that, it might upset me and I will have to change my rating!


Dr. Yoo is a very smart and sensitive provider. He explains everything in depth and reviews with you to make sure you fully comprehend. He anwsers all of your questions and devotes plenty of time to you as a patient. I am very happy with him. He makes sure all bases are covered and is in direct communication with his staff. His knowledge is excellent and he is very caring. He made sure I had everything I needed before discharge and gave me every possible phone number to reach him or his staff if I needed him once I got home. His staff is very organized and very effecient. I could always contact them through the phone or via email. They made the whole process very easy. I started seeing Dr Yoo in Mid September and Had Surgery in November. He also has a very good aftercare program. Excellent Nutrionist program. They also provide support groups if you need them and send you monthly reminders of meetings. I give him a 10 out of 10. I was off pain meds in 2 days and off nausea meds in 3 days. I don't have anything negative to say about him or his program. Excellent provider and program!!!!!!!!!!

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Dr. Yoo did an excellent job with me!! I had no complications and after 2 weeks feel amazing!!

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