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Peter LePort Bariatric Surgeon M.D.,F.A.C.S.

24 yr Experience

21 yr in Bariatrics

16 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

5 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

95% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 13

Max Age of Patient is 70

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I had the gastric Y procedure done by Dr. LePort in January of 2011. At the time the procedure was done I weighed 395 pounds, 6'-0", 50 years old. I am writing this review at the end of May 2012, I have lost to date 215 pounds. I currently wiegh 180 pound, I am a 33 waist, (at the time of surgery I wore a tight 54 paint), I wear Large shirts, (at the time of surgery I wore a shug XXXXL). At the time of surgery I was Hypertensive, I took 250 mg Diovan daily, Diabetic Type II, I took a combo of Glucophage and Actos 500/1000 mg, twice a day, my blood surgars, on a good day hovered around 127. I had sleep apneia, but refused to wear that constrictive device at night, and my wife had moved out of the bed room due to horrible snoring, you could hear it outside with the windows closed. I have never had any coronary or other issues and my cholrestoral has always been normal.

Immediately afrer sugery, within 48 hours, blood pressure returned to normal and has remained there, off meds. 6 months after surgery my blood sugars returned to normal, I am 102-104 regardless of time of day, prior to or after meals, no change. 6 months after surgery I no longer had sleep apneia. I take NO meds at all.

After surgery I lost an average of 1 pound per day for the six weeks and continued to lose weight at consistant and constant rate until January of 2012, when I reached 190 pounds. I lost another 10 in the last four months. I fluctuate about 1-2 pounds depending on my internal schedule of evacuation - Poop. I take all the vitamins and supplements and follow a simple and easy diet. I don't drink, I eat between 4-5 fruits a day, a small salad and consumed 180 grams of protein daily, fish or turkey. I cannot tolerate pork or beef anymore, and I don't miss it.

The surgery was NOT a magic bullet, I followed and continue the diet and eating routines that I learned prior to and immediately after surgery, that is why I was successful. I never had a soda pop fetish, nor was I a sweet/chocolate/junk food Junkie. I ate a lot of food and I use to consume beer...a lot of beer, I no longer drink.

If anyone choses this procedure you better realize it is NOT just a matter of getting stapled and returning to your pre-surgery way of eating and living, that ALL has to change. If YOU don't change mentally and physically on how you eat, think about food/drink and your money and don't put your body through the procedure. It is a total and complete waste of your time and if you end up going back to your past habits and gain all or NOT even lose a pound - I know several of these people and they blame everyone but themselves for their present morbidly obese condition.

This procedure is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I have absolutely no regrets having this done. It is work, it is not fun, the retraining of how you eat and look at food takes a few months to get programed in your brain. Now it is second nature for me.

My daily menu

Protein Shake for breakfast - Reduced Fat Milk - two scoops of powder - 80 grams of protein.

Lunch - Banana, 4-6 oz of sliced roasted turkey breast, 2-3 slices of provolone cheese, carrots or celery sticks, 2-3 stone ground crackers.

Dinner - 4 oz of pasta, olive oil, anchovies, garlic, tomatoes, basil - Heated and in a bowl.

Fill in snacks - apples, strawberries, fresh fruit, banana. 2-3 pieces daily.

I drink a minimum of 5 litres of water a day, every day...over the course of the whole day.

All the meals take a while to eat. You learn to chew it all real well. If you don't it will come right back up, embarassing in public - been there, done it, once and learned.

Your diet needs will change - You will find foods that you use to eat or love, you are no longer able to tolerate and keep down. Part of the program, deal with it.

I do not eat any junk, sugar, candy, donuts, cakes, and Ice Cream/frozen yogurt. If you do, you will put it all back on, your choice, I don't recommend it. I no longer drink, any alcohol, that puts the weight on faster than the junk food, your choice, your life.

If your are mentally prepared and WANT to change your entire life, old habits and your thought processes...a great procedure. If you think that you have this done and you are going to keep doing what you have done to yourself to get you to this place now. Well save your money, don't waste the surgeons time or yours...have another pizza or whatever you are doing to yourself that you have read this far and now feel insulted by my comment.

Good luck to those serious about losing the weight and changing your life.


Great surgeon, very straight forward and business oriented. Surgical skill level is tops and that is the most important to me. Office staff is professional and worked with me well. No long waiting periods to see the doctor. PA mostly handle aftervsurgery appointment. They seem very competent. I would recommend to those serious about the surgery - the office and doctor don't try to talk you into it. I was impressed with each person I have dealt with.


I had my initial visit with Dr. LePort at the Doctors Talk. He seemed to take a lot of pride in what he does (WLS) and well he should. He seems very straight forward, no sugar coating. I look forward to our one to one meeting.


Im OUT and feeling better...Thank god for my surgeon he was GREAT!!! at first when it came to push and shove he did both to get me to lose weight but thank godness he was able to get in without making the large incisions. His office staff are the BEST!!! My nurses at Orange Coast Memorial were so helpfull and sweet(Mandy was the greatest god bless her) The after care at the hospital is very well structured. They treat you with alot of respect and encouragement. I would rate the hospital and my doctor both a 10!!!

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I was hesitant at first but when he sat down with me and we talked I felt better. The Lite Dimensions Weight Loss center did everything they could to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I would recommend him to anyone who wants this surgery cause he is very skilled and his staff are very helpful. I was also impressed with the hospital due to the fact that the staff and nurses who are there are specialized in all matters of obesity due to the dedicated wing of the hospital that they have set aside for patients going through the Lite Dimensions Weight Loss center. The beds, gowns, chairs and food are designed for those who are obese and they make it very comfortable for those of us who are overweight. Both the surgical competence and the bedside manner are great. I would rate them an 11+ on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being poor and 10 being outstanding. I can not find anything negative to say about them cause they took really good care of me.


He's a very gentle, quite man. He very blunt and honest, but I like that; I dont need anyone not telling me the truth about the side effects of surgery. I like him!!


Dr LePort seems great so far! Will update more when I have the lap band next week!


Dr. LePort and his staff were so wonderful to me. They helped me jump through the neccessary hoops to get approval from my insurance company, were in contact with me all of the time, and Dr. LePort himself is such a wonderful man! His office is very, very busy but he is totally worth the wait!My surgery went excellent, I was in the hospital only for the day, the diet plan they gave me was fully explained and easy to follow, and even though there were other doctors in his practice I ALWAYS saw Dr. LePort. He also did an impecible job with my surgery, my scarring is very minimal and after six months of surgery are hardly noticed.


Dr. LePort is #1 in my book!!! I'm 4 year's out and Dr. LePort and his staff are still very supportive and caring. My first impression wasn't so hot. My husband and I both felt as though we were part of a herd of cattle going thru a processes and were a little skeptical. I gave myself a year to make my final decision. After the initial information meeting, all the other meetings proved instrumental to my success. The nutritional meetings gave me foundation and the nutritionists encouraged me contact them if I had questions. The support groups are outstanding. Every meeting gave me support while making my decision and after surgery I not only got support but gave support. Back to Dr. LePort. He answers your questions and cares. His staff always returns calls and will be there to listen if you are concerned about something. Thank you Dr. LePort and his staff. You're the BEST!!!


I have been a patient of Dr. LePort for over a year now. My opinion of him remains the same - this is a wonderful and caring doctor. His professionalism, engaged and caring attitude and overall ability reinforce that I made a good decision in choosing him. I see him for my checkups. On the few occasions I have had to see one of the PA's he makes it a point to at least pop in and see me. I feel comfortable asking any question and he encourages his patients to ask, ask, ask. He wants you to be informed and educated about your proceedure. The entire office staff and support medical staff are also exceptionally friendly.

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