Roy Shen

Bariatric Surgeon
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Roy Shen Bariatric Surgeon M.D.,F.A.C.S.

15 yr Experience

15 yr in Bariatrics

15 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

15 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

1600 % Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is 68

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16 Reviews for Roy Shen
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Very mild mannered, soft spoken and professional. Answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable with him and his skills. His office staff was GREAT! Very supportive and helpful! I loved everything about him and the program! Very structured aftercare program--- which was very important to me. I need structure to make sure I am on track.

I would absolutely reccomend Dr. Shen to anyone thinking of this surgery.


My first impression that he was very knowledgable in this field. He was quiet, but always answered honesty any question I had.
No, He always seemed ready to help me, and deal with any problems that arose.
His team is great, very friendly. In fact his nurse practitioner Lisa has had WLS.
Hmm, I would have to say, waiting six months after surgery for my first visit with him. I see his team throughout the six months, but would like to meet with him ahead of that time.
Just to be honest, and deal with any problems that come your way. Dont hide things, youre only jeapardizing your own health.
His whole team emphasizes aftercare, even for years after. They let you know that even after the first year, you have to see them at least yearly.
Yes, I see the nurse practioner and the outpatient dietician. Also, you have to attend one support group a month after surgery.
He let me know of all the risks, you must attend a orientation prior to surgery. You go over all risks, and they let you decide if the surgery is for you. I just figured I had more risks with the weight, than I did having the surgery.
On a scale of 1-10, Id give him a 9. ONLY REASON NOT A 10, IS BECAUSE OF THE 6 MONTH WAIT AFTER SURGERY.
Both, his surgical competence and bedside manner are both great. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to better themselves and there health. I had diabetes, and now its gone, I can move more easily, I can tie my own shoes, and its only been since August. Four months out of surgery and I feel totally different, what a difference. Please if your struggling with weight, look into it, dont be scared, the rewards far outnumber the risks. I have had a hard time eating solid foods, but its worth it. In the long run its very worth it.

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I am still going thru the usual preops prior to getting a surgical date BUT I have found that the involvement of Dr. Shen and Dr. Jiser in Informational meeting, Support groups, etc. has been impressive.
He presents as a very knowledgeable physician.. with much experience performing lap band surgery.
I find him pleasant and easy to talk to as well as leaving me with a feeling that I was not rushed and could utilize his time to ask any questions i needed.
The entire medical staff at SMMC has been superb..from lab, to xray, to reception, as well as attendance at support groups for example anethesia, nursing..
as well as Dr. Shen's weight management team!
I reccomend highly Dr. Shen and the Entire Weight Loss Team at SMMC


Very young. Very informative(laymans terms).

My respect for Dr. Shen only grew after the surgery.

The Surgical Weightloss Team at SMMC is First Rate!

He is a surgeon...very, very serious.

Aftercare is stressed at every meeting!

Excellent aftercare programs!

Dr. Shen and his staff were all very forthcoming about the risks during and after surgery.

1-10....I would rate him 8-9.

Great surgeon, Bed side mannner not bad but not great.


I met with Dr. Shen at my innitial appointment. I liked how he was willing to answer any and all of mine and my husband's questions regarding the procedure and after effects. Even when we were done speaking with him he took the time to ask if we had all our questions answered. Neither my husband or myself felt rushed out the door during our time with him. He was very sincere and straight forward and I felt comfortable with him right away.


Dr. Shen came onboard at Saints Memorial over the summer of 2003. At our (me and Scott's) orientation meeting, we spoke with him for maybe five minutes each... most of our pre-op visits were with specialists, the dietician (Janet), the clinical coordinator (Christine), and the nurse practitioner (Lisa). as of today (3/4/04), Scott has had his surgery, my surgery will be done on 3/16/04. We met again with Dr. Shen a few days before Scott's surgery and spoke at length about our surgeries. After Scott's surgery, Dr. Shen visitied at least 3 times/day while he was in the hospital and called a few times while Scott was recuperating at home. I have ever bit of confidence in Dr. Shen and his staff and am looking forward to having him as my surgeon!

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