on 9/10/17 3:43 am

Today is my last day of work for 2 weeks, tomorrow is surgery day and my emotions are all over the place. It doesnt help that my husband couldn't get time off work and we have no other family here. The what ifs keep running through my mind. But here we go!

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on 9/10/17 3:49 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Congrats on your surgery tomorrow! You'll do great! Remember to sip your fluids and walk, walk, walk. It will all help the healing to happen more quickly. In the meantime, just stay busy and the time will pass.

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Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 9/10/17 4:25 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

It will be fine! Most find that the surgery is much less of a big deal than anticipated. Just relax (easier said than done I know). As to your DH, if you don't have very small children at home you should be good. You will be quite mobile as you will NEED to walk and sip!

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on 9/10/17 5:59 am - Bomoseen, VT
RNY on 03/23/16

I agree with Liz... I asked my husband to not take the time off I wanted to be able to rest without him constantly asking me if I was okay, did I need anything, should I be drinking more, eating more, walking more, sleeping more, yada yada yada just pretty much driving me nuts.

Keep checking in here! We want to know how you are doing.... Good luck you will do great....

(deactivated member)
on 9/10/17 6:34 am
RNY on 11/22/16

Exciting times for you!! You are going to do great!

on 9/10/17 7:04 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

Think peace, speak peace, feel peace.

Will hubby be able to drop you off and pick you up from the hospital? My hubby took off the surgery days and the next- but that was it. I really didn't need him- I liked the peace of no one being in the house so I could figure things out at my own pace.

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on 9/10/17 9:20 am

He can take me but still don't know how I'm getting home

on 9/10/17 7:08 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with

Do you have a friend that can pick you up?

They usually won't discharge a patient to a taxi or uber if they are on strong pain medicine.

You also can be discharged any hour so maybe after you husband gets off work.

Good luck tomorrow.

on 9/10/17 7:16 am - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

Emotions at this point are completely normal, its such a monumental time in your life.
Try to breath and remember all the reasons that you chose to take this journey.

Wishing you all the best for a smooth surgery tomorrow and a speedy recovery

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on 9/10/17 7:18 am
RNY on 09/12/17

You've got this! I have surgery on Tuesday and I feel the same way you do. I keep looking back at my list of reasons for surgery to keep my momentum. I can't wait to hear how things go and hope you have a quick recovery! I'll be looking forward to hearing how things go. Best wishes!!