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Denise V.
on 4/12/09 11:47 pm
Good Morning All,
I am new to this board as I am new to VA.  We moved here from TX about a month ago.  We are currently living in Manassas waiting for our house to be built in Bristow.  I am looking into having a revision with Dr Halmi and was wondering if anyone knows anything about him?

I met with hi, on the 3rd and I will be going for my upper GI to see if my pouch has stretched or what not this Friday and depending on the results from that, will be moving forward with my revision.  I am currently leaning to the Band over Bypass.  Has anyone had, or know anyone that has done this?  How was their outcome?

Here is a little background on me.  I had Lap RNY on March 21, 2005 went from 319 to 148 was THRILLED!  started gaining slowly, got pregnant (by choice my husband and I were both ready) went up to 190.  No biggie, it was all worth it!  I have now lost all the baby weight, but am not losing anything else, and am starting to gain again...  I am 178-180 and scared to death to see the scale go up anymore!

Sorry, there is no structure what so ever to this post, I am typically much more 'organized', but guess I am just rambling and looking for answers and advise...

Thanks in advanced!
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on 4/13/09 12:05 am - Partlow , VA
I just had my surgery completed (RNY) with Dr Tran and Dr Halmi  office this past Monday.  They are very caring and really great surgeons.  I would highly recommend them as to Friends and others.  They really take the time to make sure you understand everything. Good Luck to you.
Denise V.
on 4/13/09 2:04 am
Congrats on the RNY I wish you all the best!  Thank you for your response.  I got the feeling that they were a pretty good group, but it is always nice to hear from someone that has been through it with them....
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~ Julie ~
on 4/13/09 12:48 am - Reston, VA
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I don't have any insight about Dr. Halmi or his practice, but  I am a little concerned that you're considering a revision when you are only 180 pounds. For the record, I think, unless things have changed, that you have to still have 100 pounds of excess to lose, regardless of whether you are pre or post op.

Now I don't know you or your situation. Maybe you've had also complications, issues. But I would suggest maybe trying some more conventional means (increased water, protein and exercise, like we have all had drilled into our heads :). Maybe the 5 day pouch test is an option for you.

I am about a year behind you, and also find myself gaining a little bit. I know that my gain is coming from bad choices that I'm making, and I'm trying to correct those choices. Maybe your solution is as simple as that as well.

Best of luck to you.
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Denise V.
on 4/13/09 2:16 am
Hi Julie!
Thank you for taking time to reply.  I know it sounds crazy that I am looking into a revision at 180 lbs, but there is for sure something wrong with my pouch, the Dr said it has defiantly stretched, but he does not know to what extent, thus the upper GI... 

I have tried everything, the 5DPT, increase water, protein, and cardio....  Nothing is seeming to work for me.  And it seems as though I am ALWAYS hungry, like I can not get enough to eat.  When we go to a restaurant, I can eat a dinner salad and then my entire plate of food, defiantly should not be able to do that.  The Dr said I am a prime candidate for the revision, we are just waiting to hear back from the insurance as to their requirements.

I just hate the idea that I am up over 30lbs from my lowest and 60lbs away from the Dr's goal weight (which I never did get to), it is very alarming to me.  I do not want to see myself in the same place I was a few years ago!

Thanks again, have a great day!
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on 4/13/09 1:52 am - Alexandria, VA
GOod morning:  Drs halmi & tran did my RNY a year ago, i cannot say enough good things about them, they are fabulous, and their staff is as well.  I do agree that you may not be heavy enough for either...welcome to the VA board. lys


on 4/13/09 5:38 am
Hello Denise,

I have not yet had the surgery, I;m actually waiting on my date. But wanted to ask you if you do some type of exercise. My nutritionist and surgeon can't say enough about exercise, exercise and more exercise.

Denise V.
on 4/13/09 10:41 pm
Hi there!
Yes, I have always been big on exercise.I worked out 2 and a half hours 5 days a week before I got pregnant, then had to stop while I was pregnant per the Dr as I was considered very high risk.  Once my little one was born and I was released to workout again I hit the gym hard again... I do not think it is a lack of exercise on my behalf, I really think my pouch has stretched, and thus causing the food to go through faster, allowing me to eat more often as I get hungry....

Thanks for taking time to read my post and reply, I really do appreciate it!
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on 4/13/09 9:21 am
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Welcome to the Board, Denise -- and what an adorable little baby you have there!

Drs. Halmi and Tran were my surgeons for my Lap RNY -- you are in great hands!  I wish you all of the best with the revision.  :)
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Denise V.
on 4/13/09 10:45 pm
Good Morning,

Thank you for reading and posting!  I agree, that is an adorable little baby I have hee hee (can not tell I am a proud mama can ya)

Thanks again and have a great day!
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