Loose Skin

on 7/11/10 1:04 pm - Irvine, CA
I have my surgery in a few days, and I was just wondering if most people have problems with loose skin after significant weight loss?  For those of you who have lost lots of weight has this been an issue?  Is there a way to try to prevent it?  Thanks everyone. 

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Longhorn Girl
on 7/11/10 1:07 pm - Austin, TX
I'm dreading this, too! But I guess it's better than being fat.
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on 7/11/10 1:09 pm
 Hi there and congrats on your surgery being right around the corner.  I have lost 86 pounds so far and I am already seeing a lot of saggy baggy skin.  Of course it may have to do with the fact that I am 42, never exercised much until after surgery and have been obese my whole life.  I will tell you that the saggy skin is a lot better than when it was full of fat:) 
on 7/11/10 1:11 pm - Northern, CA
No, you can't prevent it. You can make muscles to help fill it out a bit. But it will still be there. I made a video about my loose skin. It's on my blog... I didn't show my cottage cheese butt though (couldn't figure out how to do in one camera shot). But you can see my arms and my stomach and panus.

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on 7/11/10 1:18 pm - Hollywood, FL
Congrats on your upcoming surgery, I pray that all goes welll.  I have lost about 95lbs and do not have any loose skin, my only problem area are my arms and as I understand that is almost always the case.  But going into it I expected loose skin and knew that it would be better remaining overweight! Again good luck and God bless.
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(deactivated member)
on 7/11/10 2:15 pm - Modesto, CA
only thing you can do to help is lift weights i bought some i'm going to start especially curls for the arms i've always had big arms i have alot of muscle there so i'm not worried about my arms, but tummy i don't know
diane S.
on 7/11/10 5:02 pm
well if you lose 80 lbs or more you are gonna have some. and if you are chronically middle aged you are gonna have more. no clue other that work those weights. and i try to keep arms well moisturized to limit wrinkles. but do i want the flab back to fill it out? NO WAY d

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on 7/11/10 5:43 pm
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Coreena K.
on 7/12/10 4:57 am - Winnipeg, Canada
Yes those are my thighs  :-)


on 7/12/10 12:20 am
I lost 140+lbs in less than a year. Yes, I have some wrinkly, excess skin, but it isn't terrible, and it's rebounding every month. I need to start working out again to help tone and shrink it up more, but it's nothing I can't live with.

I wouldn't trade the loose skin back in for the fat rolls.
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