Acid reflux after surgery?

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on 8/12/11 10:36 am - CA
 So I've been hearing a lot about acid reflux after surgery. Is that something that happens as a result of the sleeve? If you've never had it before, will I get it after? And why is Pepcid precribed after surgery? 
on 8/12/11 10:41 am - Granada Hills, CA
I did not have acid reflux before the sleeve and now have it after. I don't know why, but it's mostly controllable with a good solid eating plan and meds. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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Marcia B.
on 8/12/11 10:48 am - CA
I was the opposite I had a little acid reflux before surgery but I don't have it at all right now.  the first week was the only time I took OTC prevacid and since the swelling has gone done now that its been a month no more acid problems.
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on 8/12/11 11:25 am

I never had a problem with heartburn in my entire life - I could eat a whole habenero pepper np...
After surgery I now have heartburn off and on even after drinking water. I bought OTC Xantac and Tums - they work pretty good. Had a appt with my PCP this week and he is going to put me on Nexium?
Good luck
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Santos. C.
on 8/12/11 11:35 am - Bronx, NY

Everyone is different so you will get a number of responses.  I noticed I had it before my surgery, I do have it now a little bit, not as bad as before.  I noticed that seperating my vitamins and not taking them all at once helps a lot.  Also, eating late is not a good idea, if anything I try to have sugarfree Jello an hour before going to bed and I do not have problems, but I notice that if I do miss a meal and eat like an hour before bed I end up getting it at night time. 

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on 8/12/11 11:47 am
As others have said, everyone is different.  If you have GERD before surgery, it can be better, worse, or the same afterwards. If you don't, you may or may not get it.  I had GERD before surgery, and it's worse now, if I didn't take my PPI, which I take twice a day (Protonix).

But you might want to do a little research about treatments for stomach acid.  PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are taken daily and help prevent acid from forming.  Some of these include OTC meds like Prilosec and Prevacid as well as Rx versions of those same meds, along with Dexilant, Protonix, etc.  H2 blockers such as Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac reduce acid once it forms.  I actually cycled thru about five PPIs before I landed on one that (so far) has really worked well.  While taking others, I also took Pepcid when I was feeling particularly acidy.

GERD is a fairly common early result of surgery, and in some people it resolves after a few weeks or months.  Many surgeons put their patients on a PPI after surgery, just in case. 

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on 8/12/11 1:53 pm - Harbor City, CA
I had the worst case of acid refluex before surgery. In fact, I had a hyatal hernia.
It was really  really bad to where at night I threw up in my sleep.  In fact it was so bad
it was called gerd. 

So when I had my surgery they repaired the hyatal hernia....  prescribed me pepcid
afterwards....   I was like in heaven.

The only time it might start acting up but never reaches my throat anymore I just feel it
in my chest is when I eat vitamin C chewable or If I ate something or too much.
So I try and avoid these situations 97% of the time.

this is just my experience.

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on 8/12/11 2:49 pm
I never had it before surgery, but I did afterward big time. I'm on Prilosec OTC and that works. I stopped it for a couple of days and the hb came back, so I'm probably going to be on it for quite a while.
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on 8/13/11 12:04 am - Portland, OR
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When I asked my surgeon why he uses a larger than standard bougie (40-42F instead of 32-34), he said one of the reasons is because GERD becomes more likely the smaller your new stomach is.  It makes sense, I guess -- the less room there is for acid to float around down there, the more likely it is to come back up!  But I've never heard anyone say they're so miserable from it that they wish they hadn't done the surgery.