Protruding breast bone tip

on 3/3/07 2:51 am - Stafford, VA
RNY on 03/02/04 with
Since my weight loss (over 100 lb) the bottom of my sternum (about the last inch) sticks strain out. I've asked a few dr about it. But they dismiss it. One dr said looks like it was broken. Another said maybe you always had it and didn't know because of the weight. I KNOW I did not have this before. I was thin until I was 32. I read about something online called  pectus carinatum that children have but its the whole sternum. Any help appreciated. Robin
on 3/3/07 2:59 am - Oxford, ME
I've noticed mine sticks out too, before I had children when I was thin, it never did that. I think it's like this because I've lost a lot of muscle. Not sure if that's why or not, but that's what I think. It doesn't hurt, it just looks funny. ~dori~
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on 3/3/07 3:03 am - Stafford, VA
RNY on 03/02/04 with
Well I found out it has a name.--xiphoid process. Its cartilage. Mine is definitely sticking out and it notable  growing bigger. I don't know if I should ask to xrayed or what?
on 3/3/07 3:10 am - NoWhere Land
Mine protrudes as well.  Since I can't remember how it was when I was thinner, I can be certain.  But I was a 'apple body'.  My theory is that weight on the front 'bent' the ossified cartilage.  It does make it uncomfortable to lie or sleep on one's belly, but that was never my gig anyway.  Fixing it is major surgery, and in my opinion, not an option. Nowhere Man/Jay
on 3/3/07 3:35 am - Stafford, VA
RNY on 03/02/04 with
>>My theory is that weight on the front 'bent' the ossified cartilage. << That is what I thought too-- I had a huge stomach they might have slowly pushed it out over time. I don't need tit fixed. I just want someone to tell me its not some wierd cancer growth. Thanks.
on 3/3/07 3:40 am - NoWhere Land
The sternum is actually three pieces of cartilage.  As we mature, it fuses and ossifies (stiffens with the absorbsion of calcium), so much so that many folks think the breastbone is actually bone.  Again, the excess weight (I called it my bay window) pulled it out shape.  Since there is little that would bend it back, your stuck with it.  One a blunt force trauma to the region or a scapel is going to change it. Nowhere Man/Jay
Kat C
on 3/3/07 5:29 am - Tuscaloosa, AL
Mine seems to stick straight out to a point, also. I asked the doc and at first she said she thought we should xray it. But then upon closer examination she said it was probably just now "showing" since I have lost weight & been working out. SHRUG. WHen I lay down on my back it is really noticeable! Weird.
on 3/31/10 7:15 am
Dear Robin:
If you have a protruding sturnum like I did, because I also lost 100 pounds.  I think it's because when you lose too fast you lose muscle which supports skin and cushions the bones.  I did not get any surgery to lose weight but I did rush my weight loss.   I am 55 and I believe that weight lifting and building peck muscles will help.  When you lose too much fat too quickly you can lose structural fat so.  When you are losing weight say every forty pounds, level off for 6 weeks, gainning nothing, and losing nothing.  This gives your skin a chance to snap back as well.  If your skin is hanging this is a sign that you lost too much too fast.  I took alot of time to put that much on.  So take the time to reduce slowly. 
on 5/8/10 2:23 pm - Wakefield, MA
RNY on 08/25/09 with
Mine sticks out so much im thinking of getting a nipple tattoo'd on it, it would make me different thats for sure, although just thinking of getting a nipple tattoo'd on it probably means im "different" anyway! :)


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on 4/19/11 7:39 am - Atlanta, GA
Wow there is something going on here.
I had a DS in August 2010 and have lost about 120lbs (9 months....., that was some BABY). I don't remember in my pre-obese youth any protrusion, but like you have stated it is sticking out now. One gentleman on-line stated his theory is that obesity over the years placed pressure on the area which ossified over  time. That sounds plausible to me. Yes, it is uncomfortable at times, but  I will take it happily as a surgical side effect.
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