Anyone else throw up blood?????

on 10/27/07 2:23 am
VSG on 10/25/87
Hello i had my surgery oct. 25 and i have thrown up blood 4 times the dr. said its normal but i was wondering if anyone else has thrown up please get back and im still in the hospital  too
on 10/27/07 2:28 am - Toulouse, France
No I didn't. I didn't throw up anything for the first couple weeks. But if the surgeon says you're cool, then you probably are. Take it easy now!
on 10/27/07 2:30 am
That sounds very ABNORMAL to me. Are you throwing up a lot of blood or just a little bit? If it's a pretty good amount, I'd go to the ER and get checked. At LEAST get them to check your blood count to make sure you're not bleeding too much. They really need to be on the cautious side and see where the blood is coming from. A small problem can become a big problem quick!!! I hope you're ok!

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on 10/27/07 2:32 am
VSG on 10/25/87
well im in the hospital till like tuesday of next wk the drs say its normal cuz its tight
on 10/27/07 2:35 am
Sorry, missed the part where you said you were still in the hospital.  I would be getting another opinion and demand that they check your blood counts. You still never said if it was a lot of blood or just a little bit.

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on 10/27/07 2:31 am - Eugene, OR
No - I didn't throw up blood.  If you're still in the hospital, I guess you're in a good place for treatment.  I don't, however, believe that throwing up blood is normal.  Linda

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Christian I.
on 10/27/07 2:39 am
Hola Mami, I've never heard of anyone throwing up blood. 4 times???  How much are we talking about?   Do you have any family members with you?
on 10/27/07 2:41 am
VSG on 10/25/87
i didnt throw up to to much but in 2 days 4 times
Christian I.
on 10/27/07 3:14 am
I don't mean how many times, I mean, how much each time....was the saliva just a little red, did you throw up a mouthful of blood?
on 10/27/07 10:44 am
VSG on 10/25/87
well about a mouthful twice an less the other 2 times an it was dark
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