birth control after gastric bypass!!!!!

on 9/20/08 4:08 am - Roper, NC
I found out yesterday that I will never take a bc pill again in my lifetime after surgery. UGH!!! What have the rest of you come up with as a solution to bc pills? I have an appointment later this month with my gynogologist to decide what my options are but was wondering what everyone else has done about this? Thoughts, comments are greatly appreciated.

(Rae Rae)
on 9/20/08 4:55 am
Rachel, are you told you can't take them anymore?  I had my surgery almost 9 months ago and I continue to take my bc pill.  So far I have not had any problems, maybe its my age.. I'm 47 .. I know others use additional forms of bc along with the pill.  just wondering. 
on 7/18/10 3:17 pm - Sacramento, CA
 i know this is an old post, but i'm researching bc pill for post GB birth control options, i'm 40 and would love to know what works for you if you wouldn't mind letting me know:)

Thank you!
Amanda B.
on 9/20/08 5:15 am - Phenix City, AL
Did they tell you why you can't take them anymore? I'm not an expert or anything, but I've never heard of that before. I had surgery 3 months ago and started them up again about 3 weeks after surgery when my surgeon okayed me to start swallowing pills again. I've never heard of them being less effective after surgery or anything but i do know that women can become more fertile post-op because of fluctuating hormones and what not. I know a lot of women have gotten IUDs like Mirena. So, good luck getting more info but I would definitely ask your surgeon why he reccommends that you not take them anymore.

on 9/20/08 5:25 am - NY
i'm on birth control pills and it's been 2 1/2 years since surgery. ANDI
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on 9/20/08 5:49 am - Roper, NC
Thanks you guys for the information. yes, i called my surgeon's office yesterday b/c i wondered how I would take my pill after surgery considering I have to be on liquids, etc. etc and they said for me to contact my gynogologist to find alternate routes of birth control b/c they do not want me to ever take another bc pill for the remainder of my life b/c after surgery the absorption process is so much different and they can't guarantee that the pill will continue to work. So, i immediately called my gyno. and they scheduled me an appointment to come up with an alternate route. i know there are so many different ways to go about this but none of them sound exciting to me.
on 9/20/08 5:53 am
i got the IUD called paraguard placed in. i think its great bc i wasnt good at keeping up with pills. plus, this type of bc doesnt release hormones, and doesnt make you gain weight as regular bc does. hope this helps...

on 9/20/08 5:56 am - Roper, NC
Thanks, I've been tossing the idea of an IUD around a little. it's just all scary and different than what i'm used to. I don't want to take shots, they make you gain weight, that's part of how I got obese to start with. i really don't like the idea of having something inside of me at all time either but it sounds like i"m going to have to accept it and move on.
on 9/20/08 6:27 am - West Allis, WI
I am on the nuva ring, it is insertable, you insert it once a month - no pill to worry about every day, i have been on it over a year its worked great
Princess T.
on 9/20/08 7:04 am - Licking County, OH
I take depo shots every 12 weeks.  I didn't gain weight with it, and I don't have periods any longer.  BONUS in my book.

I'm going to DisneyWorld!!  And you're all invited to join me!!

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