Does JP Drain Removal Hurt?

on 3/15/09 1:14 pm - Summerville, SC
I have an appointment tomorrow to have my JP Drain removed. Does it hurt? Do they put in stiches when they remove it?

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Elizabeth N.
on 3/15/09 1:18 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Nope, it shouldn't hurt at all, but it feels pretty strange. You should still be numb around the part of the incision where it is. Nope, no stitches either. A butterfly bandage at most is all. You'll be surprised at how closed it is when the drain comes out.
Cindy P.
on 3/15/09 1:24 pm
I agree with the other poster - it is "uncomfortable" for a few seconds - a very weird feeling.  I was a little nauseous for a few seconds because it's just a weird crawly feeling inside while they pull the tube out - but it's pretty quick and nothing to worry about.  My tube was held in by one stitch - the home hospital nurse clipped that stitch, had me take a deep breath and blow out slowly while she pulled.  Then I had to do it again because it was such a long tube!  I couldn't believe that much length was inside of me! 

The wound was covered with a bandage that I was supposed to change twice a day - no problem with that.  It healed up fairly quickly - it was so good to get rid of that nuisance drain!  Good luck to you!

on 3/15/09 1:29 pm - Summerville, SC
It is disgusting having this thing hanging on me and having to drain and measure the fluid!

Height 5'4" This is weight lost after my Lap RNY on March 11, 2009

on 3/15/09 1:26 pm - Hoboken, NJ
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I have to say too, that it was the weirdest feeling.  The doctor was like, breath, breath, because it just felt so weird!!  It didn't hurt at all.

on 3/15/09 2:10 pm - Eustis, FL
My JP drain came out before I came home from the hospital.  It did not hurt but was certainly a strange feeling.  There were three staples in the opening where the drain was placed but it was held in place by a stitch which was just snipped and removed.  I do however still have my lovely G tube which I thought I was going to HATE!  However after tasting my pain and anti nausea medicine (which is enough to make me ) I am glad I can utilize the tube to give myself meds and have been able to keep myself nicely hydrated.  You are gonna do just fine!

Brook K.
on 3/15/09 9:10 pm - Kalkaska, MI
i thought it was a bit painful myself and i was very grateful that my best friend drove me over and back to my dr appointment that day. i would of had a very hard time driving home because i was hurting from having it pulled out.
McKenzie G.
on 3/15/09 9:22 pm - Muscatine, IA
They all say it is a wierd strange feeling, the way I describe it to everyone is like a snake slithering out of you, it's a pretty unusual feeling.
on 3/15/09 10:11 pm - Walkerton, IN
Mine did a lot because I had three adhesions. My body healed so fast I had formed scar tissue around the drain. the pain was gone the next day though, and I could sleep on my side.

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New Shell
on 3/15/09 11:00 pm - Livermore Falls, ME
It is the strangest feeling.....I had mine taken out before I left the hospital.  It was held in the with a few stitches so those hurt more then the actual removal of the drain tube.  I took a deep breath and let it out as I was exhaling the PA pulled quickly and I could feel how far the tube was in there.  The incision was left open in my case with guaze pads and tape.  It healed well the only problem I had was that I had blood thinner injections and the area around the site got really bruised from removing the adhesive tape every day.  I had to stop using the tape after a few days and switched to bandaids.
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