can I survive on 700-800 calories forever

on 10/18/09 7:46 pm
I am six months out from RNY and I only eat about 700-800 calories per day.  I was wondering if this can last forever or is it too unhealthy.  I am eating all the right foods and getting all my vitamins each day.  I have been walking/jogging a mile each day at a pretty good pace.  I dont feel like eating anymore as long as I stay busy and dont think about it.Thanks for any info.
on 10/18/09 8:09 pm
My first thought is that is propablly a good question for your doc.  It seems to me that is not enough calories to survive on, at least not and keep up good health indefnitely.  But I defer to your physician or nutritionist and say see what they tell you.
on 10/18/09 8:19 pm
I'm a 309 lb man, and four weeks out from RNY, I'm only getting about 700-800 calories a day. Right now, that's about all I can ingest each day, considering the size of my pouch. I have found it difficult to get reliable medical info on your question as well.
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Jackie McGee
on 10/18/09 8:40 pm - PA
I'm going to be keeping an eye on the replies you get as I'm almost 8 months out and on a good day, I get about 700 to 800 calories in. On a not so good day, I'd say I'm closer to 400 to 500 calories. Most of those are protein, though - soy based - so I'm fine as far as that goes. I also take my daily vitamins, supplements and get all of my water in.

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on 10/18/09 8:44 pm
 i am 9 months out.
on a good day i get about 800 calories, and on a bad day where we are out running around i probably get 1000 *gasps* i know... but i work out too.. i keep moving.. its not the 6000 i was eating in a one day.. so its ok to let it flucuate up and down... 
just ask your nut or doctor to make sure your doing ok.. As long as you feel good, then i'm sure your ok.. When you hit a stall you may need to up your calorie in take to help break that stall. 
take care 
on 10/18/09 8:58 pm
I am almost 6 months out.  I wat about 600 a day and couldn't imagine trying to stick another bite in my mouth either  lol

Andrea U.
on 10/18/09 9:00 pm - Wilson, NC

I burn somewhere between 1800-2500 calories a day without exercise weighing around 205, wrangling two kids and maintaining my household.  I don't do a great deal of walking other than some shopping, or housework and such.  When I'm up to it (I have chronic pain) I do go to the gym and then I'm closer to 2800.

There are ways, down the road, to measure how much you are burning.  The unit I use is called a GoWear Fit.  It tells me how much I burn, even while I sleep.. which averages 1.3 calories per minute, before adding in walking, jogging, chasing kids that don't want to eat their veggies, etc.

on 10/18/09 9:42 pm
I'm 169-171 lbs, with no idea what I burn, with no real exercise and four kids and 2,000 sq feet to OCD about. 

I eat about 1400-2000 and it's maintaining me at this weight.
on 10/18/09 9:13 pm, edited 10/18/09 10:14 pm - Wylie, TX
To few calories long-term is not healthy. How many calories you need to take in really depends upon what you goal weight is, how you are built....  As you get further out you are able to eat more, so you are also able to take in more calories. I am 5'02 and are maintenance. My nutritionist wants me to eat 1200-1500 (depends on how active I am) to maintain my weight. So ask your nutritionist whats a good amount of calories for you.


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on 10/18/09 9:40 pm
Eventually you will be eating 1500+ and asking "is this too much?"

It will change, soon.

Just make sure that you ARE getting the best nutrition you can in that small amount.  If you need MORE calories, add in healthy ones.  Peanut butter = one serving = 180 calories.  Just for an example.
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