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What to do, I can't afford the surgery, but Can't afford not to have WLS.

Heather T.
on 10/27/09 1:06 pm - Hoagland, IN
I found out today that even with my Insurance deducible and out-of-pocket completely paid, I will have to pay 1200 dollars UPFRONT (before surgery), and I can not afford to not have this surgery but I can't afford to pay for it either.

So is it wrong to ask for help?

To ask those who love me and want me thin and healthy to help pay?  Maybe pitch in extra for my birthday (Nov. 19th,) and Christmas (surgery date of Dec 27th). or is it my responsibility to realize I can't afford it and move on and give up on trying?

Need advice,and hope!!
on 10/27/09 1:09 pm - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
I say go for it what is the worst that can happen?

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on 10/27/09 1:12 pm - Maplewood, NJ
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i have to tell you this-- $1200, while it seems insurmountable is NOT that much money.  i would totally go around to everyone you know and ask if you can borrow $100.  this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to save your life.
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Kate -True Brit
on 10/27/09 1:16 pm - UK

I'd ask! Birthday and Christmas presents in money would soon add up. Only trouble is, everyone woudl be watching your every move to see how it went!


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on 10/27/09 1:22 pm
Sandy E.
on 10/27/09 1:32 pm
I went through the same thing where the facility told me that I needed my co-pay up front. So I go to pay it early and they thought I was trying to make payments until I got it taken care of. I told them no I just wanted to pay to get it out of the way and they then told me I could have made arrangements and payments. So - orginially they made it sound like get the money or we won't do the surgery - but they were very open to having payments as long as it was set up before. I would talk to the facility and ask if you can make payments. They usually will work with you if you are upfront and honest about your financial situation. When all was said and done I actually got a refund from them because they took too much - It came just in time for new clothes!!
  Sandy E

Andrea U.
on 10/27/09 1:34 pm - Wilson, NC
I know it seems like a great deal of dough from your side of it, but $1200 is not a terrible amount.

Loan?  Care credit (which is EXTREMELY easy to get comparatively.. trust me on that)? Loans from family?  Early presents?  Christmas supplemental income (cause they are hiring now..)?

on 10/27/09 1:46 pm
Ask if you need something.  Every little bit adds up.  Those who know you don't have the money, need the surgery and are in a position to help you will come through.
on 10/27/09 1:49 pm - Catawba, SC
Oh first of all... you have come this far and sooo close...DO NOT LET $1200 stop you!!!!!!! Apply for a credit card... hell capital one will give just about anyone 1000 credit limit! Go to they do medical loans. That is a small amount in comparison to what surgery costs. Also, I would most definatly ask for money from my family members. Do you work? Have a 401k you can borrow against? Does the company do emplyee loans. I work at a bank and believe me in the "loan world" 1200 is chump change!
on 10/27/09 2:19 pm - Milwaukee, WI
I just went through this with my surgeons office.  Once they told me about my deductible I hung up and told them I would call back once I figured out what I could do.  I decided against asking people cause I didn't want them keeping tabs on me.  So I called the surgeons office and explained that I would need to postpone until I could find out a way to come up with money cause I wouldn't be able to save that much prior to surgery.  So then she gave me the option of coming up with half, told her I couldn't do that so she had me put down $100 to save my surgery date and I make payments whenever I can on the rest.  So please believe they are willing to work with you, just let them know that you can't afford to pay that upfront.
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Jackie McGee
on 10/27/09 2:22 pm - PA
$1200 is nothing compared to what a lot of people here have had to pay.

If you can't get any help from people you know, postpone the surgery until you can come up with the $1200 yourself. It'll be worth the wait in the long run.

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on 10/27/09 2:29 pm - SW, TX
RNY on 03/11/08 with
I have been trying to get money together to get my grandmother a headstone. I asked several relatives (only 3 actually helped) to donate itmes for a garage sale to raise this money. With their items and mine I was able to raise $420.00. Maybe you have a bigger and more generous family, regardless it got me $420.00 closer to where I need to be.

Good Luck
on 10/27/09 2:31 pm
RNY on 04/20/09 with
I would beg, steal and borrow if I were put in that situation.  No, seriously, I WOULD NOT steal, all honesty, $1200 is a mere drop in the bucket considering what you'll be getting.
Most of us who have had this surgery has had to put some money up front to reach the end result.  In my case, even though I had great insurance, my out of pocket was a great deal more than what you will have to pay, and I knew this from the get-go.  So I planned accordingly, to make sure that I had the funds when I needed them. 
There is no need to "give up" on trying to have this surgery.  You may not be able to have your surgery as soon as you would like if money is that much of an issue, but it will be so worth the wait if you have to save until you do have the funds. I think it's fine to ask your loved ones if they'd like to contribute in lieu of your Birthday and Christmas, but I think it might be a bit unreasonable to expect them to foot the entire amount.  I mean, if they want to, that's fine, but it's not something that I think should be "expected".  But if it does by chance happen, that's great for you.
(deactivated member)
on 10/27/09 2:38 pm - Woodbridge, VA
I'm sorry, but I have to ask...are you going to be able to afford everthing you need after your surgery? Vitamins and minerals? Protein supplements? Healthy foods? A box of Ding Dongs is cheaper than a pound of apples these days...
on 10/27/09 5:33 pm
RNY on 04/20/09 with
I was thinking the same thing.  This lifestyle is so dependent on our vitamins, as well as a different way of eating, and there is a price tag to that as well.  There is absolutely NO compromise on this aspect of our journey.  To become deficient can be life threatening to us.  It is so vital that we keep up the regimen that is required of us - for the rest of our lives!
on 10/27/09 2:39 pm - Bolivar, OH
I know what you mean Heather, I just got the call yesterday that I will have to come up with $1600 and I have no idea about where I am going to come up with that type of money!! I will find a way as I am sure you will also!!   
on 10/27/09 4:05 pm
I have to come up with 2500 and I am planning to use my tax return to get it.  I have to do 6 months anyway before I can have the surgery, so it cannot be till next year anyway.  Maybe you can borrow with the intentions of paying back after taxes come back?  Maria
on 10/27/09 4:08 pm - White Bear Lake, MN
A garage sale is a great idea.   Sell some cookies at the same time and you will make even more!  Sell sodas and water.    In the meantime, start making payments.   Send $50 here, $100 there whenever you can.  If you break it into smaller chunks, it's not as daunting as having to come up with $1200 at once.   I was a selfpay, and did go to my dad, who (bless his heart!) wanted me healthier.   If your family can give b-day and holiday cash, I'd certainly mention that would be a great gift since you have a big copay.   They could even send a check directly to your med provider so they would KNOW that they are helping you on your journey.   Don't give up hope, and know that there are many out there who want you to succeed!

K. kgbb
on 10/27/09 9:53 pm, edited 10/27/09 9:57 pm
 Hey, I jus****ched a girl on tv have a fundraiser for her breast removal (she's a transsexual), and made enough for 1/2 the surgery ($3500!).  
So I see nothing wrong with you telling people who love you what you're trying to do and why and I'm sure they'd be glad to help.
It's not like you're asking for a new tv or a vacation!
Go for it!
(DON'T use a credit card or a loan!  You'll still have the same problems and more after your surgery and you'll be out of work a while and those payments will still come due!!!)
Heather T.
on 10/27/09 10:55 pm - Hoagland, IN
Thank you guys for your replies.
I'm not sure how it will all come together, but maybe somehow it will.

I have 2 or 3 options to try and we'll see how those play out.
(401k loan because we are 23 and we have time to build it back up)
(, thank you to those of you that put me on that trackand finally
a collateral loan on our car.

My family, the 5 or 6 that I have contact with will not help and now some refuse to talk to me because I should have the self-control to stop eating long enough to lose weight without taking the easy way out with surgery [my grandparents]

If any one else has any advice or help, I am all waist (ears is a lie, all my cuddliness is in my tummy)