Hernia wrap? Belt

on 12/13/09 9:51 pm - Merrimack , NH
I was told to get a wrap from a medical supply company for prevention of hernias. Does anyone know what this is exactly called? I would like to call around before I go out so that I know they have one. Thank you in advance. Tricia
on 12/13/09 10:01 pm - County Line, MI
Did you have an open procedure? If it was laparoscopic you shouldn't need one of those as the small incisions very rarely herniate. And a hernia belt won't do amything for the internal hernias than can develop further down the road. they have nothng to do with the abdominal muscles but are a complication of the bypass itself.

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on 12/13/09 10:05 pm - Merrimack , NH
Wanda it was open. And my last visit I was told to get a .... Maybe he said wrap. LOL I just looked up the hernia belts.. I laughed a little cause they are showing pictures around the groin supports. But yes it was for the abdomin
on 12/13/09 10:08 pm - County Line, MI
Just call the medical supply place and tell them what you need and they will know what it is.

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on 12/13/09 10:27 pm - CO

They are called Abdominal wraps, I ordered mine over the inter-net from this place:

http://www.ezywrap.com/c-149-bariatric-abdominal-binders.asp x

It is great for suppressing the pain from coughs and sneezes, and from bumps and potholes in the road.

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on 12/13/09 11:17 pm - Wiesbaden, Germany
DS on 10/08/13
I have two of those bad boys.  One from WLS and one from the tummy tuck.  Unless you have a second person to actually close it tight enough, regular compression garments provide better, most consistent support.
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I commend you on wanting to avoid a hernia with preventative measures.  They can be life threatening.  Also, if you're into running and such, all that bouncing can help create one.  I had my hernia repair break during my last run.  Haven't run since, despite a subsequent repair.
 An abdominal binder helps that area where the incision would have been made, where a Ventral Hernia could occur. There are  products that may help you all the way down to the bikini line if your skin is starting to sag.

There is also the option of wearing a binder (or similar product from your local foundation store,) with a girdle-type pantie over it.  I did that for a long time.  Getting products at WalMart made it inexpensive enough that I could keep replacing them as my size dropped.
Shop around for good prices.   I got a great device called ar SQUEEM fom The BRA PATCH, a local store here in Raleigh, but I paid $65 for it.  I love it because it's very fitted and thin like a   subtle corset and I feel pretty wearing it.   It doesn't have much give, which I think is a good thing. How useful is a binder if it just stretches to allow you to get bigger?  

.    This website has it for $45.   The $75 version covers up a little more of your back and has straps to go over your arms.  The back part hides any buldge up over the back of your bra.  Note that it doesn't breath.  That may be a deal breaker for you.  i didn't realize it when I bought it.  This website has many categories to check out.

PS... the difference I noticed between a wrap and a corset is that a wrap is usually very thick velcro and very adjustable.   It adds some bulk to you, but you can wear it longer during the weight loss process.

The corset is something I wouldn't buy without trying on


on 12/13/09 11:06 pm
on 12/14/09 2:54 am
I used a rib belt and it was fine. This is what is used for broken ribs.
on 12/14/09 8:18 am
Its called an abdominal binder , I paid about $35 for mine at a medical supply store

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