Pro-Joe - new protein drinks from BA

on 1/18/10 4:41 am - Maple Grove, MN
I got this ad in my email this morning for bottled coffee and chai tea drinks. t=Complementary%20Products%20:%20Liquid%20Proteins%20:%20Pro Joe&expand=1

I prefer making my own, but some people like having something on hand to grab and at least this is a reputable place to order from.  They look exactly like another brand I won't mention with a different name - but these are cheaper.

Maybe someone will order and do a review for us. (*cough mama*)
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on 1/18/10 4:50 am - Orlando, FL
Those look very good and close to another drink that I LOVE that has no nutritional value.  I can't wait to see a review.
Andrea U.
on 1/18/10 5:52 am - Wilson, NC
They look VERY similar to another company's protein drink that didn't taste too bad, actually.

I'll be waiting to see HOW similar they are, actually...

(deactivated member)
on 1/18/10 8:14 am
OMG I love Chai! If I wasn't so broke, I'd buy that in a second and review it ASAP!



on 1/18/10 9:54 am
I have contacted BA twice now, and now I will hit them with a stick.  I want the ingredient list.
on 1/23/10 12:44 am, edited 1/23/10 12:45 am
RNY on 07/16/09 with
 Pro Joe ingredients--- which (shock) is the exact same list as Believe:

Brewed Arabica coffee (coffee and water)
protein blend (milk protein concentrate and whole grain brown rice protein)
dipotasium phosphate
"natural and artificial" flavors (whatever that means)
Ace-K  (?)
Pantothenic acid
pyroxide HCL

The ingredient list in Believe (Bariatric Eating) are identical.  Don't know about proportions, although the nutritional content is identical as well.  These are virtually the same drinks.

The bottles are remarkably similar, as well.   Same size bottle, same shape, same colors.  And, of course, the style and general look of bottles are remarkably similar to the Starbucks cappucino bottles from which the design was probably modeled (or scarfed).

Hm  it does appear that Believe has a note about cash refunds in some states, for recycling.
That is the only difference between the two.

on 1/23/10 1:33 am
Thank you!
on 1/23/10 12:31 am
RNY on 07/16/09 with
 I just got two cases of Pro Joe today - mocha and vanilla.    I have been drinking "Believe" which is from "Bariatric Eating" located here in Florida.   The two are about identical.  They are very good and a convenient change from protein powders you have to mix.  

Bariatric eating has Italian Cappucino, Mocha, and Chai Tea
Bariatric Advantage "Pro Joe" flavors are Mocha, Vanilla and Chai Tea.  The only one I don't like is Chai Tea (although I love clove but not in these drinks).   

I like the Italian Cappucino Believe from BE, but I like the Vanilla Pro Joe.

These drinks are virtually identical down to the style of bottle.    The prices are about the same, too.  Bariatric Eating "Believe" is slightly less only because it is on special now and I don't pay shipping because it is local.   (The store is a 10 min drive for us).

on 1/23/10 1:02 am - Aurora, CO
RNY on 09/21/09 with
I got my package 2 days ago.   Yesterday morning I had the Chai drink.  Pretty tasty!  I was on a jolt of caffeine lol.  I haven't had caffeine since 2 days before my surgery !     

I hope they do come out with defac though.   I feel guilty drinking it for this reason because I know I will have to replace it with extra extra water.
on 1/23/10 1:50 am
RNY on 07/16/09 with
 You lucky lucky Coloradoan.    I still miss Colorado.   My daughter and grandson are there.
I'm from Colorado.    Oh how I miss it.