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Feels like I'm sitting on something

on 1/27/10 4:52 pm - Port Orange, FL
RNY on 12/16/08 with
 My surgery was a year ago and I am feeling great except that every time I sit down, I feel like I am sitting on something.  I have felt (back there) and can't find a lump or anything.  Has anyone had this sensation?  Could I just be feeling my tail bone that has had lots of cushion for many years?  I know this sounds crazy but I figured if anyone would know it would be people on this list!

Thanks for any help.

Mary in FL
Mary Ada Kidd    
on 1/27/10 4:55 pm - Running Springs, CA
RNY on 07/24/08 with
No you are not crazy how many other bones have you found LOL


on 1/27/10 4:57 pm
I was having the same thing to happen and the doctor said it was my tail bone and it will stop feeling weird soon.
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on 1/27/10 4:58 pm - NY
VSG on 07/14/09 with

Possibly it is from the missing cushion.   Also, possible that you have arthritis in your tailbone????

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on 1/30/10 5:38 pm - Port Orange, FL
RNY on 12/16/08 with
 I didn't know you could get arthritis in your tailbone!!  I know I have it in my hips.  
Mary Ada Kidd    
on 1/27/10 5:13 pm
I don't know for sure if it's your tailbone but mine started screaming about 4 months out! I had to buy special cushions for my car seat and my office chair. They have a tailbone cut-out so I can survive! It is really painful for me but it is getting better now. Hips are another topic....ouch!   Connie
on 1/28/10 6:00 am
RNY on 10/06/09 with
Where did you purchase these cushions??  I am absolutely miserable sitting in my office chair all day.  I would rather stand up all day.

on 1/29/10 7:23 pm
Hey Christy!
Sorry, I just read your question tonight. I bought this seat cushion in my desk chair from Metro Designs Ergonomic or It was 24.97 and well worth it. My only complaint was it's depth. It seems too short. I wi**** came out further in the chair. At first the cushion seemed strange but my tailbone was so relieved of pain that for months I've never been without it in my desk chair and because of that, I sit more comfortably everywhere else. I bought a cushion from Kmart for my car but it flattened out in no time. The chair cushion actually has a cut-out where the tail bone is and it is great! It has not squished any yet and I've had it for months. I hope you get some relief came fast when I ordered it. Good luck, let me know if you get it and if it helps!     Connie
on 1/27/10 5:46 pm - Aurora, NY
My tail bone hurts all the time now . . . I just literally just commented on my butt hurting!

on 1/27/10 5:52 pm - Nor Cal, CA
That is so funny!!  I too just found out I had a tailbone, Ok I knew I had one but we have never been aquainted until just recently.  Last night I made the hubby look at it to see if I had a bruise!!!!! 
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on 1/27/10 6:18 pm - St Augustine, FL
VSG on 12/09/09 with
Some people actually have a vestigial tail bone that protrudes a bit farter than is comfortable. You can actually have a surgery to shave it down, so you might want to talk to your doctor about it.  I do hear that the surgery recovery is quite painful, but it might give you long-term relief.  Just a thought!
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on 1/27/10 6:56 pm
Yea It's the tailbone, I've been there, it gets better.  sometimes when it hurts I kinda have to wiggle my butt around to move the loose skin, so embarrassing.  Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

on 1/27/10 6:59 pm
I have the same problem.  It's your tailbone most likely.  Mine is really noticeable when laying on my back I feel it.  Hard to get comfy!
on 1/27/10 7:29 pm
As I write these words I am sitting on an oval shaped foam cushion because my tail bone has become an issue whenever I sit.  (Google ****yx cushion) They sell them at pharmacies,
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on 1/27/10 10:44 pm - Suffern, NY
I have been in terrible pain everytime I sit for about 9 months now. At first I thought there was a lump in my car seat - it is an old car and thought it got lumpy LOL!!  Then I started noticing the pain everywhere I sit and I felt back there and I can actually feel the bone sticking out.  It isn't fun.  I bought a special pillow called a ****yx pillow - do an internet search and you will find it.  It has a cutout in the back for the tailbone and it is a lifesaver.  Hope this helps.  I do hope it goes away but so far, nothing


on 1/29/10 6:24 am - North Augusta, SC
I think you are experiencing loose skin that is folding over.  I have the same feeling and it is not my tailbone- hopefully when I get my lift my plastic surgeon said that would be gone.  Check with a plastics person.
on 1/29/10 8:39 pm - somewhere, IL
RNY on 02/28/06 with
 i am 4 yrs out.. and my arse still goes through bouts of aching and burning from sitting.. 

i sit on a pillow, and a ring pillow....  some days are better then others,... it doesnt hurt until i sit for long periods..... so on days i keep busy  no problem... winter is worse as i stay in from the cold..

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on 1/13/12 3:00 am
Did you ever find out what this feeling is......... doctors cant find anything
on 1/30/10 7:24 am - Port Orange, FL
RNY on 12/16/08 with
 Thanks everyone for the responses!  I was afraid I had some undiagnosed tumor or something.  It is such a strange sensation.  I started feeling it in the car each day and then noticed I would feel it sitting on the bed.  Before long, it didn't matter where I was sitting!  Luckily, I am not in pain it is just a very foreign feeling.  Good luck to all of you who are having to use the ring pillows.  I may be there soon.     Mary

Mary Ada Kidd